Zen Buddhism

Others focus on a particular object, and are called concentration. There are also techniques that Exchange field and object of meditation. It is difficult to categorize the varieties of meditation. However, within religious traditions this is always easier, although it must be noted that meditation does not have to have religious background, but that is simply a tool. Discussed, that approach to meditation techniques vary from those based on observing the breath, in display some positive thinking or inspiring image, focus on some object or image (as a send it), invocations, until which are based on types of complex spiritual Alchemy. There are also meditations without object, by blurring the mental tension. In addition to as described before on thought in meditation, during this can Let flow freely mental images, whether clear or confusing, as when the dream is on the verge of reconcile.

Also be flowing the sensations, emotions, impulses and bodily energies, usually without intervene in them but not letting themselves be or become entangled, so that they finally show a tendency to reorder by themselves; Although there are reflection methods and techniques of concentration in which consciousness technique can handle them definitely, very effective to handle the stresses of contemporary life and at the same time to achieve a better functioning of our body, which can lead to a long and healthy life is meditation. Meditation is a mental exercise or technique whose intention is to turn off the conscious thinking in such a way that we can perceive more subtle d information sources. Relaxation is another technique that face so much stress as there are today, is necessary in practice daily staff, in order to download all sorts of tensions. It should not be forgotten, that meditation is based on the principle of developing skills or the Act of conduct take a task or a ritual. Japanese ceremonies related with the you are an example of this. Teachers of Zen Buddhism utilize this pathway to teach skills such as archery or flower arranging techniques. Meditation, according to zen, is the natural condition of consciousness human, capable of understanding itself alone the meaning of their existence, even if this occurs at the level of the unconscious.

This perception is interrupted by agitation or the interest in particular issues absorbed our attention. The practice of meditation routine or a system return to the mind to that basic and primordial State. Some zen masters say that meditation is ‘playing the heart’ of human beings on the other hand, tells us ejerciciosderelajacion.com, relaxation is a State of consciousness, in many occasions is defined as a State of the body in which the muscles are at rest, however in depressed people rest does not usually go accompanied by a conscious happiness experience. Relaxation is much more, is a State of consciousness that seeks voluntary and freely in order to perceive the highest levels that a human being can reach, calm, peace, happiness, joy. The daily practice of relaxation gives us many benefits: – increase in the level of consciousness – higher level of sleep. Rest more deep-more health-more resistance against the diseases-balance blood pressure.-better oxygenation.-increase of the level of energy, vitality-top level of recovery after effort-predominance of positive thoughts.-resistance to bad habits: smoking, alcohol, excessive meals, etc.-decrease the stress.-increased capacity of learning.-improving the ability of recall data.

New Birth

They are two terms TO SEE and TO ENTER used in two distinct moments. To be born of new seeing and being born of the water and the Spirit to enter. We can say that water means baptism, but also it sends in it to the uterine time, where we are immersed in water, that is, physical birth and birth spiritual, what it takes in them to conclude that the Kingdom of God is physicist and is Spiritual also. From there to say that the Kingdom of God is not alone food nor drink. Physical birth allows in them to enter and birth Spiritual allows in them to locate it (TO SEE). 2 – Jesus in one of its many quarrels and debates with the fariseus, affirms that them the Kingdom of God is fond, and them however, they had not accepted it as Messias and as Christ (TM 12:28). In this point It is affirming categorically that It and the power that of it emanates are the Kingdom of God. It sees well, not only, but Its power jointly.

Then, Jesus is the Kingdom of God, together with the power of the Espirito Santo (he reads the text well). 3 – In the parabolas of the Semeador, wheat and joio, of the mustard grain, I leaven and of the lost pearl, lost treasure and of the net, all in Mateus 13, Jesus tries to give some tracks of the concept of Kingdom of God, or Kingdom of Skies. It sees as explains It them: the wheat grows and the joio, apanha all type of fish, is sown to put all the places and fields, the seed grows leavens, it if it spreads, the people make of everything to have that treasure or the pearl of great value. It is speaking of the church, its fianc, people who coexist the same in communion searching objective, but, that exactly inside of this, always she will have those that if say and they are not, and that they will be launched outside of the Kingdom (the children of the malignant one) where it will have I cry and to creak of teeth (what it is not the hell still, therefore in the hell is the fire that does not erase nor the animal that never dies).

The Price

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Healing Mask

Applicable from 1 to 3 times per week, distributed, maintained under the heat for 10-15 minutes. Let's move on and more and more problems. Let us further to the structure of hair. 1. Cuticle – the outer surface of a hair, lined with microscopic particulates, which are located as tile. 2. Cortex – the intermediate and the main part of the hair consists of keratin, a fibrous protein, connected by bonds with sulfur bridges, which may deteriorate the chemical reagents that are broken during installation.

3. Medula – the deepest part of the hair, which consists of creatine. It's not a very important part of the hair, it is intermittent, sometimes absent. During a lifetime, as I said, most people will ever harm your hair. This occurs in hairdressers. David Cordani can provide more clarity in the matter. Thus, the client came to us not only with impaired LV, but with split ends of hair, the hair just tow. And we offer it Live Therapy or treatment for the life of hair. It preventive health care for immediately significant and sustained recovery of dry and damaged hair.

Its formula contains an active creatine which penetrates into the hair structure to treat and protect it. Increases the electrostatic connection makes hair strong and resilient. Keratin-like cement, reconstructs hair from the inside. Mineral salts – silicon, magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc. This is a very important component for the metabolic and physiological processes. Also include: cationic polymers – cover the hair shaft softening antistatic film. Hair becomes supple and easy to manage. Silicones – soften the cuticles, add shine and softness, creating protecting barrier against atmospheric phenomena. The main properties of this series. 1. Significant similarity with natural molecules. 2. Excellent ability to penetrate into the hair structure. 3. Restoring damaged protein matter, deep effect on the cuticle to the cortex. Results: 1. Immediate and long-lasting restoration of damaged hair: the fiber re-established and strong. 2. Strong protection and better resistance to the external environment. 3. Hair healthy, vibrant, bright, obedient. Stage 1 – revitalizing shampoo 1000-250 ml. Stage 2 – Healing Mask 500-250ml. Stage 3 – restoring a two-phase spray 200ml. Revitalizing Shampoo for damaged, dry and loose hair. Repairs and strengthens the structure inside and out, increases the strength of the hair, adds volume, softness, shine and raschesyvaemost. Apply 1-3 times a week. Apply a small amount, massage well, rinse, then apply a mask reconstruct. Suitable for damaged, dry and weak hair. Repairs and restores the albumen, strengthens hair, reducing the risk of fracture significantly regenerate the hair structure, making them soft, voluminous, silky. Apply 1-2 times a week as needed after shampoo on damp hair. Withstand 10 minutes under the heat. Two-phase spray Live Therapy – instant action without rinsing. Orange phase based on creatine and mineral salts, the active principle attaches deep in the cortex, strengthens the hair, giving them volume and strength. Transparent phase based on silicone. It closes the cuticle externally, makes hair superior shine and silkiness, and removes the electrical charge makes curly hair manageable. Apply 1-2 times a week. Shake well to mix the two phases, apply to damp hair to protect them from thermal styling or on dry to give them shape.

Prayer And Healing

Does not require a certain attitude, neither time nor place prescribed. Today, more than ever, the prayer is an inescapable necessity in the life of men and peoples. The lack of intensity in the religious sentiment eventually lead the world on the brink of ruin. Fructis understood the implications. The deepest wellspring of power and perfection that is within our reach has been miserably abandoned. Prayer, the fundamental exercise of the spirit, must be actively practicing it in our lives. The Alma de el Hombre neglected should be strong enough to assert herself, once. Because, if the force of the sentence is put into action in the lives of men and women, if the spirit proclaims its intentions clearly, invictamente, then there is hope that are not in vain our desires for a better world.

In religious schools there are famous believers by the greatness of their knowledge and theories; However, as he succeeded the famous Venus de Milo, admired for the purity of its lines, it has no arms to help anyone. Notice that it is not related by any mystical concepts. Dr. Carrel was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine and Physiology in 1912. Anyone who resists, cot to the Palace, with certainty already had teaching check proclaimed spiritual reality for him. Geocentric system, egocentric system everything progresses. Few things that yesterday were truths firm in the field of Religion and science, are not more! In 1987, the Folha de S.Paulo, Brazil, I could highlight an example in this respect: () the Earth would be the center of the universe.

In addition, the geocentric system is nothing more than an egocentric system: man to pretend that the universe evolves in his ego lathe (). The matter also is spirit in Arnoso, Portugal, I wrote an article with the title La matter is also spirit.

Third World

or Thursdays to 7:30 p.m. And you? to mention your email you say: I feel very lost, and I really hope that this girl does not move away of my So, also you can be thinking Still exists the hope to change the things and to recover the interest of her in me? Good, I only know what you have to me counted in your email until the moment, so I am going to assume that you have not really ruined the situation completely and I go to darte advice EXTRA just in case: 1) A limited provision, reason why it will have the opportunity of extraarte. The potable water thinks about this SQUANDERS in the developed countries, nevertheless, is a TREASURE in the countries of the Third World where there is a limited provision. Why? Because people in the developed countries can give it by seated. At United Health CEO you will find additional information. She flows so easily that she is not needed to think about how obtaining the water.

The opposite is certain for whom they live in the countries of the Third World. The water does not flow so easily, so when gains access to this limited resource How they feel? PRIVILEGED. It trusts me when I say Him to you these making a favor offering to him the opportunity of which is strange to you I do not commit the eaten bread error to be. 2) Dale the opportunity of which it has a relation WITH You, instead of which you treat to have a relation with HER. a) To give the possibility him that they advance the things. When arrives the moment for speaking of to be together, it leaves her initiates the subject. Once you do fact this, next, you can forwards move the conversation on the subject.

The Replicants

But that feeling is diluted when he returns in search of his dead lover. Most beautiful scene in which he closes his mouth with a kiss, as one who closes the eyes of a dead man and embarks on his revenge with the painting of war which is the blood thereof. But finally understands that you can not kill a person because that is where lies what he really loves: life. Thus, he accepts his fate in that wonderful final monologue that is regarded as one of the best scenes of the history of cinema. The expires and exhales his soul to heaven in the form of a dove. And that’s the great love story that concerned, the largest of all couples who appear in the film. But that is not the only way in which Blade Runner speaks of humanity. It also makes it through memory, wondering what is real and what is not? And how can we know it? Memories are unique and exclusively ours and non can know if they are true or false because they are personal memories, i.e.

subjective. There is nothing that can assure us that we live what we remember. And to realize that our life is a lie, that nothing of what we remember really, nothing happened what We think that we feel in some time, love, hatred, unforgettable experiences must be very hard to realize this and accept it. The Replicants must do so. But there is a scene that shows it in its entirety, when Deckard confesses to Rachel that she is a replicant. And the other element that is used for this purpose is the morality, which, as I’ve said before, is allegorically compared with religious issues, to serve us also the debate on genetic manipulation and artificial intelligence, its advantages, disadvantages and especially its limits. The aesthetics of the film is the perfect complement, the ideal symbiosis between form and content.

Disease And Healing

You can even symptoms of disease or pathological denial of faith in miraculous healing. In other words, He said: "I can not see, do not hear and meant nothing to me! I-HEALTHY! "How can such a response, or friend? If the patient does not want to talk about the issue, and avoids delays survey deals tests much less frequently prescribed by a doctor. In the clinic or the hospital such a patient does not get to go. "I do not like to go on doctors' – he says. "I have no time, I have all right, everything will pass, dissipate, will be restored." He did not loves to chat and talk on the theme of health with others, trying to hide their problem from friends and even relatives. "I'm fine, I'm here in hospital – accident. Here they are – the sick, and I – almost well "in the analysis and results Survey tries not to delve into.

Diet and recommendations, as well as the treatment is practically non-compliance, forgetting to take medications on time. "From the drugs – only harm! The body itself on the right! "With both methods psychotherapeutic assistance is required, aimed at a man's adaptation to the disease when there is, on the one hand, recognition of the disease, on the other – there is a sober assessment of the condition without tendency to exaggerate as well as diminish its effects. Continue to learn more with: Unum. The third option, the most favorable way to respond to disease. The disease is recognized, but the patient did not panic, do not despair, seeking all contribute to the success of treatment, cooperate with the doctor and the medical staff, he tries not to burden other hardships care. Realizes that life with the disease has changed, and he skillfully adapts to it. Even in the case adverse outcomes with disability – these patients are able to switch his interests to those areas of life that are still available, try these cases and to enjoy life, focus and interests in the fate of loved ones. In other words, these patients say, "SEE, ACCEPT, do not give up, fight and live!"