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Benefits Chinese medicine that deals with the insertion and manipulation of needles into weight loss the body in order to restore health and wellbeing in the patient. hospital Acupuncturists, also widely used this technique to treat pain. The definition and characteristics of these points is nutrition now standardized by the World Health Organization (WHO), although not fully natural correspond with the pattern of traditional points of acupuncture is believed to originate in China, and is possibly medical the most practical commonly associated with traditional Chinese medicine. Different types of acupuncture (Japanese, Korean, and classical Chinese acupuncture) are practiced and taught worldwide today. insurance Acupuncture is medical practice in China for over two dental millennia, remains to date one of center the main components of clinic Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is the medicine that most patients currently account benefits of acupuncture for migraine in an article published in the British Medical Journal in its online edition on 15 March 2004, concluded that in patients with chronic headaches, especially migraine, treatment for at least 12 acupuncture sessions over a period of three months, produces significant and persistent benefit in patients attending primary care services. the best insurance plan can be found with offers a variety of health insurance packages The study, randomized controlled trial was conducted in 401 patients attending primary care centers in England and Wales. These patients were randomized into two groups: one group were applied to 12 sessions of acupuncture over 3 months and the other group was administered the standard treatment community in these cases.

Our Earthquake Inside

It’s funny, but I have the feeling that my body learned before me of the terrible earthquake in Japan. I woke up tired, and after attending the first two dates he had in the morning I canceled all my appointments without understanding what was happening to me, she just wanted to sleep! My friend Ana gave me the key is that the Earth is moving Montse, do you’ve not heard of what happened in Japan? The news shocked me, the first thing that came to me was the compassion and desire to mourn for all persons who would be suffering and by all those that are missing, what would have felt? How are their families? What happens now with all those who have been made homeless? I was played throughout the weekend, because while there are many theories of what is happening, I only blare with those that I speak of chance, love and healing and there was suddenly feeling victim and suffering for victims, wondering which will be the next place that is affected by this change land (encouraging fear)… until you told me… Stop it! That is precisely the path of fear, and I wish and I choose to be in the way of love. There was something else that made me think: is it possible that my body had felt that displacement of the planet, leaving me energetically exhausted? A true reflection of what happens to us all at certain times within us, especially nowadays where Queen uncertainty with so many people without jobs, losing their homes or fear of losing them, a reflection of our society where judgment, resentment, pain and fear are the order of the day is not an earthquake? Maybe the planet is in a healing crisis before both processed pain and as Earth is wise you are renewing! How could we help you? Renewing us! I remember a couple of beliefs that I have important: I believe my reality, and any situation or person that I consider to be negative are in fact something positive, enclose a blessing for who receives them and a healing opportunity so based on them, I have no choice but who believe that I’ve contributed to create this earthquake and this change on the planet, and therefore I can do something to change the situation and not continue to repeat! And, on the other hand, what is positive in this situation, what healing opportunity there is for all people in humanity that receive and feel impacted by this news? Is not suddenly have to ignore so much pain of the victims, and that there are no compassion and no need to help and alleviate his suffering by all means! but as the seeding of humanitarian aid in a disaster, where a whole country has to be rebuilt and flourish even with an uncertain future, thanks to the love of people and life, one can also flourish from the ravages that may be causing that inner earthquake within us because of our love. .