Feminatalis Women Healing Work Moves

The courses, lectures and seminars by Angela Shepherd Deschner resign September in a group practice in the Kaiserstrasse 13 in Bruchsal instead hitherto the events and individual meetings of the midwife and consultant of life took place in her house in Waghausel. For various reasons, she has decided to enter into a cooperation with the NHP(Natur-Heil-Praxis)-Praxisgemeinschaft. All offers from Feminatalis take place from autumn onwards. Then start there 2 new group offers to personal development, as well as Geburtsvorbereitungs courses in Russian. There is also an open day, where everyone can get to know the practice and all services not only to the women’s healing work, in October. Since 2004, Angela Shepherd Deschner has carried their midwife care around the children, the spiritual birth preparation courses, as well as all other services such as acupuncture, media-sensitive counselling, the girl meeting and the siblings school in her house in Waghausel Wiesental. The time was ripe in the summer of 2011 for a change, therefore, has they were determined to cooperate with the NHP community of practice.

The rooms offer more space and are centrally located in the city of Bruchsal. Psychosomatic Medicine, and Birgit Bippes, ProPed’ specialist Podiatrist, operate the practice community in the Kaiserstrasse 13 since 2007. A fortunate coincidence of destiny was that Angela Shepherd Deschner happens now moreover. So synergy effects arise for all and not last especially the patients benefit from the cooperation. There is a holistic health offer, which now gets an extra dimension through the women’s healing work. 2 new ongoing 14-day specials for the personal development will be held in Bruchsal. Meets woman on Friday from 23 September between 19.30-21.00 to Selbsterfahrungsgruppe, to interact with other women, who are looking after themselves, or to new impulses to problem-solving in partnership, family and everyday work titled discover self-love and fortify yourself for life” Search.

Spiritual Healing Ways

We report on the cosmic vibration and consciousness – developing our generation currently we have riots and political upheaval processes in many countries. This includes among other things the countries of Libya, Egypt, Syria, Israel, Italy, England, Spain, Chile, Yemen and Northern Ireland. Of course, pessimistic thoughts come up many, but consider it from the perspective of objective, it seems to be a natural process of change between the loose generations. There are the young people who express their dissatisfaction and request changes. This wave of protests and renewal will expand to gradually due to the development in all countries. Against this background, we want to look at the relationship from the perspective of cosmic vibrations and the evolutionary development of human in spirit & life online magazine. These cosmic vibrations for us first and foremost be visible by numbers, letters or colors. Read more detailed reports in our online magazine Spirit & life under the heading information.

An always-interesting topic is, of course, our economic situation. At the latest since 2009, the situation becomes more critical and the great dream of the leading Europe is crumbling more and more. The economy got a different attitude since the introduction of the euro. Could we but always very good and beneficial alone economies with our good old d-mark, so we are dependent and reliant on others by others. The economically strong countries support the weaker, as it should be while in a social society, ultimately however is a rather stlf progress. But we rightly hear cries from the local population, who fear for their hard-earned money.

Where will it go for now with our economy? Read this detailed review by our astrologer Stephanie Kirchner in the category of business astrology. In the members area, which is free of charge for all users, a lot has been expanded. We provide for our readers now every Wednesday Round table “Liberating words”. From September 2011, held regular discussions of “Liberating words” in the Conference Room of the Internet. The author of the book “The alphabet of God”, Ramona Anna Mayer is from your book explain words every week 2-3 and answer questions of the participants. With this round, we offer our members the opportunity to get a deep understanding about the importance of powerful words and to speak in the true form of the time. The truth will set us all free! “All we need to is already happy to be in us” visit our website and be inspired. At the turn of the year you get the spirit & life magazine also about our publishing house as Printobjekt. Spirit & life offers a comprehensive and differentiated range of information about astrology, spirituality, mysticism and Tarot reader interested. The page lives of profound scrutinized and discussed. We, tradition and culture with the modern emphasis to special combine.


It is therefore that our parents if matter in such a way with our choices and, ace times, until fight with people because we did not make that course, we do not accept that job, we were not to travel for that place Because is this that they would like to have done when they had our age, but had not been able or they had not wanted to make and they had finished as they are today: Not so well how much they would like (or they could) to be, but the sufficient to compel well (or at least trying) that we, its children, the same let us not commit error that they had committed? Oh! How pretty! A pretty demonstration of love to the next one! But and there? if I to want to commit the same errors, exactly knowing that I can finish not so well? if I will be made use to commit my proper errors? if I to want to have my proper history? Good He goes there, then. Comet the same errors and other news, writes its proper history, forgets that gorgeous advice who its mother gave to it in one day of rain and It breaks the face. Or not. If you will be a sensible person you can be that she gives certain. Because if you will even be a really sensible person goes to hear that advice of its mother, and goes to know what he agrees to it. I passed a good time without writing.

I lay all for same me during this time, speaking that I was stopped, that did not obtain to write, that pains had passed and with them taken my talent Hypocritical, not? The truth is that I obtained to write, yes. I never will leave to love the words, although odi – time wools in when for saying in such a way of me when I preferred not to know. He is terrible to have the reply for all its questions in the tip of its penxs. The truth is that I had fear. He had fear of what he would leave me if I wrote at that moment.

He had fear of what already wise person. He had fear of cutucar a wound who is healing to the few. He knows, to run away is not the best remedy. But, ace times, is the only viable solution. Makes sensible pra you? Good, pra me makes. Conclusion? No reasonable one.

Healing Due

Arzneimittel.de – so health is today! More than 50 years emerging microbiological treatment clearly, especially in treating recurrent respiratory infections or gastro intestinal disorders the therapy with bacteria bring quite amazing results, because bacteria can heal! Microbiological medicines such as Symbioflor contain natural bacteria in high concentrations, and again the science confirms the positive effect of bacteria on the body. So, this type of therapy not only for fans of natural healing methods represents a quite worthwhile alternative. Symbioflor 1 Symbioflor 1 finds application for treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. It contains the natural intestinal bacterium of Enterococcus faecalis and helps with recurring inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, bronchi and the adenoids. In addition, Symbioflor 1 to train the immune system and so the defenses strengthened. Symbioflor 2 mainly in patients with irritable bowel syndrome is the composition Microflora less stable than those of healthy people and the number of “good” intestinal bacteria such as Lactobacilli, E. coli bacteria and Bifidobacteria is low. Symbioflor 2 contains the natural intestinal bacterium E.

coli in high concentrations and can affect regulating digestive activity, with gastrointestinal problems, including in the framework of an irritable bowel syndrome, with the typical symptoms such as diarrhea, bloating, and abdominal pain. Per – Symbioflor Pro-Symbioflor can help the stomach intestine function disorders. It contains the natural intestinal bacteria of Enterococcus faecalis and Escherichia coli in the inactivated form and trains the immune system for strong defences.

Orange Oil

The practice of foot-fit informed his patients massage is one of the oldest healing methods that are known to mankind. The documentation of the Massage practice goes back in the third pre-Christian century. The application of essential oils in massage acts stands in a long tradition, which probably have their roots in the Indian health teachings of Ayurveda. The soothing and healing effect is today well known and very appreciated. Therefore, Dieter Guliczuk summarizes the basic principles of the massage and the benefits of essential oils. Massages can be carried out using a large number of different techniques. This is also the reason that their approach areas and modes of action are very different. But is the medical effectiveness of massages.

So deliberately employed part – or full-body massages can contribute, among other things to relax the muscles for mental relaxation and stress reduction. Especially massages pursue these goals and increase so the holistic Well-being. To support these beneficial effects and to increase, has been applied already in the healing arts of Ayurveda aroma oils. Cold-pressed oils are used as the basis of most flavored oils. Almond oil, Grapeseed Oil, jojoba oil, or Aloeveraol are particularly popular for the production of fragrance oils.

The oils will then receive their healing properties setting to essential oils. Up to three percent of the concentrated active ingredients are appropriate massage oils. Which is the right thing for the treatment, chooses individually according to customer requirements. So, for example, lavender oil has antispasmodic, analgesic, calming and purifies the soul. Orange oil, however, stimulates metabolism and appetite, and stomach pain. Because it enables in particular the metabolism, it is used like to the cellulite treatment. Also the skin and tissue firming effect of massages, which is supported by the Orange oil and lemon and sandalwood oil, is evident here. Massages are today no longer, as they did earlier still, nevertheless it is performed by doctors to seek an experienced expert advisable, since massages incorrectly can possible be be or even new problems also lead to the aggravation. Dieter Guliczuk in his foot care clinic offers foot-fit in/Erwitte bad Westernkotten not only expert medical and cosmetic foot care, but also a wide range of relaxing and rejuvenating part – and full-body massages.

Private Health Insurance

Up to which age is a change makes sense, what must be considered and when you should better “stay where you are”? Even as a question that is flat but not to answer, which shows but exactly how important is a careful consultation and which among other things are. Unlike as in the statutory health insurance (GKV), the posts in the private health insurance (PKV) are calculated not according to income, but by age, Gesundheistszustand and scope of services. Refer to exact specifications for the calculation and distribution of posts the best guide for decision making in the PKV. Last week I received an email of a very surprised, already disgruntled car insured. This was expelled from 2002 by a SparkassenBerater of an insurance intermediary of the Union health insurance (UKV, partner of savings banks). With the usual arguments (executives, you better change in the car there is everything easier / better) read to persuade the customer to leave the statutory health insurance (TKK) and a contribution of EUR 323 per month in the Union health insurance (rates VA130N, VS130N, VZ130N, KT183E7140, PVN) to insure. With the age of 51 years ago a very courageous decision, because at that time must have taken place a detailed health assessment, continues to the contribution was far less than the maximum contribution of the statutory health insurance, however, should be clear, not leaving. Here the key data from the mail of client: that I then 2002 according to the changes in the law, which came into force at the turn of the Millennium, and he should rule out a repeat of the negative development of the contribution of the 90 years for the future, then by my Advisor to savings bank me have persuaded private to assure me, I must unfortunately very regret. Alone due to the development of a contribution, a change from the statutory health insurance in a private health insurance plan makes no sense.

BGM Management

Nationwide initiative provides support for creating BGM in the company as a result of demographic changes and an ongoing shortage it is crucial to get the existing staff in the operation of long healthy and productive. Here is a positive occupational health management (BGM), which reduces medical costs and absenteeism, creates a better working environment and increased labour productivity. To the efficient and long-term implementation of health promotion in the setting operation is appropriate multifunctional know-how necessary, is covered either by its own BGM experts or through cooperation with external specialists and networks. Small and medium-sized enterprises often do not own resources alone optimally implement a BGM. The initiative of the German Academy of health and prevention (www.dhfpg.de) and of the DSSV health at the workplace even shape’ be helps companies build of a BGM: qualification opportunities for BGM competent staff operation up to a nationwide network with health advisors and service providers in this area. “Establish sustainable corporate health management goal of this health initiative in operation even fashion” it is through the support of experts from fitness and health facilities the integration of demand-oriented and sustainable occupational health management in their company helping businesses of all sizes.

For fitness and health companies be integrated into the initiative into a nationwide network, which are available as external experts available in the operating guide the conception and the implementation process of BGM. At the same time, the initiative offers special education solutions that companies can use to qualify your own professionals. Appropriate training solutions for employees and external service providers with the certified and approved IHK training certificate course specialist for occupational health management (IHK) “the BSA-Akademie offers a” Basic course in the subject area of BGM on. The participants learn to analyze the health situation in the operating and to derive target-oriented measures aimed at promoting the health of employees. Also, they receive the necessary skills to plan appropriate health promotion measures and to implement. A course which is offered for example for Studio and Bereichsverantwortliche or employees who want to integrate the topic of BGM as a profit center in the Studio. “With the practical workshop consultant for corporate health management” employees into individual BGM topics including job analysis, employee surveys and moderation are trained.

The master degree programme “Prevention and health management” with emphasis corporate health management offers a deepening in the subject. This enables the students to build a quality-assured health care management in the company, making health and workplace analysis and appropriate interventions and to evaluate all activities in parallel. Prerequisite This is an undergraduate degree in the Department of health. The dual degree programme “bachelor’s degree in health management” of DHfPG with which companies can qualify their own specialists and executives provides a relevant way.

The Importance Of Light In Health

Why bad light can leave even us sick! Natural sunlight significantly affects the psyche of the people: a light ensures the distribution of important hormones in our body, that positively affect our harmony Centre and on the other hand, the sunlight determines our daily routine. In particular to the dark season, the lack of sunlight and the associated lack of vitamin D makes us mentally difficult to create. The consequences of lack of sunlight for our body and our sense of harmony are very diverse and complex. Because sunlight is responsible for a variety of bio chemical processes taking place in our body. For example depressive moods are one of the many possible symptoms that can be caused by inadequate sunlight.

In recent years researchers blame for depression the lack of brightness in the winter. The depression be raised accordingly by the sleep hormone melatonin. This sleep hormone directs our circadian rhythms and makes people lazy and I’m tired. To counteract this lack of light in the cold and dark winter months is a good illumination for at home the be-all and end-all. However, bad light of today’s energy-saving lamps is no adequate substitute for lack of sunlight in winter. Unfortunately the EU contributes here, ban of the bulbs popular right up to today to solve the problem. On the contrary, this even exacerbates the existing problem.

So-called decoration light bulbs could be a solution to the problem, which fall under the valid exception rule in the EU as a whole and of Switzerland. The carbon filament lamp developed by Edison is a dinosaur of that time, which may benefit from this derogation. In contrast to energy-saving bulbs creates the carbon filament lamp is one of the most pleasant lights that you could wish for in dark winter days in your own four walls. The light, the carbon filament lamp developed by Edison is unique, no other technical light, is able to get the sunlight so close in their spectrum. Your light is totally glare-free and has soothing and pleasant especially in winter. Also creates the comfortable light atmosphere the carbon filament lamp and romantic. If you buy the carbon filament lamp at Accende (www.accende.ch), these lamps even over the entire expected life by means of a certificate from the South Pole have carbon”neutralized C02. You do something good for themselves and protect the environment at the same time! Same conclusion about the lack of natural sunlight in the dark winter months, a good illumination is at home particularly important. You is not only comfortable and cozy, our home but prevents also depressive moods and contributes to the general well-being.

General Practitioners

New doctor Finder for all Germany Leipzig, launched 10 October 2013, sometimes it goes fast, especially if the accident during a trip is worse than you thought. But as the appropriate doctor to find? It’s easy with arzt-information.net. No matter which doctor you need, the online portal helps you find the fastest way to the desired doctor in your environment. The Schnellsuchwahl exists also in other trimeda offered health portals that indicates federal countries and top cities with rated doctors to give a good overview and to create fast entrances. Also users can find addresses and phone numbers. You can judge the doctor or specialist with the five-star system.

Impressions of patients include the sisters and of the physician, transport or treatment of complaints on issues such as competence. As an extra the physician portal offers news from health, wellness, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle, which bring both visitors and prospective customers always up to date. But that Health portal is worthwhile not only for patients and health-interested: doctors from all over Germany can log on, introduce themselves and their practice and services and gain valuable customers and patients. The reviews will create a basis of trust and transparency between doctor and patient about the waiting room addition. To open new communication channels. The Leipzig trimeda GmbH is responsible for arzt-information.net.

After a long development time and many test runs we succeeded, to develop a clear and easy-to-use online physician Finder”, says founder Stephan Huwig, for our users we offer an added value, because we supply them all important information at a glance. We give the doctors the opportunity to introduce themselves to their customers and to respond to criticism. We work every day on the portal, to continually develop medical information”. Contact: trimeda GmbH brandvorwerkstrasse 52-54 04275 leipzig press contact katharina kabelitz + 49 (0) 341 24 66 710

Professional Equipment

Sporting goods retailer for new balance shoes online available on 27 October a further Marathon with more than 10,000 runners and runners took place in Frankfurt am Main. For the right equipment at the marathon and also during the training, professional running shoes as the new balance shoes provide runners. They ensure optimal stability and breathability and support the foot health. Now informed the retailers for athletic shoes and sports clothing on runmarkt.de about new balance shoes of the latest generation, and about the criteria that characterize professional running shoes. New balance shoes criteria for the right running shoe with the purchase of the shoe are runners repeatedly faced with the question: How do I choose the right running shoe? The foot health and stability are important criteria that should be considered when purchasing. Optimal stability and cushioning for runners offer the new balance shoes M1260RB2, which are also characterized by an outer sole, from abrasion-resistant and durable material that is made. The heel has an additional reinforcement, which ensures the optimal stability.

So that the foot while running is supported in its natural movement, the damping of the new balance shoes provides support of rolling behaviour. It is also important for high-quality running shoes that they are easy. Shoes are specially designed for running sports meet this criterion also new balance. Another important criterion in the selection is the torsional stability, support the Arch of the foot while running. All running sports retailers for new balance shoes and matching equipment new balance runmarkt.de shoes for runners can be ordered easily at home online in the sports retail market. The sports shop offers the essential for the autumn and winter equipment such as, for example, practical running lamps for more security. As a protection against cold and windy weather, there are wind – and waterproof jackets and running pants, the keep dry the rotor. Related links to the provider for new balance shoes: websale7/Herrenschuhe.htm? shopid = runmarkt & act = category & cat_index 000431 = contact: Runmarkt Web: E-Mail: info at runmarkt.de Lahrer way 28 92318 Neumarkt Bettina chicken Tel.: + 49 (0) 91 81-50 91 178 fax: + 49 (0) 0 91 81-26 14 00