Orange Oil

The practice of foot-fit informed his patients massage is one of the oldest healing methods that are known to mankind. The documentation of the Massage practice goes back in the third pre-Christian century. The application of essential oils in massage acts stands in a long tradition, which probably have their roots in the Indian health teachings of Ayurveda. The soothing and healing effect is today well known and very appreciated. Therefore, Dieter Guliczuk summarizes the basic principles of the massage and the benefits of essential oils. Massages can be carried out using a large number of different techniques. This is also the reason that their approach areas and modes of action are very different. But is the medical effectiveness of massages.

So deliberately employed part – or full-body massages can contribute, among other things to relax the muscles for mental relaxation and stress reduction. Especially massages pursue these goals and increase so the holistic Well-being. To support these beneficial effects and to increase, has been applied already in the healing arts of Ayurveda aroma oils. Cold-pressed oils are used as the basis of most flavored oils. Almond oil, Grapeseed Oil, jojoba oil, or Aloeveraol are particularly popular for the production of fragrance oils.

The oils will then receive their healing properties setting to essential oils. Up to three percent of the concentrated active ingredients are appropriate massage oils. Which is the right thing for the treatment, chooses individually according to customer requirements. So, for example, lavender oil has antispasmodic, analgesic, calming and purifies the soul. Orange oil, however, stimulates metabolism and appetite, and stomach pain. Because it enables in particular the metabolism, it is used like to the cellulite treatment. Also the skin and tissue firming effect of massages, which is supported by the Orange oil and lemon and sandalwood oil, is evident here. Massages are today no longer, as they did earlier still, nevertheless it is performed by doctors to seek an experienced expert advisable, since massages incorrectly can possible be be or even new problems also lead to the aggravation. Dieter Guliczuk in his foot care clinic offers foot-fit in/Erwitte bad Westernkotten not only expert medical and cosmetic foot care, but also a wide range of relaxing and rejuvenating part – and full-body massages.