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of utmost importance that if has on the part of the nurses the recognition of the effectiveness of the assistance and of the necessity of qualified professionals that takes care of the especificidades of the care of nursing to be carried through e, of this form, to adopt for the exercise of the practical o logical reasoning for the decision taking executing the interventions readily. The Brazilian Society of Cardiologia (SBC) confers the responsibility of the interpretation the doctors and cardiologistas, however the nurse must recognize the abnormality of the tracing, thus prioritizing the assistance to the customer who is on its responsibility. (SBC, 2008) the law of the professional exercise, law n 7498/86, in its article 11, item 1 letter M, detaches that the customer under life risk, in serious situations, is of care of the nurse, therefore when recognizing a risk situation it will be guaranteeing a faster and efficient assistance to its customer, therefore the statisticians prove that the cardiac illnesses occupy as the place in mortis causes. (BRAZIL, 1986) the performance of the nurse does not limit it the hospital environment, but must exceed directly intervening it with the process health-illness of the customer. The professional must involve the customer so that he is active in this process and not liabilities coadjuvante of form that the same is responsible for the promotion of its health. Of this form, we see through this study that the nurse is not a simple executor of tasks or norms dictated for other professionals, in contrast, is a professional who possesss specific responsibilities to know to discern thus between the diverse alterations who the ECG evidences and to direct the cares to the patient who it competes. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Alfred Adler by clicking through.

Sade Professor Guilherme Abath

Considering still, Portaria n 971/GM, 2006, understands that the construction of the individual and collective health must search to reach: capacity to answer to the manifest suffering, what it depends in such a way on the position of the professionals, as of the organization of the services; position not reducionista front to the action necessity and services of health presented for the citizens; capacity of apprehension extended of the necessities of action of health, in the context of each meeting, by means of the intent look; finally, recognition and defense of inherent intersubjetividade to the practical ones in health, that basically involves a dialgica dimension or of negotiation, between professionals and users, how much to the definition of its therapeutical projects (6,14). With this, studies that if consider to search the inclusion of these practical integrativas as strategy of promotion of the health if justify for the necessity of if knowing, evaluating, to support, to incorporate and to implement experiences that already they come being developed in the public net of many cities and states, as a strategy accomplish to search the completeness of the attention to the health. From this perspective, one searched to describe here in this study, the functioning of a unit of health directed toward the application of Practical the Integrativas and Complementares in the promotion of the Health, presenting a partner-economic profile of its clientele and the more frequent reason of the guiding with the complaints and patologias. PROCEDURES METODOLGICOS were carried through a study of in case that, description, in the Unit of Integral Cares to Sade Professor Guilherme Abath (UCISGA), located in the city of Recife, capital of the state of Pernambuco, situated north-eastern Brazilian, in the period of January of 2005 the December of 2007. The studied population was constituted of 3.160 users who if had submitted the multiprofessional selection in the period in question.

Determination NMP

In order to get it dilution was only used to dilutions 10-1, 10-2, 10-3 in the analyses of the samples. It was used methodology proposal for Hisses et al. (2001) that it was the technique of the multiple pipes for the most likely number (NMP/g). 2,3 2.3.1 MICROBIOLOGICAL DETERMINATION Determination of the Most likely Number of Coliformes Total (NMP/g) For the determination of Coliformes total used it technique of multiple pipes for the most likely number (NMP/g). It made it dilution 10-1, homogeneizando 25g and cheese with 225mL of peptonada water 1% and the seriadas dilutions (10-2, 10-3), sowed 1mL of each dilution, in third copy.

The used way was Caldo Lauril Sulfato Triptose (LST) and incubou it 35C during 24 and 48 hours. From the reading of the combination it enters the positive pipes (with growth and production of gas in the pipes of Durham) and negatives was determined the NMP/g for total coliformes. It became confirmation with Green Broth Shining Bile 2% in the same conditions of time and temperature praised by the American Public Health Association (APHA, 1992). 2.3.2 Determination of the Most likely Number of Coliformes Termotolerantes technique of the multiple pipes had been quantified using it, with Escherichia Broth coli (EC). Of total the positive pipes for Coliformes, the repicagens of the culture had become, for pipes with Broth EC. After the sowing incubou it 44,5oC for 24? 48 hours, in bath? Maria, with series of three pipes for each dilution praised for the American Public Health Association (APHA, 1992).

From the reading of the combination it enters the positive pipes (with growth and production of gas in the pipes of Durham) and negatives was determined the NMP/g for termotolerantes coliformes.

Nursing Babies

Hot compresses before the suck ones facilitate the exit of milk. To suckle frequently, to manually extract milk or with suction bomb. To use analgesics, if necessary. Table 3 – Measures for Treatment of the Mammary Ingurgitamento. Source: Periodical of Pediatrics 1995 (GIUGLIANE) 2.3.2 TRAUMAS MAMILARES.

A time installed, the traumas mamilares are very painful and many times hinder the mothers to suckle. The predisponent factors of traumas mamilares would be the lubricant use during the prenatal one, excess of hygiene of the mamilos preceding or succeeding breast-feeding, the mammary ingurgitamento and defects of suction in the just-been born one (FREITAS, 2001). The attempt of preparation of the mamilos during the prenatal one with massages, lubricant and measures of hygiene provokes the removal of hidrolipdica membrane that protects the region, promoting the scalling off in the crnea layer of the skin, passing the pathogenic flora to dominate in substitution to the normal flora. ' ' suction not eficiente' ' also mamilares can be cause of traumas; the child suck during 24 hours per day, with interval very short (between 45 minutes and one hour). The complaints maternas are: hipersensveis mamilos, doloridos and ardidos, associates to the presence of petquias, vesicles and isquemia in the region mamilo to aureole. The behavior to space the schedule enters the suck ones for three or four hours are efficient in the recovery of the mamilos and correction of the habit of vicious suction in the child (SAINTS, 2000). Figures 5 and 6? Mamilares traumas. Source: access in 19/08/2009.

Useful measures in the treatment of the traumas mamilares include: Correction of the techniques of breast-feeding, whenever error of technique is detected. Positions alternated in the suck ones. Milk application in the mamilos after the suck ones. Although not to have given scientific that bases this behavior, to many they recommend it specialists. Maternal milk has many antiinfectious properties, what it diminishes the risk of secondary infection.

Individual Protection

The floor, the walls and coverings must be constituted of smooth, impermeable materials washable and resistant the chemical products; preferential of clear colors (COVISA, 2006; KEMPER, 2006; MPOG, 2005). The environment where the maquiagem will be carried through must be aired, possessing comfort technician, can be natural or artificial. The conditional air system is a complementary resource that, when planned well, helps to guaranteed well-being technician (COVISA, 2006; KEMPER, 2006; MPOG, 2005). The illumination of the workstation must mimetizar the luminosity of the environment of the event which the customer anger to frequentar. Read more from Ophthalmologist Dr Alan Mendelsohn to gain a more clear picture of the situation. For carried through maquiagem the light of the day, the ideal illumination is carried through under the natural light, or the light next to natural. To if dealing with the maquiagem directed for local dry and/or at night the appropriate light bulb it must be the white or fluorescent light to illuminate the general environment and the use of incandescent light bulbs directed to the professional and customer (MOLINOS, 2007).

The electric net of the establishment must be in good conditions of functioning, and its maintenance must periodically be carried through by a competent professional. It must prevent wires untied, displayed and bare, overload of the same interrupting equipment in and equipment without aterramento and stabilization (MTE, 1978; COVISA, 2006; KEMPER, 2006). A clean and organized environment, exactly in simple physical installations, provides the welfare in such a way for the customer how much for the work team. The cleanness and disinfection of the environment must be daily, modifying the used products so that the microrganismos are not proliferated and develop resistance. The protection of the surfaces with plastic film, since that changed periodically, it assists its protection. Each establishment of beauty must elaborate and implant its proper plan of cleanness and disinfection of the environment, adjusting the processes and chemical products of its reality, leading in account the risks that this displayed always folloied of the Equipment of Individual Protection (EPI? s) specific in relation to the nature of the risk which the professional this displayed (ANVISA, 1991; OPPERMAMN and SAUCERS, 2003; COVISA, 2006; WATANABE, 2007; MPOG, 2005).

Aesthetic Face

The performance in the aesthetic area was regulated by the Resolution Number 352, of 05 of April of 2008, the Federal Advice of Fonoaudiologia that ‘ ‘ It makes use on the performance of the professional in Motricidade Orofacial with purpose esttica.’ ‘

Three types of rugas exist: of expression, caused for the action of the muscles of mimic the face one; the gravitational ones, caused for the weight of fabrics throughout the time and for the loss of colgeno of the skin; the mixing. Beyond the cited factors previously, they contribute for the appearance of rugas external factors as: preexisting respiratory illnesses of skin and/or; medicine use; alimentary habits; daily water consumption and liquids; level of stress; personality; rest hours; life habits (work, leisure); exposition to the sun and precautions; tobaccoism; alcoholism; extreme and fast emagrecimento; face surgeries; practical of physical activities. Rugas of expression is those that if they locate on of the nose, horizontal line or vertically, in the forehead, sings in it external of the eyes, in the superior lip. Rugas that they are formed ahead of the ears, in the sides of the chin or the neck is the gravitational called ones. The nasognicos ridges (Chinese mustache) – depressions that go of the lateral of the nose to the extremity of the mouth, also being able to extend until the vertical jaw and rugas that they are formed in the forebody of the neck, are examples of rugas of mixing origin. The aesthetic fonoaudiolgico work inside of the face one has for objective: to adjust the position of face rest and the estomatogmticas functions of breath, suction, chew, deglutition and speaks, aiming at the balance and the face harmony; to balance the muscular forces of neck and face; to fortify and to support the muscles of the face; to minimize or to eliminate mimic face exacerbadas or the inadequate ones; to prevent the appearance of aging signals; to provide verbal, face and cervical habits adjusted; to stimulate the oxygenation and the face and cervical vascularizao; to harmonize aesthetic and the functionary.

Health Illness

The affection, viral illness transmitted by a mosquito, comes very acometendo a high number of the Brazilian and world-wide population. However, it is questioned: how can the population fight the affection without taking knowledge of its characteristics? How those that do not know which the measures that must take to fight the illness can make it? How to recognize its symptoms if these are similar to the ones of as much other illnesses? Being thus, the present research (intitled Affection: one badly that it needs to be known to be fought) presents a thematic one of excellent social importance, therefore it intends to guide the readers on the risk of the way affection, to acquire knowledge them on the attitudes to be taken so that the incidence of this illness can diminish. Thus, necessary information on the symptoms will be taken, form of infect, prevention and treatment of this illness to that they have the chance of if appropriating of the content of this writing, so that thus its combat is possible. The affection incidence in Brazil and the world it comes increasing in elapsing of last the five decades, therefore the concern of the governing and the population related to this problem that can lead to the death, also must increase. In Brazil, specifically, the concern must be redoubled, therefore according to information of the OMS (World-wide Organization of Health), our country answered almost for two teros of the cases of affection in Americas in 2007. Of this form, the present research was developed by considering extremely important the quarrel on the affection, for believing that possible solutions to fight this badly can be taken by the population in the day the day and by the governing in its projects of action, especially for the sector of the governments (municipal, state and federal) responsible for the maintenance of the public health.


The lapsing of fitoterpicos demands some cares special, so that qualitative and quantitative alterations of the assets do not occur prescri them to you. They follow some important parameters that they must be observed during the lapsing: Scientific name Is very common one same plant to receive diverse denominations popular, depending on the region, as well as two distinct plants will receive one same denomination popular. An example of this is the Grass of Is Joo, a common denomination for the Hypericum perforatum, plant very used as ansioltica, and for the Agerathum conyzoides, it plants very used for pains of the stomach, clicas, and as antipyretic. Therefore, the use of the scientific nomenclature, this yes specific for each species, are guarantee of that the prepared medicine the same is prescribed. Used part the assets gifts in the plants can vary, depends on the part to be used in the preparation of the medicine. The Passiflora sp. (Maracuj), for example, it presents an activity ansioltica due the asset gifts in its leves, while the flour prepared with the pulp of the fruit is an excellent hipolipmico.

Leaving of this estimated, the indication of the part of the plant used for the preparation of the fitoterpico also is the guarantee of that discrepancies between the prescribed medicine and the prepared one do not occur. Presentation the use of the scientific nomenclature and the specification of the part to be used of the plant prevents qualitative shunting lines in the merchandise dispatched of the lapsing, that is, it prevents that a different medicine of the prescribed one is prepared. However, it is not only the substitution of a medicine for that they can harm the effectiveness and the security of the prescribed medicine. Alterations in the dosages can take the alterations in the effectiveness and the security of the fitoterpico treatment. The different presentations, as dry dyes, extracts, fluid extracts, gliclicos extracts, after, can contain differentiated concentrations of the assets gifts in the plants, being able to occur low in the effectiveness (in cases of doses below of the prescribed ones) or an increase of the toxicidade (in case of doses above of the prescribed ones) of the medicine.

Cardiovascular Illness

– Diabetes type II: illness of multiple cause and occurs when it has lack or inefficiency of the insulina in the organism, causing an increase of the glucose tax in the blood (hiperglicemia). The insulina is produced by the pncreas and is essential so that our body functions well and can use glucose (sugar) as main power plant. Of 80% 90% of the adults acometidos for the form most common of diabetes are above of the weight. The fabric greasy makes it difficult the entrance of the glucose in the cell. – Apnea of sleep: illness in which the person stops to breathe for short period of time while she sleeps. – Cancer: illness where sick cells if infiltrate in the healthy cells, thus, possesss a lasting period of evolution, being able, many times, to take years to evolve until being discovered, being classified as: benign or malignant. – Hepatitis: illness that reached and compromises the liver, being able to be classified in Hepatitis, B or C. – Osteoporose: illness that reached the bones, characterizes how much the amount of ssea mass, diminishes substantially and develops hollow, fine bones and of extreme sensitivity, more citizens the breakings.

– Cardiovascular Illness: illness that affects the circulatrio system, that is, the heart. It enters most common we can relate the infarct of the myocardium, the angina of chest, aterosclerose, the AVC (cerebral vascular accident), etc. – structural Problems: problems in the vertebral column, joints among others. – Arterial Hipertenso: The arterial pressure is the force that the blood exerts on the wall of the arteries, bad alimentary habits, alcoholic beverage obesidade, tobacco, consumption and sedentarismo is the main causes of the hipertenso. When not treated, it increases the risk of spills, illnesses of heart, stoppage of the kidneys, injuries in the arteries and, even though, alterations in the vision. 2. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND QUALITY OF LIFE the physical activity is any corporal movement, produced for the esquelticos muscles, that result in bigger energy expense that the rest levels.