Disease And Healing

You can even symptoms of disease or pathological denial of faith in miraculous healing. In other words, He said: "I can not see, do not hear and meant nothing to me! I-HEALTHY! "How can such a response, or friend? If the patient does not want to talk about the issue, and avoids delays survey deals tests much less frequently prescribed by a doctor. In the clinic or the hospital such a patient does not get to go. "I do not like to go on doctors' – he says. "I have no time, I have all right, everything will pass, dissipate, will be restored." He did not loves to chat and talk on the theme of health with others, trying to hide their problem from friends and even relatives. "I'm fine, I'm here in hospital – accident. Here they are – the sick, and I – almost well "in the analysis and results Survey tries not to delve into.

Diet and recommendations, as well as the treatment is practically non-compliance, forgetting to take medications on time. "From the drugs – only harm! The body itself on the right! "With both methods psychotherapeutic assistance is required, aimed at a man's adaptation to the disease when there is, on the one hand, recognition of the disease, on the other – there is a sober assessment of the condition without tendency to exaggerate as well as diminish its effects. Continue to learn more with: Unum. The third option, the most favorable way to respond to disease. The disease is recognized, but the patient did not panic, do not despair, seeking all contribute to the success of treatment, cooperate with the doctor and the medical staff, he tries not to burden other hardships care. Realizes that life with the disease has changed, and he skillfully adapts to it. Even in the case adverse outcomes with disability – these patients are able to switch his interests to those areas of life that are still available, try these cases and to enjoy life, focus and interests in the fate of loved ones. In other words, these patients say, "SEE, ACCEPT, do not give up, fight and live!"


To focus your heart in God, you can soothe the thoughts and contemplate the wonder of all creation and your drive with her. Breathe deeply, make yourself comfortable and gradually release the concerns of the day. Your sole purpose at this time is to feel the tranquility of the prayer and keep these words in your heart: Dear God, I wake up your spirit in me, and I see your active presence in all creation. God, the moments that happened in communion with you are truly a blessing. During these times, I open my mind and heart and armonizo me with thy spirit of peace in me. Increasingly recognizing your spirit of peace, a new sense of tranquillity fills me.

I am aware of the serenity of your inhabitant presence, holding and supporting me always. Nothing disturbs the peace of my soul when step time in silent prayer with you guiding light of God surrounds me. Dear God, in the same way that the Sun’s warm rays embrace the Earth, your spirit of love she hugs me. During this sacred time, find peace in it, and I feel the security that your wisdom I illuminates me calms me guide. To feel the warmth of your light, I wake up in mind and spirit. I open my mind to your wisdom and the response that you revelaras me at the appropriate time.

I give all concern, Dear God, conscious of me you gently guides toward wonderful experiences that I meet. I keep calm and have confidence, knowing all that I keep in my heart is under your care and everything is fine to share with you in the silence of prayer the healing spirit of God in me restored my energy and vitality. To keep praying, calms my mind, my body relaxes, my heart is filled with the joy of knowing that your spirit, God, is active in me.

Care For Your Body

I'm full of unconditional love, and I express it today. I full of joy, and express it today. I'm full of peace and today I share it with others. I'm full of infinite wisdom, and I call her today. And that's the truth about me. In the infinity of life where I am, all perfect, whole and complete. I live in harmony with all people I know.

In the depths of my soul – an inexhaustible source of love. I let her come to the surface, and love fills my heart, my body, my mind, consciousness, all my being. I radiate love, and she returns to me multiplied many times. The more love I get, the more they give. I feel good when I like. Love is the joy that lives in me.

I love myself, and so gently take care of your body. I holyu it and cherish, tasty feed, sing and dress well, and it answers me vibrant health and energy. I love myself, so I have a comfortable home, where is all that I need and where to enjoy. I fill my House of fluid love, and whoever came here, including me, feel love and be warmed by it. I am closely connected with the Great Power that created me. I have everything necessary to succeed. And now I authorize the formula success to fill all my mind and put in my life. All I intended to accomplish, to be successful. I am learning from our experiences. I'm going from success to success, from triumph to triumph. My life's path – a chain of steps leading to more greater success. In my world, everything is fine. Many people want to take a compliment to get rich, but absolutely do not accept compliments. I know some young actors and actresses that wanted to be a "star" who just cringe when they hear the compliments. However, a compliment – it's a gift that brings us prosperity. Learn to accept them graciously and with joy. I always smile and thank you when receiving a compliment or a gift. Even better respond to a compliment compliment. In this case, making you feel the compliment, though he received a gift. Take all that life sends you, gratefully and generously share with others. Suppose that this process will continuous. Rejoice that you can wake up every morning and live another day. Be happy that you are alive, healthy, have friends, have the ability to create and feel the joy of being. Strive for higher knowledge and enjoy the process of self transformation.

Small Energy Mystery

It's no secret to the fact that each of us in our lives is faced with a condition where the vital energy is in decline and no matter what do not have enough forces. What causes the loss of energy and how to get their new power? Than You can recover depleted energy? These questions, we give an answer, revealing little "energy" mystery man. What keeps our energy Firstly it is a healthy, useful, rich in vitamins and micronutrient nutrition. You've probably noticed that after a delicious to eat, you immediately increase the mood. So the council's number one – start your day with a delicious, light breakfast and your day will be more positively. Favorite work. Moderate physical and mental work conserve energy. Good music, good sleep and the light will give you new strength.

Charge energy Water Treatments (especially in open water). Daily walk (if you do not have enough free time, at least 15 minutes a day should be paid to walk in the fresh air). Small adventures. Best wishes and compliments from the fans give you strength and confidence in itself. Communication with the good and wise people always bring in your life a lot of useful. Communication with loved animals, caring for plants.

When you have a bad mood, shift your attention to your pet, watch out for its behavior. Soon you will forget about all the bad things. Laughter and humor – the best doctors. More often joking, by – more laugh. Learn a humorous take their problems, and your energy will always be on the rise. Energy taken smoked cigarette in the morning before taking breakfast. Smoking is "stealing" your vitamins, lack of which, in turn, adversely affects the condition of the whole organism. Bad friends who care only about their interests, constantly talk about their problems and never hear you. Frustration when every time the soul dies a little dream. Self-doubt and suspicion. Unloved work. Not properly chosen profession when it comes to do not their job. Dishonest employees, when you notice that you are deceived. Scandals. Meticulously and constantly dissatisfied with the authorities. Annoying neighbors. So in our life there is always someone or something that will help you spoil your mood and knock you off track. Learn how not to lock in bad. Most often, pay attention to all the good things, even if minor, but bright and pleasant moments in your life. Communicate, to the extent possible, with the people with whom you are nice and helpful to spend their time. Avoid envy, and negative attitude towards you people. Communication with them except for the problems you will fail. In short, do everything possible to accumulate positive energy, and in any case do not spend it in vain. Give your energy only for their benefit, then it comes back to you tenfold. Then you will always feel healthier and live longer in good and happiness.