The Aura

These colors previously described, by way of example, would represent the basic colors, depending on their shades, brightness or darkness, which are positive or negative. Modify the color of the Aura at will but just like the colors of the aura influencing character and emotional state of the subject, the person can also influence the color of the aura, in order to achieve a certain improvement in your physical, psychic or spiritual aspect. How can a certain color of the aura I modify? This will be done only on a temporary basis, the time in which the aura can be modified, will depend on the energy quality who holds the subject, as well as if there is a great variation of the chosen color, with the natural color of the aura that the person possesses. In any case, estimated time of such processing, be between half and one hour. For altering the color of the aura, you will be entering a State of total relaxation, and then closing the eyes, keep attention directed to our interior, showing the color of the aura that you want to project. This situation will continue for a sufficient time to feel imbued by the chosen color, and which normally lasts for five minutes. In order to know the characteristics of the colors, in order to achieve the desired objectives, below is a summary of the basic colors. Thus have to use color: Red: If what we want is to download tensions.

Also for charging power. Filed under: Dr Alan Mendelsohn. Yellow: If what we want is to promote creativity, and the ability to reason. Green: If what you want is peace and tranquility. Ideal for connecting with nature. Blue: If what you want is to enhance spiritual experiences. Indigo: If what you want is to promote the mental faculties. Violet: If what you want is to enhance the powers of healing and spirituality.

Juice Extractor

A juice extractor works very similarly to the human digestive system. At the time in which food enters our body the digestion process begins. His mouth and stomach prepare food for the intestinal tract that squeezes and extracts the JUICES from the FIBERS of food. In the moment in which these food reaches the end of his trip, all the nutritional components of these juices have been already separated fiber and absorbed into your system, so only left debris. Putting fruits and vegetables in a juice extractor you eliminates the need for the previously described process and thus allows your body to get all the nutrients you need, without the effort of doing all this heavy task. You don’t need to be a nutrition expert to know that fruits and vegetables are good for your health. Generally, since we can remember our mothers have been repeating it us.

These days, with our diet of processed foods and over cooked, we need to redirect this imbalance by eating more healthy vegetables. Imagine trying to eat a dozen of raw carrots on the day. Dr alan mendelsohn is often quoted as being for or against this. It will surely not be an impossible task, but who wants to do it? This is also going to take a very long time and her jaw is going to end up tired and perhaps even throughout Mastication aching. On top of this, your stomach will have a big job to do trying to process this hard and raw food. Putting carrots in a juice extractor, these are transformed into a powerful and healing super meal in a liquid, easy to take shape and delicious. Now you have all the natural nutrients, vitamins, minerals and live enzymes that come from the carrot in an extremely powerful and healthy glass of juice that is a pleasure to drink. All the healing benefits of this flavorful drink are easy and quickly assimilated by your body and require almost no energy to be digested.

Aloe Vera Cultivation And Care

The aloe is a plant that supports well the cold, but not the humidity. That is why it is important to cultivate in a terrain with easy drainage, potted or directly on the floor. For even more details, read what Dr Alan Mendelsohn says on the issue. If we plant potted it must not be too large, since the estate proliferarian in detriment of the leaves, as reference we can take the length of the leaf of aloe divided by two to calculate the diameter of the pot, i.e. If the blade measures 30 cm, the pot must have 15 cm in diameter. It is important to choose an arena with a pH slightly acid, because too much alkaline soils retard the growth of aloe. If the plant is outdoors is convenient to receive wind moderate so that its stem is strengthened, although it must be avoided that its leaves is too wet due to rain or irrigation, if this happens it is necessary to dry them so they do not rot.

If it is inside it is best that receive intense but filtered light and is oriented to the South or East. Aloe thrives best when you are experiencing sudden temperature changes and this ranges between 20 and 25 C. The best time to plant is spring, When the life cycle of the plant is most active, if we choose to grow on soil best is do it in slightly sloping ground or small slopes, to allow it to drain excess water received from rain or watering. If we plant in pot should put two fingers of gravel at the bottom of the pot to ensure good drainage. Sowing must be made from layers or clones, they are easily extracted from the plant stem, since aloe has shallow roots and simply extract the layering of the Earth with the help of a knife. You should let the layering a few days before planting it in a separate pot, the extraordinary capacity of the aloe healing will keep it in good condition until it is transplanted.


To focus your heart in God, you can soothe the thoughts and contemplate the wonder of all creation and your drive with her. Breathe deeply, make yourself comfortable and gradually release the concerns of the day. Your sole purpose at this time is to feel the tranquility of the prayer and keep these words in your heart: Dear God, I wake up your spirit in me, and I see your active presence in all creation. God, the moments that happened in communion with you are truly a blessing. During these times, I open my mind and heart and armonizo me with thy spirit of peace in me. Increasingly recognizing your spirit of peace, a new sense of tranquillity fills me.

I am aware of the serenity of your inhabitant presence, holding and supporting me always. Nothing disturbs the peace of my soul when step time in silent prayer with you guiding light of God surrounds me. Dear God, in the same way that the Sun’s warm rays embrace the Earth, your spirit of love she hugs me. During this sacred time, find peace in it, and I feel the security that your wisdom I illuminates me calms me guide. To feel the warmth of your light, I wake up in mind and spirit. I open my mind to your wisdom and the response that you revelaras me at the appropriate time.

I give all concern, Dear God, conscious of me you gently guides toward wonderful experiences that I meet. I keep calm and have confidence, knowing all that I keep in my heart is under your care and everything is fine to share with you in the silence of prayer the healing spirit of God in me restored my energy and vitality. To keep praying, calms my mind, my body relaxes, my heart is filled with the joy of knowing that your spirit, God, is active in me.

San Pedro

The rite of the rite counter, called countertop or tabletop ritual of healing, began at midnight with the hiss of an ancient song, beat a MARACA and with all of us facing the table. If didn’t it, around such rite and respect, must do these hours of the early morning and only Tuesday or Friday, days since antiquity are days sacred to Andean religiosity. Past 30 minutes of initiated the ritual, each of those present passed in front of the table to receive from the hands of the master a glass with water made from San Pedro, a native of the Peru and used cactus Parroquia purposes since ancient times for its healing and hallucinogenic effects. After drinking it, each one of these, went to our respective places to wait that the healer, shaman, we called agreed to the order indicating the spirit of the table. Before you call us at the table, he approached us and gave us some wood carved with male, or female shapes according to our gender, and told us: take it, not releasing them during the entire countertop, these will protect them from any spirit that walks loose by here.

Many people do not believe in these rites, but I knew one that told me that her husband could heal from a serious infection in his leg, thanks to a healer’s name Mr. Anderson. Her husband was suffering from an incurable wound and they wanted amputating the leg, but with the help of this Amazon healer, healthy. Two other girls who had problems of love, say that the healer Mr Anderson gave them some recipes to solve their problems.These are two of the recipes that were given during the sessions: for a girl in casadera age to whom no male looked: go to 7 churches, hear a complete mass, receive the ostia and eat it.

The Subject

In this regard, and as an illustrative example, we could see how babies and some young children, are sensitive to these manifestations, charged of luminosity and colorful, of persons who are to your around, as well as the rest of living beings, and that is not another thing that what will be called the aura. In the aura we can observe a wide range of colors, these ranging from white, violet, in the image and likeness of which can be seen in the arc Iris. This range of colours, will depend on as we have already mentioned above, the length of the wavelength or frequency of electromagnetic type, that control and processed the chakras, which also have the power to influence the hormonal glands secretions. When the chakras are operating correctly, a homogeneous luminosity is issued and soft tones, in the ultraviolet spectrum, which indicates a correct harmony of body and mind. On the contrary, physical and psychic disorders, they are responsible for the color change of the aura, turning to display dark colors or with stains, aspect that will indicate a deficiency at the physical level, as diseases degenerative type, cancer, infectious diseases, etc., as well as hormonal and psychological disorders.

At the spiritual level, it is interpreted as an indication of the degree of elevation that the individual possesses. Hence the great importance that the display of the aura has always had for the scholars and connoisseurs of the subject, where until recently only was accessible through the powers of clairvoyance. Scientific studies is from the 16th century that Paracelsus, defines it in a scientific way, and describing the aura as something that resembles a field of fire. Subsequently, are increasingly more scientific personalities who study the phenomenon, as well two centuries later is Franz A. Mesmer, who performs studies that lead him to present the theory of animal magnetism, described as an energy of electromagnetic type, which has the power to be able to be transmitted from one being to another, demonstrating excellent faculties for healing.

Tips For Preventing Acne

As we know, a high percentage of young people suffer from acne, but there are also many adults who still suffer and although painful sea, I must say that: actually not there healing magic for Acne! So the best thing you can do is to take all necessary measures to prevent acne and make it go gradually disappearing. Taking into account that acne is a condition of clogged pores caused by overactive sebaceous glands and that this usually occurs in puberty, although in some cases can continue into adulthood, you must follow the following tips to prevent acne or at least minimize its effect and gravity, so it is not very noticeable or alarming: Tips * keep your clean skin: i.e., wash regularly. Washing regularly helps to get rid of excess fats on your skin, as well as bacteria and dead cells of the skin that can clog pores and cause outbreaks. But much care that it is not washed every hour, but you to wash two or three times a day and in soft shape, do not have to be scraping strongly, that it is a common misconception that is committed and which ends up causing further damage to the skin. Dr Alan Mendelsohn may help you with your research. * Adequate rest: this is very important and unfortunately teenagers is not taken into account and it is essential to help prevent acne, since your body restores cells and refreshes the skin while you rest. Therefore, my advice is to sleep early and rest for at least 8 hours, keep in mind that the trasnocho is cause of stress in the body and stress generated imbalance hormone, which aggravates the situation of acne.

** Not pop pimples: I know that the temptation is very great because bursting it we managed to decrease its size or improve your unsightly or uncomfortable, but should not be done because this has the risk of producing a more severe infection. * Take a shower after exercise: this so that sweat does not contribute to clogging of your pores and outbreak of acne. This is a very important consideration, especially because many people take a shower many hours after you have finished your workout, and logically after a long time the damage will already be done. ** Use clean and white shirts: white t-shirts tend to absorb excess grease on your skin and it will help at least to prevent the acne on the back. * Remove makeup before going to sleep: once again, the key here is to keep skin pores free of grease and bacteria. * Do not use sunscreen lotions (or oil) based skin: this type of product should be avoided if you have a tendency to acne outbreaks, since these only contribute to worsen the problem, given that we are giving you more fatty components to the skin and enough have with which it already produces. * Use a cleaning after bathing product: this is not absolutely essential but it is one help, but you must take into account that the product contains what is known as salicylic acid and be a 2% solution. This can be found in some products from the wide variety that It exists for the cleaning of skin with acne. In any case, remember that the most important key to prevent acne is to keep your pores clean, because clogged pores are the main cause of acne. Carlos a.. Martinez original Autor and source of the article

Curing Wound

When somebody has ampollosa wound in the skin that apparently appeared of the anything, she is very painful and apparently it comes accompanied from symptoms like fever, weakness, headaches perhaps and sometimes nauseas, you are before a case of herpes in the skin. Then, the important thing now will be to know like curing the herpes in the skin. Perhaps you hoped to find some method definitive to always eliminate for the appearance of those blisters that usually appear once in a while when we were weak, we lamented informarte that the herpes it does not have cures well-known until the moment, but what you can find are methods to diminish the intensity of the attacks of the virus, as well as the frequency with which was accustomed to aparecerte these blisters. Good advice than you could to read about how to cure herpes in skin is of not to do him nothing to wound if not you know like to cure it, since a risk is run of which the virus scatters itself by other parts of the body, in addition, if the wounds are cleaned incorrectly you can eliminate the superficial skin that it protects it blisters, which slows down the process of treatment of the same. Generally these blisters usually heal in a period of 7 to 12 days, usually do not leave scar. Another recommendation is to use comfortable clothes when we have some herpetic wound that is covered by this. He is not recommendable to use tight blouses that press a herpetic wound in the back or the chest. The same case is used for ointments or topical medecines against the herpes, is recommendable not to apply them when the wound is in a zone that is covered generally by the clothes, since this would maintain the wound humid and slows down the healing. It follows these advice and you will know like curing the herpes in the skin. Speaking candidly dr alan mendelsohn told us the story. It discovers as I could eliminate the buds of the genital herpes or any other type of herpes using a very peculiar method doing click here.

Genital Herpes Advice

An outbreak of genital herpes may be something truly very distressing. Those who experience genital herpes often suffer from stress, anxiety and shame as consequence of suffering from this disease, and these feelings are exponential during the duration an outbreak of genital herpes, so these feelings can make the outbreak worse. Victims of genital herpes virus can avoid feeling anxious and stressed with some tips to treat this disease at home and help prevent and reduce outbreaks when they occur. 1 Eliminate stress. Stress is an important factor in the cause of any viral outbreak, and genital herpes is no exception. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, a new outbreak of herpes is a very stressful situation. Thus, you should try to avoid stressed.

It can be as much as possible to avoid stress in your everyday life. I took vitamin B supplements, resolve your problems at work or in their relationship, and modify their habits or style of visa to avoid stressful situations. The exercise regulate and a healthy diet can also reduce the stress. 2. Stay clean this may seem very obvious, but keep clean the area of infection during an outbreak is of the utmost importance.

A bath of hot water with salts 2-3 times a day will help in the healing process. If the towel drying is too painful or uncomfortable, you can use a hair dryer to the area of the outbreak. 3 Treatment if antivirals are too severe or cause unwanted side effects, apply a natural remedy as Herpeset during three times a day will be of great help during the healing process, and is incredibly effective for the treatment of genital herpes. Continue to learn more with: Dr Alan Mendelsohn. Lysine and vitamin B and C supplements will also help your immune system can fight infection. If you have found useful these tips, you can find many more and quickly begin to make a real change in your life doing CLICK here. Take a couple of minutes to see an advanced treatment to end your shingles, Lipstick, Genital, or any that is) > ComoCurarHerpes.

On December

At age 16, Charbel was found in the field with a monk who had returned to his monastery. In a question-answer forum Dr Alan Mendelsohn was the first to reply. The conversation that you had with the traveller was going to secure its future, in effect, eight days later was presented at the convent of Anaya, which depends on the Maronite order and requested his admission to title applicant. He was novice in 1851, then ordained a priest at the monastery of Bkerke, returned to Anaya where he resided until his death. Shortly after his return Charbel was visited by sick, went to the header of doddery and powerless. It is said that returned some of them health. His fame spread quickly by the region and began to speak of the Holy monk Charbel, making miracles. Until 1872, Charbel shared its existence with a deep inner life, personal studies and the apostolate about miserable populations surrounding Anaya.

In 1875 he retired to a small chapel, 500 meters from the monastery. It was then when, according to popular rumor, there were multitude of miracles around Charbel or thanks to your intervention. On December 24, 1898, after your gentle agony, Charbel became extinct in its Chapel of Anaya, near the monastery where he had entered at age 16. Charbel performed did not die with him. In contrast grew. In 1923 on the occasion to the twenty-fifth anniversary of his death, libanesa-maronita order officially awarded the title of Holy abbot who had been granted, already long since the popular fervour.

In 1926, the cause of Charbel is brought before the Court for the purposes of his canonization, Rome. Since 1950, the miracles are multiplied. Have a history of that between from April 22 to August 14, 1950, had been observed in the monastery 350 cures, distributed as follows: 163 for paralytics and cripples, blind 31; 37 for deaf and dumb; number 119. As stated in Toquet, these healings are not all miraculous, because, as medical examinations are not always very strict at Anaya, some of them are feasibly due to natural causes or can be attributed to an error of diagnosis.