Spiritual Healing Ways

We report on the cosmic vibration and consciousness – developing our generation currently we have riots and political upheaval processes in many countries. This includes among other things the countries of Libya, Egypt, Syria, Israel, Italy, England, Spain, Chile, Yemen and Northern Ireland. Of course, pessimistic thoughts come up many, but consider it from the perspective of objective, it seems to be a natural process of change between the loose generations. There are the young people who express their dissatisfaction and request changes. This wave of protests and renewal will expand to gradually due to the development in all countries. Against this background, we want to look at the relationship from the perspective of cosmic vibrations and the evolutionary development of human in spirit & life online magazine. These cosmic vibrations for us first and foremost be visible by numbers, letters or colors. Read more detailed reports in our online magazine Spirit & life under the heading information.

An always-interesting topic is, of course, our economic situation. At the latest since 2009, the situation becomes more critical and the great dream of the leading Europe is crumbling more and more. The economy got a different attitude since the introduction of the euro. Could we but always very good and beneficial alone economies with our good old d-mark, so we are dependent and reliant on others by others. The economically strong countries support the weaker, as it should be while in a social society, ultimately however is a rather stlf progress. But we rightly hear cries from the local population, who fear for their hard-earned money.

Where will it go for now with our economy? Read this detailed review by our astrologer Stephanie Kirchner in the category of business astrology. In the members area, which is free of charge for all users, a lot has been expanded. We provide for our readers now every Wednesday Round table “Liberating words”. From September 2011, held regular discussions of “Liberating words” in the Conference Room of the Internet. The author of the book “The alphabet of God”, Ramona Anna Mayer is from your book explain words every week 2-3 and answer questions of the participants. With this round, we offer our members the opportunity to get a deep understanding about the importance of powerful words and to speak in the true form of the time. The truth will set us all free! “All we need to is already happy to be in us” visit our website and be inspired. At the turn of the year you get the spirit & life magazine also about our publishing house as Printobjekt. Spirit & life offers a comprehensive and differentiated range of information about astrology, spirituality, mysticism and Tarot reader interested. The page lives of profound scrutinized and discussed. We, tradition and culture with the modern emphasis to special combine.