SP Crosstrainer Technogym

Even more pleasure on the training in the gym with the Vario excite 700 SP Crosstrainer Technogym equipment the three new cross trainer in the health-oriented gym fitness oasis in Worth maximum adaptability and unlimited movement characterized by. The Vario excite 700 SP suitable for joint-gentle training of the lower body area, as well as for an effective total body workout. Cardio training is one of the most important methods of training in the gym. There is movement units that run when a certain heart rate and at least 30 minutes at a time. For maximum efficiency and at the same time exercising multiple muscles the of the renowned Italian manufacturer Technogym cross trainer are perfectly suited, which equips since 1983 mainly fitness and leisure facilities all over the world with its high-quality exercise equipment. Fitness OASIS Worth invested 700 SP in three new cross trainer of type Vario excite.

Fitness OASIS are the members even better training conditions before. The Vario excite 700 SP was developed on the basis of biomechanical studies. It takes account of posture and motion paths, ensuring a perfect balancing of the workload. So the training less perceived exhausting, the user creates more in less time. For this type of device, the calorie consumption is highest. Therefore, it is suitable especially for effective fat burning workout. He is resilient up to 160 kg. The entry is also for users, the little or have no experience with cardio training on cross trainers, very easy.

The distance of the pedals from the ground is only small and lateral handrails make use also very safe. The patent pending self starting system by Technogym is a device that also simplifies the start on the Vario excite. The training on the Vario excite Crosstrainer is very easy on the joints. All movements that can be performed on the device, only minimal burden on the joints and run fluent and safe.


So, too much vitamin A or a surplus of copper can promote certain cancers. The art is so on the individual situation matched to complement this, what is needed and will be most likely of benefit. For the prevention of cardiovascular, cardiovascular disease is recommended a whole package of measures. In addition to changes in life style such as weight loss, smoking, sports, etc., also such measures play a role which supply the body with micronutrients targeted to improve the metabolic performance. We now know that the development of leading to heart attack and stroke often hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) runs not Mono-causal, but usually several Is due to causes. Two of these causes, the research results, may be oxidative stress and inflammation processes. Both can be addressed proactively according to the results of modern health research. The oxidative stress with specific antioxidants and the inflammatory reaction with purely plant-based Omega-3 fatty acids.

To the company offered a product with CardioPlus Navitum Pharma, which has both oxidative stress and also the inflammatory processes in the focus. CardioPlus is a precautionary combination Pack consisting of CorVitum and OmVitum. The documentary shows in the background of these two products, that antioxidants such as CorVitum can be used to prevent progression of atherosclerosis and cheap affect the purely plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid ALA as in OmVitum inflammatory mediators. CardioPlus (PZN 0265193) provides the ability easily and cost-effectively to use evidence-based health care for heart and vessels so the health-conscious people. For the reasonable longer-term use of CardioPlus special 3 month packs (PZN 0265218) and 6-month packs (PZN 0265230) are available. CardioPlus is available in pharmacies and selected health centers.

Due to the unique composition of the products of Navitum Pharma not by other, seemingly similar products are interchangeable. Every pharmacy can order CardioPlus without extra effort directly shipping to customers.

IPI Opts

Lambert SharePoint specialist includes Partnership Ltd. Lichtenau Intlock, 17.11.2010. The IPI GmbH specializes in Microsoft SharePoint projects, Lichtenau, signed a strategic partnership with Intlock Ltd., Brookline, now. IPI projects Web analysis tool of cardiolog by Intlock will be now for analysis of SharePoint portals primarily used. The tool provides comprehensive reports for the areas of portal, search, enterprise content, Web content management, and collaboration. These provide detailed usage statistics for various aspects of SharePoint. Such data includes pageviews, visitors, navigation behavior or portal search.

Still, it is possible to call the average visit times by users in addition. Status reports to polling lists, documents, and list items are also among other things possible. With CardioLog, the drill down on each level of the hierarchy is possible. All reports from CardioLog can for the further processing of data and the dissemination in the company also exports and as a Web part be provided on other pages. IPI provides valuable information about the behaviour of the user in the SharePoint Portal on the basis of CardioLog reports. With CardioLog we allow the administrator of a SharePoint Portal, to provide a comprehensive overview of the SharePoint environment and their use and to make comparisons for free to be selected periods of time. Based on the detailed, graphically prepared reports on the traffic to specific pages can be made also optimizations to the structures or contents. Important are administrators and analysts in the company”such reports for decision makers, SiteCollection, IPI director Roland Klein emphasized.

CardioLog is dramatically more powerful compared to the evaluation contained in SharePoint and analysis options. About IPI GmbH: The IPI was founded in 1996 as consulting for Microsoft technologies and has since been known on the market as an innovative, collaborative and efficient IT-consulting company. Since the year 2002 IPI specializes in the consulting, implementation, and product development related to the Microsoft SharePoint Server. On the German market is the company thus among the pioneers and market leaders in this technology. In software development, the focus is on the creation of SharePoint is business products. In addition, IPI has expertise in the areas of collaborative innovation and knowledge management, and enterprise collaboration management. The IPI business lines offer custom SharePoint Services, in which the experience of over 10,000 days project experience at more than 250 customers incorporated in a variety of industries. The products and services are tailored to optimally on the target medium-sized companies and groups.


Can these findings from the acute medicine the General precautionary practice be translated into, supplementing the health-conscious person the necessary nutrients in the form of capsules and tablets to combat to oxidative stress and inflammation as causes of heart attack in the vessels. Navitum Pharma has designed complementary balanced diets in the form of tablets and capsules, which are based on the results of the scientific investigations. Highly purified linseed oil with much plant pure Omega-3 fatty acid ALA is OmVitum capsules and the antioxidant vitamins C and in special delayed release form are available as CorVitum for dietary treatment of atherosclerosis. CorVitum (PZN 0243079) is content – and dose-identical with the investigational drug in a large study of arteriosclerosis that showed the favourable influence of the two antioxidants on the progression of atherosclerosis. OmVitum (PZN 0262160) contains ALA concentrated and is made from purified linseed oil in a special patented process.

Both drugs are their qualitative and quantitative Matched ingredients exactly on the study documents. They can be replaced therefore not simply by other products, including similar composition. The company offers also a combo pack of both products as CardioPlus for health-conscious people. The monthly packet of CardioPlus (PZN 0265193) consists of 90 capsules OmVitum and 60 retard tablets CorVitum. CardioPlus can be obtained also German Internet pharmacy, pharmacies, medically supervised health centers or directly from Navitum Pharma. There are also cheap 3erPackungen (PZN 0265218) and 6 packs (PZN 0265230) of CardioPlus in trade. As a special service offers Navitum Pharma for health-conscious people also the shipping free direct procurement of the company by telephone on 0611 58939458 map. New: Navitum now represented on facebook (facebook.de/navitum).

Small Energy Mystery

It's no secret to the fact that each of us in our lives is faced with a condition where the vital energy is in decline and no matter what do not have enough forces. What causes the loss of energy and how to get their new power? Than You can recover depleted energy? These questions, we give an answer, revealing little "energy" mystery man. What keeps our energy Firstly it is a healthy, useful, rich in vitamins and micronutrient nutrition. You've probably noticed that after a delicious to eat, you immediately increase the mood. So the council's number one – start your day with a delicious, light breakfast and your day will be more positively. Favorite work. Moderate physical and mental work conserve energy. Good music, good sleep and the light will give you new strength.

Charge energy Water Treatments (especially in open water). Daily walk (if you do not have enough free time, at least 15 minutes a day should be paid to walk in the fresh air). Small adventures. Best wishes and compliments from the fans give you strength and confidence in itself. Communication with the good and wise people always bring in your life a lot of useful. Communication with loved animals, caring for plants.

When you have a bad mood, shift your attention to your pet, watch out for its behavior. Soon you will forget about all the bad things. Laughter and humor – the best doctors. More often joking, by – more laugh. Learn a humorous take their problems, and your energy will always be on the rise. Energy taken smoked cigarette in the morning before taking breakfast. Smoking is "stealing" your vitamins, lack of which, in turn, adversely affects the condition of the whole organism. Bad friends who care only about their interests, constantly talk about their problems and never hear you. Frustration when every time the soul dies a little dream. Self-doubt and suspicion. Unloved work. Not properly chosen profession when it comes to do not their job. Dishonest employees, when you notice that you are deceived. Scandals. Meticulously and constantly dissatisfied with the authorities. Annoying neighbors. So in our life there is always someone or something that will help you spoil your mood and knock you off track. Learn how not to lock in bad. Most often, pay attention to all the good things, even if minor, but bright and pleasant moments in your life. Communicate, to the extent possible, with the people with whom you are nice and helpful to spend their time. Avoid envy, and negative attitude towards you people. Communication with them except for the problems you will fail. In short, do everything possible to accumulate positive energy, and in any case do not spend it in vain. Give your energy only for their benefit, then it comes back to you tenfold. Then you will always feel healthier and live longer in good and happiness.

What Crash Tests Are Reliable?

Another organization to conduct crash tests of cars, which we will consider today – NHTSA (National Hihgway Traffic Safety Administration) – The administration of the national transportation security. What is the rating system they use? This organization uses a 5-star rating system. Five stars means a high degree of protection, one star is a low degree of protection. What is included in this ranking? Cars as well as in the IIHS does not have the overall evaluation, and estimated degree of protection for the driver and passenger. In the frontal test, than estimated in the front seat passenger, side impact is considered a passenger behind the driver. What tests are conducted for the evaluation? 1. Frontal collision.

2. Lateral collision with a car. 3. Testing the car on the possibility of revolution. What test conditions and that this check? 1.

Frontal impact: The head-on situation collision test car with the car takoyzhe weight and size. The clash is the full width of the front of the avtmobilya, at a speed of 56km / h. Measure the protection of the head, chest, left and right legs. As a driver and passengers are considered men of medium build. 2. Lateral collision with a car: We consider the situation when in the test car enters the other vehicle at a speed of 62 km / h, the weight of the car equal to 1368kg. Place of contact – the lateral portion of the test vehicle in the driver’s and passenger’s door. Measurements of protecting the head, chest and pelvis, performed at the driver and passenger seated behind the driver. The size and weight of the driver and passengers are the size of an average adult. 3. Testing the car on the possibility of revolution: In this study examined the probability of coup car, with a sharp change in trajectory at a certain speed. We consider the situation when the motion in a straight line at speeds of 56 to 80km / h, the driver turns the steering wheel sharply to the left (turn of the wheel about 270 degrees), and a second later a sharp turn at the wheel right (turn of the wheel about 540 degrees).

Cardio Pulse

improved Capillarization. Among them are the finest blood vessels of the circulatory system understand. The body needs plenty of oxygen during a training session and to meet the demand for new vessels must emerge, which are responsible for the transport of oxygen. Enzyme activity / number increases proliferation of mitochondria pulse level B: 70-80% of the MHR; Formula: (MP-RP) x 0, 7 + RP for lower THF and (MP-RP) x 0, 8 + RP for upper THF impact the pulse level B at the cardio: aerobic energy production improved increased energy from fat reserves at high glucose utilization for basic endurance training at the Cardio Pulse level is better, A because pulse level B over a longer period is too onerous. However, the percentage energy from fat reserves is the highest heart rate level B! Race specific endurance training your race specific endurance training is 80-90% of maximum heart rate and is only for advanced users, that here the strain on the cardiovascular system is enormous. Pulse level C: 80-90% MHR; Formula: (MP-RP) x 0, 8 + RP for lower THF and (MP-RP) x 0, 9 + RP for upper THF (training can here from the lower to the upper THF take place, but also from the bottom up to the middle or the middle to the upper THF). This is to decide individually.

This training is accordingly within or above the anaerobic threshold. It is up as mined more lactate. Therefore, the load is too large. Effect of pulse level C in the cardio: increased lactate tolerance increased maximum power (endurance) improved anaerobic energy raising the anaerobic threshold (in performance) the load on the body is at the pulse level C very high, so you must be careful not to request the body in addition to the usual strength training, cardio training. This training is advisable so only requires 1-2 x week (always depending on the previous training).