New Releases – Three Exceptional Books By Jutta Schutz

“New releases three exceptional books by Jutta Schutz with her new exotic low carb books part 1, low carb exotic part 2 and low carb sweet & hot” has the author Jutta Schutz had again a brilliant idea, to create books with high recognition value. As one of her usual. The rose garden-Verlag was founded in August 2013, brought out the books in collaboration with Jutta Schutz. The Publisher Angelika Schweizer”attaches great importance to hand-picked books. The readers deliver the bar of the rose garden Publishing House.

The Publisher starts with a few titles, wants to distance itself from other publishers. It will take up specifically sought, the topics for books and authors, which are not commonplace and thus not always finding. Book description low carb exotic part 1: other countries, other customs while we eat cattle, would in India nobody on the idea come there “Holy cow” as to recycle food and Islam, like also Judaism, as well as the original Christianity forbids the eating of pork. Rarely, the opinions in such extreme measure, such strange eating habits differ. Globalization does not stop even before the country kitchen. While bison, elk, EMU GAMS, camel, Kangaroo and crocodile were hitherto adventurous holiday memories, you can today easily order this “specialities” on the Internet. For these reasons, the author Jutta Schutz (low carb bestseller) again new and exclusive low carb has conjured up recipes, which can also be used with additional supplements as normal dishes. ISBN: 978-3-9816-1654-5, Rosengarten-Verlag, 3.90 euros, cover design: Dieter Hollender book description low carb exotic part 2: exotic flavours, healthy and in line with the trend.

For those who like to do something other than the local fare, the globalization is a fine thing. Specialities from distant and exotic countries, such as llama, Mouflon, reindeer, snake, Springbok and Strauss are nowadays on the Internet easily accessible. It’s fun to meet the new delights, particularly because these delicacies consist of many proteins, but little fat and are therefore suitable low carb. The author Jutta Schutz (low carb buyer) part 2 presents in their low carb Cookbook exotic a number of attractive treats you, which can be used with additional side dishes as normal dishes the. We wish you good appetite! ISBN: 978-3-9816-1656-9, rose garden-Verlag, 3.90 euros, cover design: Dieter Hollender book description low carb sweet & hot: happy… to make sharp recipes for chili and bell peppers contain capsaicin. As a result, our thermal receptors are activated and the perfusion of the tissue is stimulated. Capsaicin is the sharp stuff from cayenne pepper. This sharpness not only tastes, it is also healthy and stimulates the nerve endings, which we perceive as burning – our brain receives a pain signal and endorphins are secreted. The pepper provides a similar effect with the Piperine contained. Chilli, pepper and other spices give us so a portion of happiness hormones and thus have a relaxing effect on our body. Sweets are still considered unhealthy. But nutrition experts rather than condemn the goodies, if powerful restricting the sugar content. The motto rather: low carb just heavenly recipes. ISBN: 978-3-9816-1657-6, rose garden-Verlag, 3.90 euros, cover design: Dieter Hollender this book made it directly to rank # 1 in Amazon Kindle editions (26.10.2013). Contact: rose garden-Verlag brick mountain 13 74538-Rosengarten telephone: 0791/95 66 4029 and fax: 0791/95 66 40 28 if you want to learn more

Healing In The Center

“Healing in the Center–will the one you ‘re” published by Anne Devillard sometimes we get into the Publisher Driediger in crisis situations, and then, if the flow of life prefers to flow, as we would like. It happens that all of our correction attempts fail, and she was the breakdown of a relationship, we private or get-togethers, a disease, a loss… can’t stop. “In her book”healing from the mid – become who you are”(Verlag Driediger) by Anne Devillard, long-time editor-in-Chief of the renowned naturopathic monthly nature and healing”, people say faced in their lives with incurable diseases or insoluble problems and which were literally reborn in such exceptional situation come and others. By the same author: McDougall Program. It quite unusual, partly new and partly proven for centuries in different cultures of the world opportunities are can be shown, such as healing processes effectively support. The conversation partner Anne Devillards come from all possible fields of knowledge. Filed under: Alan Mendelsohn. Of you are well-known scientists, philosophers, doctors, filmmakers, artists, clerics and authors of bestsellers, which are known throughout the world. All interview partners share the insight that the physical healing or the solution of internal or even external conflicts ultimately in themselves began in their own midst. It turns out over and over again, that it is the own inner power, move the mountains and make miracles happen can. And this power surprisingly always then begins to seem, if we are just so, as we are and do, what corresponds to our deepest inner conviction.

Hawaiian Legend About A Child-shark

The shark is one of the main characters of myths and legends of the peoples inhabiting the island Polynesian and Hawaiian archipelagos. For some primitive tribes the shark was let vindictive, but a deity, for others – full of deceit evil spirit. Often worship the shark has acquired a very complex forms: the shark played some roles, the man turned into a shark, shark in person. On many Pacific islands is terrifying deity is not satisfied that occasionally carried away by the sea man, woman or child at the time of his mysterious attacks. It demanded higher tribute – human sacrifices.

And here in certain day the leader or high priest of the tribe went to people in accompanied by a servant, carrying a noose, like a shark trap. At a sign from the leader he with force her metal into the crowd. Person on whom this loop fell, on the spot choked. Then his body according to certain ritual cut on pieces and thrown into the sea insatiable deities. Legend Once on the island of Oahu a young woman fights her brother was calling for help. When the brother heard her, she has managed to give birth and wrap the baby in a blanket. The child's mother is still cried when her brother arrived. Then he asked her why she cries.

She asked him to open a blanket and watch the child. My brother did it and saw that the child was the body of a shark and a human head. Surprised by his brother told his sister release the child into the ocean, otherwise the child will inevitably die. She refused to listen to him because the child was her despite an ugly body. In the end, the argument 'against' brother convinced her of the futility of their wishes and that release the child into the ocean primarily in the interests of the child. They both went to the Black Point to Kala, and when they arrived, the brother of the child released into the water. By placing the child in the water, brother talked to him on the Hawaiian. The child then made the only splash of its tail and sailed away. Each morning, the mother returned to the same place to collect seaweed. While she worked, the baby shark appeared and was fed with milk from her breasts. Time passed, and the child turned into an adult well-formed shark. One morning, when her mother gathered seaweed, a flock of sharks start swimming around her. Suddenly, her baby shark appeared next to her and struck her with his tail fin with such force that her mother was thrown in shallow water, away from other sharks. This was followed by fierce battle of her baby with the other sharks. Mother did not know about the outcome of this battle, and she never saw her 'baby'. Tired of infinite expectations, the woman eventually returned to his birthplace on the island of Maui. Once, ten years later, she and her mother collected the algae on the shore, but never returned home. Her brother and friends began to look for them. Group search has found these two women, dead, floating along with their bags full of algae directly on them. Group attempted to rescue the body, but a large shark in every way prevented. Brother of woman found in her lost the offspring of his sister, a shark-child.