Healing Properties Of Honey

A man like ambrosia taste of rye bread, mixed with honey. The healing quality pollen quality are significantly higher than normal pollen grains and pollen. Med.V history of every nation can find information about the therapeutic and prophylactic use of honey. In Egypt, 3500 years ago in the Book of the preparation of medicines for all parts of the (human) body, there are many recipes, which include honey. Harvard has compatible beliefs. In ancient Chinese manuscript, "Description of plants and herbs fertility god" honey provided this description: "Honey heals internal organs, gives strength, reduces fever, long-term use increases it will, gives ease the body, retains his youth, extending the years of life." In the old Indian "book of life" says that extend human life can only elixirs and diet including honey and milk. And in his book "The drink of immortality," there is evidence that honey is part of the most powerful firming body means.

Hindu honey used as an antidote to intoxication of any kind. On the high healing properties of honey in his writings, wrote the ancient philosophers and physicians of Rome and Greece (Pythagoras, Aristotle, Hippocrates, Dioscorides, Homer, Galen). The philosopher Democritus believed that honey has anti-aging properties. In ancient Iran ("The canon of the Avesta"), a doctor recommended to use the means of animal origin: liver, gall and honey, wax. Avicenna in his book "The Canon of Medicine" results in dozens of recipes, which included honey and wax, people older than 45 years, he recommended the systematic use of honey and walnuts. In the Middle Ages, honey is also widely used in medical therapy, to treat wounds. In the XII century the first Russian woman vrachevatelnitsa Evpraksinya, granddaughter of Vladimir Monomakh, in his book "Alimma" (ointment) causes a variety of recipes, which include honey. Honey as a healing product has not lost its importance in later centuries, and even in our days.

It is widely used in folk medicine, it is absolutely recognized as official medicine throughout the world. Honey has earned fame universal energy product and the remarkable pharmacological means. It has tonic, tonic, antimicrobial, antitoxic, anti-inflammatory, sedative properties. more details can be found here


The medical industry has advanced to the point of anti-aging solutions are available with a wide variety. There are fillings, injections, facial treatments, and a myriad of other methods to combat the effects of time on our skin. However, these treatments tend to last for only a limited amount of time, and are more effective in people who suffer only from superficial wrinkles and a bit of loose skin. People that live with severely sagging and deep wrinkles, on the other hand, now you can rely on the safety and effectiveness of a facelift of Scottsdale. This procedure is not for everyone, however.

Let’s take a look at the criteria that must be considered to determine if you are a candidate for this surgical procedure. A face severely elders instead of only fine lines and surface wrinkles, candidates for a facelift Scottsdale folds deep experience, loss of volume, and the flabby skin. These signs of age tend to respond very little or nothing to the traditional methods anti-aging, in many cases, a gradual loss of elasticity of the skin is to blame. As you get older, the quality of the natural firmness of the skin taut and decreases in response to gravity and the decrease in the production of collagen. While there are products available that can help to solve this problem, in many cases, the results are too dramatic to reverse with topical treatments. During the consultation with a surgeon’s confidence, he or she must be able to determine if the severity of the signs of aging skin can be best served by alternative treatments, such as Botox or microdermabrasion.

In many cases, a less traumatic procedure and more best invasive can help relieve many telltale signs of aging. Good health a facelift Scottsdale is a major surgical procedure that requires the remodeling of the skin and muscles, the Elimination of excess tissue, and a hand very practiced in the part of your surgeon. Since time is required of Healing extensive, it must be in good health and willing to comply with pre-operative and post-operative guidelines indicated by your surgeon. pre-operative guidelines can stop or start certain medications, smoking, cessation and the things to keep in mind when eating and drinking before the actual surgery.(fat burners) After the surgery, which usually takes about two to four hours, you may go home (though overnight stays are possible in many cases). Recovery usually takes about three weeks, but his face will continue to heal and improve as time passes.

Tourism In Mahajanga: Success In Paris Workshop

While various professionals of the sector tourism Madagascar are struggling to promote Madagascar as a destination, the success of tourism in the city of roses already is assured after the success of the workshop held in the Chamber of Commerce and industry in Paris last April 21. This workshop was organized to highlight the quality of tourism Mahajanga, twenty operators and journalists were present at this event. The city of roses, on the West Coast has nothing to envy to other parts of the island for tourism. It contains many interesting attractions, the climate is favorable to carry out various activities offered on the increase because in reality, Mahajanga bathes in the Sun during 365 days a year. The Deputy Mayor of the city of Mahajanga, Mokhtar Andriatomange Salim, director of the Regional Office of tourism Boeny Toky Ranjatonantenaina Armel and some representatives of the tour operator Madagascar have praised Mahajanga during this workshop. Meetings with foreign operators, the members of the Association of tourism fair and solidarity (ATES) and the French Tourism Institute (FIT) were also conducted. Madagascar tourism professionals will have to make a greater contribution in the promotion of the Mahajanga destination and stay Madagascar. But as we are approaching the peak season, operators in the sector must find solutions to various problems which threaten the proper functioning of the business sector as the airline problems..

The Healing

This has influence when it comes to bringing a body back to health. What can be said of cures and healing processes that make think that the mind exerts influence on the body? Is this real? Truly work these practices? You can not refuse that positive thinking, comforting words and illuminated claims have benign influence on the body. However, such benefits arising out of well-meaning mental practices are temporary and do not cease to be limited. There is no evidence that the healing mind-body approach actually works per – is in all cases that keep a good and sincere intention. However, neither denying that the benefits are actually achieved in many cases.

According to recent discussions which produces the healing is not the mere mind-body mechanism but the influence of some kind of energy on the mind that will then influence to your system. The finely shocked mind has longer ranges than which is devoid of this energetic impact. That’s the mind that can cure. Life is energy, and all living beings are beings with energy. Often we are too proud of our brilliant mind, our bulky knowledge, to be informed, but the processes of healing are not derived from the intellect. Healing could not be achieved through a demanding mind.

Medical science is often baffled by miracles that happen. Miracles often occur and this leads to wonder if anything miracles would not be the result of a phenomenon energy from this type of phenomena for which there is still no scientific explanation. At least so far, there is no conclusive proof that miracles can be caused by logical thinking. k. The miracles are more far from product information and consequences of energy loads of high feelings be closer as the love, generosity. Even in the arenas of science, have been high energy as the humility and sincere curiosity influences that propelled scientists toward the more incredible and formidable discoveries. The magnetic field that surrounds the man and all living shaking their emotional world ceased to be a fantasy. Neuroscience, studies of neuropeptides are already beginning to define the emotions and behavior in general in physical and chemical terms. Hope starts a molecular event. Hopelessness also. There is much that can be achieved with these energies, so that it would be appropriate re-direct our concerns, show us more interested in generating us these so sublime States just so our dreams occur. How to learn a new craft, art work Bach essences would activate more people more sublime interests and inaugurate thereby a shining path for humanity. And these things happen. Tehillard de Chardin, the great French philosopher has already had one vision that gave to call the non-osfera and on which tend to speculate about which the Internet itself had its birth as an idea in gross. Tehillard de Chardin said that a day in which man and its technology conquer oceans and winds come and begin the man to seriously explore the energy of love and the magnetism that produces this energy in all things beautifying them, and inaugurating a light not perceived still trails. Fortunately, there are already plenty evidence and data that indicate that we have already entered at the beginning of those days. Original author and source of the article.