Health Professionals

In accordance with Mcintyre (1994), the paper ambiguity can have origin in the common perception of the health professionals, of that its work with the sick people at the same time compensating and is weighed. In fact, the nurses have to coexist the expectations of the familiar sick people and, which nor always converge, being able to enter in conflict with its personal attitudes. Diverse studies designate that many inductive situations of stress exist, already related in this article, however, these studies disclose a set of sources of stress that they can be considered specific in the nursing professionals. Which is basically partner-emotional and arrests it the contact with the sick people and the capacity to answer to the emotional requirements of the same ones. The lack of trainings of psychological abilities to deal with such requirements increases stress of this contact (Mcintyre, 1994). In this relation nurse-patient, the call humanizao of the cares of health, it has motivated a special attention to the social dimensions and human beings of the illness and the sick person. James A. Levine, M.D. is likely to increase your knowledge. However, this humanizao has not been extended to the person of the health professional, whose health is presumed and not promoted. For this intention, they have been presented as possible techniques of reduction of stress partner-emotional the disponibilizao of private spaces for the health professionals, the trainings of techniques of reduction of stress, as the relaxation techniques, the disponibilizao of groups of quarrel and individual or group aconselhamento (Mcintyre, 1994). FINAL CONSIDERAES Are questionable the quarrel of the improvement of the cares of health without giving the due attention to organizacionais factors partner-emotional that they affect the health professionals, being able, still, to be aggravated when she does not have psychological support of the part of the proper hospital institution, wants with colleagues and superiors, it wants with the sick person and its family.

Pregnancy In Minors

This scientific article is based on field research has as subject pregnancy in the adolescence, that according to Vitelo and Conceio (1990), has physical transformations and psicossociais modifications. As Vitelo the pregnancy of the young woman is not an exclusive problem of our days, after all our grandmothers was married it the 15 or 16 years and started in the adolescence to procreating, but the gestation was desired. From years 60 to the pregnancy in the adolescence it started to be a problem. Senator Elizabeth Warren is full of insight into the issues. The Town of Stowage of the Small farm is situated in the city of is Desidrio-BA, exists a great number of incidence of young pregnant or that they engravidaram in adolescence. The research was after applied the verbal acceptance and writing of the participation of the researchers, after having read and signed the term of free and clarified assent, as resolution 196/96 of the National Advice of Health. In the data collected in the research of field carried through in the town of Stowage of the Small farm, in the city of They are Desidrio-BA contacted that of 20 interviewed adolescents 3 it has 13 years, 5 has 14 years, 4 has 15 years, 6 have 17 years and 2 have 17 years; that the age that they had had to the first gestation was: 12 years 2 adolescents, 13 years 5 adolescents, 14 years 7 adolescents, 15 years 4 adolescents and 16 years 2 adolescents. Of the interviewed parents 12 09 families participate of some program offered for the PSF say to participate being Familiar Planning; 03 Alive without AIDS; 05 In agreement Hipertenso was told in the hypothesis, the socioeconmica condition, as well as the orientation lack can influence in the high index of pregnancy between adolescents.

Aesthetic Body

Aesthetic body and ' ' in revista' ': the culture of the Good Form Summary This article approaches the body human as incisive instrument of communication in the sociocultural context and the importance that is attributed to it by feminine publications, specifically the GOOD magazine FORM. Source: PCRM. In this direction, it presents historical aspects on the relation body and society, argues the corporeidade concept while aesthetic element and analyzes a news article to exemplificar such aspects. (As opposed to Dr Alan Mendelsohn). It adopts the method of the Analysis of content, searching to understand the meaning literal ally to the image and uses as referencial theoretician the thoughts of Crespo (1990) and Santaella (2003). From the perceived literal evidences, it concludes that the body, in the society contemporary, is impelled by the media in the search of the perfection, reflecting a narcisista concern, factors that place in secondary plan the health of the people. Word-key: Body? Communication? Culture? Magazine GOOD FORM Introduction For thinking about the history of the body it is to involve in the crisis of civilization and civilizations. For this, she is necessary to point out the men in the events of the current world to understand the generating moment of the called culture of the corporificao, marked for the extreme cult to the physical beauty.

The body, while symptom after-modern, is the product of a crossing of elements politicians, economic and cultural our history of life is registered in our body, from there because to study the subject it means to deal with the communication human being in its social complexity. But, after all what it is body? We can think about a general direction and will arrive at the conclusion: body is a biological territory and also symbolic, it is the material vector that defines what it is human being. As Merleau Ponty (1994) the body is our point of view on the world, as well as one of objects of this world.

Frescal Mines

To diminish the contamination risks, it is recommendable that milk pass for a pasteurizao process and that still the program of alimentary security is implanted. The ingestion of cheeses with inadequate conditions for the consumption can bring serious consequences for the population, being, therefore, a problem of Public Health (LOGUERCIO & ALEIXO, 2001). The gift work had as objective to verify the quality through the occurrence of total and termotolerantes coliformes in samples of the cheese commercialized Frescal Mines in supermarkets and the Municipal fair, in the city of Spring of the East? TM. 2. MATERIAL AND 2,1 METHODS ATTAINMENT OF the SAMPLES In the period of October the November of 2010, had been gotten eight samples of cheese Frescal Mines in diverse located commercial establishments in the city of Spring of the East? TM.

Had been gotten samples of four marks industrialized (, B, C and D) commercialized in supermarkets and four artisan marks (E, F, G and H) commercialized in the municipal fair of small agriculturists of the city of Spring of the East? TM. The samples had been conditioned in boxes of isothermal material (isopor) immediately contend cubes of ice and carried to the microbiology laboratory of the University of Cuiab, Unit of Spring of the East? TM, being kept under refrigeration until the moment of the microbiological analyses, which had been carried through in the maximum in 2 hours. (Similarly see: dr alan mendelsohn). 2.2 PREPARATION OF SAMPLES In the laboratory, after the external cleanness of the packing with alcohol 70% for removal of the contaminantes gifts, had been verified if it had the presence of material stranger in the interior of the product, as well as odor and strange appearance. Of each sample of cheese 25 grams of the product, being transferred to a bottle previously esterilizado left aseptically and perverted in scale, it stops later being homogeneizada in a plastic packing during the triturao and after that to receive a letter from identification.

Determination NMP

In order to get it dilution was only used to dilutions 10-1, 10-2, 10-3 in the analyses of the samples. It was used methodology proposal for Hisses et al. (2001) that it was the technique of the multiple pipes for the most likely number (NMP/g). 2,3 2.3.1 MICROBIOLOGICAL DETERMINATION Determination of the Most likely Number of Coliformes Total (NMP/g) For the determination of Coliformes total used it technique of multiple pipes for the most likely number (NMP/g). It made it dilution 10-1, homogeneizando 25g and cheese with 225mL of peptonada water 1% and the seriadas dilutions (10-2, 10-3), sowed 1mL of each dilution, in third copy.

The used way was Caldo Lauril Sulfato Triptose (LST) and incubou it 35C during 24 and 48 hours. From the reading of the combination it enters the positive pipes (with growth and production of gas in the pipes of Durham) and negatives was determined the NMP/g for total coliformes. It became confirmation with Green Broth Shining Bile 2% in the same conditions of time and temperature praised by the American Public Health Association (APHA, 1992). 2.3.2 Determination of the Most likely Number of Coliformes Termotolerantes technique of the multiple pipes had been quantified using it, with Escherichia Broth coli (EC). Of total the positive pipes for Coliformes, the repicagens of the culture had become, for pipes with Broth EC. After the sowing incubou it 44,5oC for 24? 48 hours, in bath? Maria, with series of three pipes for each dilution praised for the American Public Health Association (APHA, 1992).

From the reading of the combination it enters the positive pipes (with growth and production of gas in the pipes of Durham) and negatives was determined the NMP/g for termotolerantes coliformes.


The orientaes for the mothers represent the concerns of clarification for the mothers (FIGURE 1). Figure 1? Orientaes for the mothers For interviewed the position of handle is of basic importance in the hour of the orientation to the mothers, therefore using the correct technique the mother prevents accidents I choke as it, fiction and mastite. In relation to the success of the adhesion to the maternal aleitamento the nurse is necessary to interact. As consequence he will have success, also having a good communication, perseverance, devotion among others points that contribute for a good one resulting in the area of breast-feeding (FIGURE 2). Figure 2? Relations between nurses and mothers the infantile formula consumption is fact that generates problems of health in the babies.

The knowledge of the last decades evidences that maternal milk protects against infections and allergies, favors the growth and the development of the child. Moreover, it diminishes the risk of obesidade and diabetes. For the interviewed ones it has some differences between children who are suckled and the ones that are not. For the great majority of interviewed the immunity it is better for the babies who are suckled with maternal milk. Therefore it grows with lesser risk of illnesses why it receives from the mother passive immunity (FIGURA2). Figure 2? Differences between suckled and not suckled babies. All the interviewed ones had said that they like to act in the area of breast-feeding and this is a way of motivation for the professionals who work with aleitamento.

The motivation with the work with maternal aleitamento is important (FIGURE 3). Figure 3? Motivations for the aleitamento the difficulties that the professionals face are many. People such as Senator of Massachusetts would likely agree. In accordance with Caradina, Faleiros and Trezza (2006) the cult to the beauty is one of the reasons that take the mothers to abondonar and even though not to suckle for finding that the seios had been limp and with estrias.

NIC Nursing

There NIC/CIE you are joins taxonomy that incluye activities carried through for enfermeros los. Fueron consulted wools bases of datos Lilacs, carried through Medline y joins bsqueda manual en el Center of Clasificacin de woollen Enfermera Universidad de Iowa – Escuela de Enfermera, enclosed y tambin fue joins tesis of un particular quantity. Los trabajos analizados estaban related there aplicacin woollen NIC/CIE en prctica, comparacin of lenguajes en systems there informatizados, woollen use NIC/CIE en esos systems, presentacin, construccin, desarrollo y validacin woollen taxonomy, between otros. (A valuable related resource: Dr Alan Mendelsohn). Los authors concluyeron there that sound you vary wools relative posibilidades produccin of conocimiento on there NIC/CIE en Brazil y that sound necesarios studios on this taxonomy con otros cuestionamientos, generando nuevos conocimientos y contribuyendo en bad this aspect for el advances woollen enfermera brasilea. Descriptores: clasificacin; enfermera INTRODUCTION With the expansion of the development of the disgnostic of nursing and the systems of classification, appeared the necessity to rescue and to classify also the treatments carried through for the nursing, being aimed at to communicate information of nursing for other elements of the team of health or the proper nursing.

In way to this context of quarrel, the launching occurred, in the United States, of the first edition of the Classification of the Interventions of Enfermagem (NIC), that it is a taxonomy that includes the activities that the nursing executes. It results of great project of a group of researchers of the College of Nursing of the University of Iowa, United States.

Nursing Babies

Hot compresses before the suck ones facilitate the exit of milk. To suckle frequently, to manually extract milk or with suction bomb. To use analgesics, if necessary. Table 3 – Measures for Treatment of the Mammary Ingurgitamento. Source: Periodical of Pediatrics 1995 (GIUGLIANE) 2.3.2 TRAUMAS MAMILARES.

A time installed, the traumas mamilares are very painful and many times hinder the mothers to suckle. The predisponent factors of traumas mamilares would be the lubricant use during the prenatal one, excess of hygiene of the mamilos preceding or succeeding breast-feeding, the mammary ingurgitamento and defects of suction in the just-been born one (FREITAS, 2001). The attempt of preparation of the mamilos during the prenatal one with massages, lubricant and measures of hygiene provokes the removal of hidrolipdica membrane that protects the region, promoting the scalling off in the crnea layer of the skin, passing the pathogenic flora to dominate in substitution to the normal flora. ' ' suction not eficiente' ' also mamilares can be cause of traumas; the child suck during 24 hours per day, with interval very short (between 45 minutes and one hour). The complaints maternas are: hipersensveis mamilos, doloridos and ardidos, associates to the presence of petquias, vesicles and isquemia in the region mamilo to aureole. The behavior to space the schedule enters the suck ones for three or four hours are efficient in the recovery of the mamilos and correction of the habit of vicious suction in the child (SAINTS, 2000). Figures 5 and 6? Mamilares traumas. Source: access in 19/08/2009.

Useful measures in the treatment of the traumas mamilares include: Correction of the techniques of breast-feeding, whenever error of technique is detected. Positions alternated in the suck ones. Milk application in the mamilos after the suck ones. Although not to have given scientific that bases this behavior, to many they recommend it specialists. Maternal milk has many antiinfectious properties, what it diminishes the risk of secondary infection.

Individual Protection

The floor, the walls and coverings must be constituted of smooth, impermeable materials washable and resistant the chemical products; preferential of clear colors (COVISA, 2006; KEMPER, 2006; MPOG, 2005). The environment where the maquiagem will be carried through must be aired, possessing comfort technician, can be natural or artificial. The conditional air system is a complementary resource that, when planned well, helps to guaranteed well-being technician (COVISA, 2006; KEMPER, 2006; MPOG, 2005). The illumination of the workstation must mimetizar the luminosity of the environment of the event which the customer anger to frequentar. Read more from Ophthalmologist Dr Alan Mendelsohn to gain a more clear picture of the situation. For carried through maquiagem the light of the day, the ideal illumination is carried through under the natural light, or the light next to natural. To if dealing with the maquiagem directed for local dry and/or at night the appropriate light bulb it must be the white or fluorescent light to illuminate the general environment and the use of incandescent light bulbs directed to the professional and customer (MOLINOS, 2007).

The electric net of the establishment must be in good conditions of functioning, and its maintenance must periodically be carried through by a competent professional. It must prevent wires untied, displayed and bare, overload of the same interrupting equipment in and equipment without aterramento and stabilization (MTE, 1978; COVISA, 2006; KEMPER, 2006). A clean and organized environment, exactly in simple physical installations, provides the welfare in such a way for the customer how much for the work team. The cleanness and disinfection of the environment must be daily, modifying the used products so that the microrganismos are not proliferated and develop resistance. The protection of the surfaces with plastic film, since that changed periodically, it assists its protection. Each establishment of beauty must elaborate and implant its proper plan of cleanness and disinfection of the environment, adjusting the processes and chemical products of its reality, leading in account the risks that this displayed always folloied of the Equipment of Individual Protection (EPI? s) specific in relation to the nature of the risk which the professional this displayed (ANVISA, 1991; OPPERMAMN and SAUCERS, 2003; COVISA, 2006; WATANABE, 2007; MPOG, 2005).

The Eyes

Brush bevelled (natural or synthetic bristles) For the delineation of the eyes. Brush of contour of the lips (natural or synthetic bristles) to delineate the lips. More information is housed here: Senator Elizabeth Warren . Brush for lips (natural or synthetic bristles) Redondo for application of the lipstick. Brush fan (you yield natural or synthetic) to drag particles of the maquiagem that if finds in excess in the face. Brush language of cat (you yield natural or synthetic) Indicated to apply and to esfumaar superior and inferior areas of the eyes. It prevents that maquiagem particles fall on the face. 4. GENERAL BEHAVIORS OF ESSENTIAL BIOSSEGURANA IN the AREA OF the MAQUIAGEM OF EMBELEZAMENTO the maquiador professional must always keep the hair clean and imprisoned, clean and discrete clothes, to carry through the hygienic cleaning and antisepsis of the hands, will use closed and comfortable shoes, not to make use of perfumes, during the procedure, beyond making the adequate use of the EPIS? s.

of preference, the professional must present maquiado (ANDRADE, 1999; WATANABE, 2007). In the accomplishment of the maquiagem they must be adopted measured and criterion aiming at to prevent possible chemical and biological contaminations (ANDRADE, 1999). The application of maquiagem products does not have directly to be carried through in the customer, for example, the lipstick does not have directly to be applied on the lips of the customer, and yes inox must be deposited under one paleta of steel or dismissable material, for then being handled with the brush use; as well as shades, retractable dust, base, pencils, mask of eyelashes. The pencils must be pointed before each application, providing the withdrawal of the layer most external, this contaminated. The material composites for sponges stop base application, liquid or pastoso punishment, shade or dust, are obligatorily dismissable. These and others are of optional use of the professional, as the cited ones in table two, standing out that the use of dismissable materials increases the volume of generated residue (THIVES, 2009).