Aesthetic Face

The performance in the aesthetic area was regulated by the Resolution Number 352, of 05 of April of 2008, the Federal Advice of Fonoaudiologia that ‘ ‘ It makes use on the performance of the professional in Motricidade Orofacial with purpose esttica.’ ‘

Three types of rugas exist: of expression, caused for the action of the muscles of mimic the face one; the gravitational ones, caused for the weight of fabrics throughout the time and for the loss of colgeno of the skin; the mixing. Beyond the cited factors previously, they contribute for the appearance of rugas external factors as: preexisting respiratory illnesses of skin and/or; medicine use; alimentary habits; daily water consumption and liquids; level of stress; personality; rest hours; life habits (work, leisure); exposition to the sun and precautions; tobaccoism; alcoholism; extreme and fast emagrecimento; face surgeries; practical of physical activities. Rugas of expression is those that if they locate on of the nose, horizontal line or vertically, in the forehead, sings in it external of the eyes, in the superior lip. Rugas that they are formed ahead of the ears, in the sides of the chin or the neck is the gravitational called ones. The nasognicos ridges (Chinese mustache) – depressions that go of the lateral of the nose to the extremity of the mouth, also being able to extend until the vertical jaw and rugas that they are formed in the forebody of the neck, are examples of rugas of mixing origin. The aesthetic fonoaudiolgico work inside of the face one has for objective: to adjust the position of face rest and the estomatogmticas functions of breath, suction, chew, deglutition and speaks, aiming at the balance and the face harmony; to balance the muscular forces of neck and face; to fortify and to support the muscles of the face; to minimize or to eliminate mimic face exacerbadas or the inadequate ones; to prevent the appearance of aging signals; to provide verbal, face and cervical habits adjusted; to stimulate the oxygenation and the face and cervical vascularizao; to harmonize aesthetic and the functionary.

Health Illness

The affection, viral illness transmitted by a mosquito, comes very acometendo a high number of the Brazilian and world-wide population. However, it is questioned: how can the population fight the affection without taking knowledge of its characteristics? How those that do not know which the measures that must take to fight the illness can make it? How to recognize its symptoms if these are similar to the ones of as much other illnesses? Being thus, the present research (intitled Affection: one badly that it needs to be known to be fought) presents a thematic one of excellent social importance, therefore it intends to guide the readers on the risk of the way affection, to acquire knowledge them on the attitudes to be taken so that the incidence of this illness can diminish. Thus, necessary information on the symptoms will be taken, form of infect, prevention and treatment of this illness to that they have the chance of if appropriating of the content of this writing, so that thus its combat is possible. The affection incidence in Brazil and the world it comes increasing in elapsing of last the five decades, therefore the concern of the governing and the population related to this problem that can lead to the death, also must increase. In Brazil, specifically, the concern must be redoubled, therefore according to information of the OMS (World-wide Organization of Health), our country answered almost for two teros of the cases of affection in Americas in 2007. Of this form, the present research was developed by considering extremely important the quarrel on the affection, for believing that possible solutions to fight this badly can be taken by the population in the day the day and by the governing in its projects of action, especially for the sector of the governments (municipal, state and federal) responsible for the maintenance of the public health.