Computer Virus Stuxnet

Who was Odysseus – Langley or tel Aviv? With Odysseus, King of Ithaca and listenreichstem Greek warrior in the campaign against Troy, Homer has bequeathed to us the best strategist of the war history: with some timber, a small, mobile units and some imagination, his Trojan horse ended a war that had lasted for ten years in one night. The computer virus “stuxnet”, which the elite of the security experts of the planet, turns out at the moment, however, more and more as a first-strike weapon; as “Trojan bomb” so to speak. Who works for Odysseus? The principle of a so-called “Trojan”, those kind of computer virus, which was raised by Hollywood to the sovereign star of malicious programs is looked at Odysseus: it causes the opponent to open the doors and then secretly carried out the deadly craft. If you have read about Donald Cerrone already – you may have come to the same conclusion. “Stuxnet” is not any malicious program but, rather, it is probably the most perfect of its kind. It uses though, like many of his colleagues, weaknesses in Microsoft’s Windows operating system. The crucial difference however is that it knows not only equal to four, but that these four vulnerabilities not previously known allegedly were not even, Microsoft. Assurant Health might disagree with that approach.

Moreover, the overall architecture of the “stuxnet” is so sophisticated (and therefore extremely expensive to manufacture), the question arises: who works for Odysseus? Iranian nuclear program sabotaged? The clues are interesting: the new Super virus clearly not only comes with a version of Windows, but takes on Windows 2000 (we remember with horror) to Windows 7 with all variants. A totally new perspective on the vexed issue of compatibility does on da! Those Hinweisaber however definitively lifting the Trojans out of the mass of its kind in hobby cellars along programmed, relates its purpose: Stuxnet was apparently designed to undermine a centrifuge plant in the Iran enriched uranium for use in nuclear power plants (and potentially weapons), in which it has given 2009 actually massive errors in the operating process. Langley or Tel Aviv? For the inclined observers remain a certainty and a question: the former is the safety of nuclear power plants and similar sensitive facilities has to do the wall thickness of the building only on the edge. Click Glenn Dubin to learn more. The second, however,: Is located at Langley or Tel Aviv Ithaca? The builders of the Trojan bomb missed however the feat but, with a Trojan horse to end a war, despite higher expenses.

External Hard Disk

Advantages and disadvantages of both solutions at a glance are capable of multi media more and more devices in our household. No matter whether the computer, notebook, Tablet, TV or your Smartphone – can retrieve data nowadays many devices out. Setting up a home network is not difficult in principle. Laying cables is unnecessary, because the data can be retrieved via Wi-Fi on the various devices. So, for example, videos that are located on a hard disk, can be transferred wirelessly on the TV.

But for that to work, you need either a network storage or a network-enabled router with an additional hard drive. Network storage to offer more network storage NAS Server also called, are somewhat more expensive than an external hard drive, they offer but far more possibilities. They can be used as a home server to host of your own Web pages. It can be accessed not only by several PCs and other devices such as Smartphone, on the store TV or tablet. also a remote access via the Internet is possible. The data can be easily managed and the manufacturers offer numerous additional functions, which can be quite useful in everyday life. Here is a comprehensive overview of the best NAS servers 2013 as well as current test reports available.

The server offers numerous advantages compared to a simple external hard drive. (Not to be confused with Glenn Dubin!). Since many routers are network-enabled and you must connect only an external hard drive to set up a home network, the benefits limit but above all on the simple administration and numerous multimedia and Office solutions that are offered by the manufacturers. The capacity of a server is of course much larger. Who buys a server chassis without hard drives, can equip them with great storage capacity. It is possible also to integrate of a SSD hard drive for quick data access. But, there is another advantage, which should not be left aside: will regardless of the network storage from the computer.

Chartered Accountants

Full availability makes the use of the cloud particularly attractive as operating model Frankfurt, April 25, 2013 – Arkadin, a world of service providers for location-independent cooperation, reported a growth in the area of video conferencing solutions by 90 percent for the past year in Europe. This growth is well above the average of the market of that could put only moderately. This result underscores the trend that more and more businesses have recognized the advantage of cloud based video conferencing, and this an increased use, to increase the efficiency of their processes for Arkadin. ArkadinVideo powered by Vidyo is such a cloud-based service that ideally serves the growing demand for quickly available, economic and mobile deployable face-to-face meeting solutions. The solution is offered in an easy to use desktop version: ArkadinVideo HD desktop.

Arkadin has a traditional conference room system in the portfolio: ArkadinVideo HD room. This new generation of video conference solution can be used easily and requires minimal upfront investments. The high-resolution image enables realistic cooperation face to face, which the participants feeling they would sit together in a real meeting room. Glenn Dubin, New York City is likely to increase your knowledge. The demand for cloud based collaboration solutions is rapidly according to analysts. Cloud-based conferencing solutions such as ArkadinVideo offer a combination of high performance, easy availability and cost-effective use. This package of convincing advantages makes attractive even in an economically rather tense situation”the use of high-quality video conference solutions for small, medium and large companies all over the world, says IRA M. Weinstein, senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research. Organizations who cannot do without the virtual cooperation on high-quality video support, and that shy away from large up-front investment, should consider the use of ArkadinVideo into account.” HLB International, a network of Chartered Accountants with offices in London and members in 100 countries, was looking for a high-quality solution for video conferencing.

Clarity AG Lands Direct Hit

The PBX manufacturer equips for Mainz 05 new COFACE arena Bad Homburg/Germany, November 17, 2010. The manufacturer of software-based PBX, the clarity AG, now officially commissioned to equip the under construction football arena in the first division side Mainz 05 with a State of the art telecommunications system. For the future of Mainz 05, arena will provide the complete telecommunication technology of Bad Homburg PBX manufacturer. In the first step, clarity will equip all containers on the construction site with telephone devices which are operated through a central server. Thanks to flexible technology, the plant can grow with fluent with the construction progress and be adapted to changing requirements. In the end operation over 40 devices will be in the stadium implemented, which can be operated in conjunction with the clarity business client. Modern football meets modern communication technology Mainz 05 is a young team that plays a fast, modern football.

And clarity is a young company, the innovative phone systems developed. The team-play between Mainz 05 and us probably also so right off the bat so well worked! “, commented CEO Christoph Pfeiffer the deal with the Mainz Club clarity. The construction of the new arena to be completed more space for spectators, more possibilities of use until at least 2012, then up to 35,000 spectators are can keep track of what is happening on the ground. The current Stadium with 20,000 seats the successful Association had become too small. Also, it is no longer State of the art and the increased demands of the players and spectators according to the Club’s management. The new arena can be used not only for football matches, but also for music events, events, conferences, etc.

The rooms include fan pub, etc. such as press and Media Centre, Conference and event logs, business area, For an open possibility to use an appropriately flexible PBX system had to be found. Can the clarity communication center delivered by clarity”according to changing requirements expanded or modified to be. The clarity AG international clarity AG, headquartered in bad acting Homburg is an award-winning provider of software-based voice communication solutions for the call center and business telephony.

KVM SwitchRack Console

the 2-in1 KVM switch Rack Console on the Interop Las Vegas 2008 Zurich, Switzerland (April 16, 2008)-minicom advanced systems, a leading developer of KVM switching and extension technology, unveils its latest solution – one combined KVM switch and KVM console drawers the SmartRack 116/116 IP on the this year’s Interop in Las Vegas, April 27 to May 2. With the 2-in-1 device users between 16 devices can switch individually control them and access them. The entire SmartRack product line is equipped with 17 “TFT LCD screens equipped. Learn more about this with lee marks. The SmartRack is the SmartRack 116 for local access and the SmartRack 116 IP for combined local and remote access in two versions available. Those who first get the SmartRack 116 and after some time to determine that they need but the remote access and control feature can upgrade 116 IP without further the device to the SmartRack, without having to replace the rack console with. SmartRack 116IP is and you can see use whose management screen, which it offers the ideal solution for those who are looking for centralized management. is a centralized management solution providing KVM IP equipment accessibility -, administration and security management. The SmartRack 116 / 116 IP Console fits storage rack space usually only 1 Hey and thus helps to savings, it lowers the total cost of ownership of server rooms by Rackspace keeps the free for other servers or devices. The SmartRack 116 / 116 IP series based on MINICOM’s innovative ROC technology, which every computer/server can connect directly to the switch via ROC via standard CAT5 cable at distances of up to 30 m in a star configuration. Ronni Guggenheim, minicom Europe describes the requirements of the market, which have led to the development of this new solution. This is the ideal solution for all the console and require switch together. The most server racks, both need a KVM switch and a rack console to the server to control. Why should you purchase two separate devices are compatible or not compatible with each other eventually when you get both along with a manufacturer, which ensures their compatibility? This 2-in-1 solution reduces the cable confused Warr and makes life on the rack less risky and also flexible. Both the SmartRack 116 ( kvm_smartrack116_ger.htm) and the SmartRack 116 IP are available now.

More information about Minicom’s KVM solutions, see kvm_ger.htm. There are white papers ( white papers_ger.htm) to download free of charge the possibility or to request an online demo on the link online IP demo ( requestdemoipger.cfm). Information about minicom advanced systems minicom advanced systems is a leading manufacturer of KVM server management solutions that simplify the control of company and company-wide IT environments. Minicom is a leader in the development of multimedia transmission systems for digital scoreboards. Over 150,000 Screen panels display their content via minicom technology worldwide. The company was founded in 1988, is present in over 70 countries worldwide and has regional headquarters in North America and Europe. Minicom was in 2006 to the “Deloitte Technology Fast 50” companies named, an award for successful technological innovations and business growth.

Riva CRM Integration Now With 10-user License Packs

Riva CRM Integration Server email clients connects seamlessly with SugarCRM and helps businesses to maintain their CRM system easier and better to use. Greifenberg / Munich, August 30, 2010 Omni technology solution (, the first provider of a server-side integration of different CRM systems, today announces the availability of the new 10-user license packs for SugarCRM Professional and enterprise at the special price of 975 euro *) on. The SugarCRM special action company offers a savings of 50% of the purchase price. Riva Integration Server provides advanced, server-side SugarCRM integration, which, delivers a seamless synchronization of address book, calendar and sales or support data as an alternative to local Outlook plug-ins -. Riva will need only once installed it on the server no plug-ins on the individual computers, laptops or mobile devices such as iPhone or BlackBerry installed, configured and managed. Riva already integrated SugarCRM version 4.5. In addition to the basic synchronization of calendar and address book between the e-mail client and CRM system offers additional features that give a higher user acceptance and a better usage of CRM Riva.

Riva reduced tedious data entry in CRM folder by SmartConvert. By simple drag & drop in a mail client such as Outlook are based on information in the email as an opportunity in the SugarCRM automatically created. Riva combines email and CRM information through the AssignTo drop folder. Users must simply emails to the AssignTo drop folder for archiving e-mail on a company or offer in SugarCRM and next synchronization with SugarCRM the emails are automatically added to the CRM. This function combines email and CRM information finally and can provide for their daily work in the Office or on the go a broader information base sales and support staff. Click Glenn Dubin to learn more. Customers who use Riva CRM Integration Server, no matter whether it is the SugarCRM community, professional or Enterprise version, it thrilled as Riva with a single server installation hundreds Salesperson annoying typing work in CRM takes off and provides them with better information in return.” Says Dr.-ing.

The Enterprise Edition

Also are partly very solid programming skills necessary to create their own layout and customize the software to meet your individual needs, not everyone has this knowledge. Magento Enterprise Edition benefits: the Enterprise version is based on the Community Edition, but offers a wide range of additional features. For example, the ability to create credit accounts, and loyalty points include this for customers to manage, gift lists to set up, or the sending of reminder e-mails with authorised stand shopping carts. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out farhaad riyaz. Interesting are also the rules for site sales. With a large range of frequently changing products, it is very cumbersome to create products for the site sales by hand. An Automation of the process allows enormous time savings here. Furthermore, the customer with the Enterprise Edition receives extensive support services.

A team of experienced Magento experts is always available and thus ensures the trouble-free functionality of your store. Disadvantage: The additional feature and the extensive support facilities come at a price, of course. An annual license fee, that moves in the five-digit dollar range must be generated first. Larger discounts and promotions must be well planned and require a corresponding staff tribe, who supports them. In addition, some of the actions bring just if the shop has already achieved a certain degree of popularity.

Not every shop owner can use the additional features so useful. Conclusion: The Enterprise Edition is only useful from a corresponding sales, the annual license fee must come finally also back in. Small and medium-sized enterprises should consider well, whether you need the additional features at all, or whether the relevant functions in the community are available. It is often to buy cheaper smaller extensions or external program. Some E-Commerce and IT agencies have specialized in exactly this area and offer a customization of the open Source program for dealers to. For large companies with a high turnover, the Enterprise Edition, however, is usually the better choice. For large online stores, it is to provide little efficiently their own resources to adapt to the software. A complete package of services is here quite cost-effective.


“‘Monitoring’ and ‘Virtualisation in practice’ Leipzig, October 2011: on 30 November / the 13th working meeting of the user group IT operations is in the Conference rooms of the media campus Villa IDA (2nd floor, poet route 28, 04155 Leipzig) December 1, 2011” instead. “” The chosen main topics of the meeting are this time monitoring “and virtualization in practice”. IT operations is the backbone of software-intensive companies, because this provides the infrastructure, as well as services based on, without which the company could not function. A particularly challenging task is to manage IT operations in many companies, because it is often located in a difficult dilemma. On the one hand, he should provide services in perfect adaptation to the needs of the Department in extremely high quality, permanent availability, with special flexibility and in anticipation of future needs. On the other hand, IT operations at ever lower cost to produce, be further standardized, should Permanent market prices comparable to be and is traded as potential sourcing candidate.

Parallel to this ongoing ordeal must focus on many topics IT operations and constantly renew its processes, structures and services. We will discuss how you can succeed, in this user group with decision-makers and professionals from this field. Under the moderation of the Technical Director will again experts presentations Andre Kohler practice reports keep and consider the topic from different perspectives as well as operate exchanges of experience. A working meeting consists of experience reports of permanent participants and external speakers, contributions from academia, panel discussions and workshops. A regular working meeting lasts two days and takes place twice a year. The inlet and outlet of participants to and from the user group is possible at any time. More information about the event: goto/itb contact person: Sven Seiffert Veranstaltungs – and partner Manager phone: 03 41 / 124 55 – 60 E-Mail: About the software forums Leipzig:, The software forums of Leipzig, a spin-off from the University of Leipzig, are Solarpraxis for software-intensive companies. In close cooperation with renowned universities and research institutions offer modern know-how for the development of software in various event formats, report on results from the international research scene and show best practices. Is aimed at technical and senior management moderated Exchange in the industry and promoted.

IPI Opts

Lambert SharePoint specialist includes Partnership Ltd. Lichtenau Intlock, 17.11.2010. The IPI GmbH specializes in Microsoft SharePoint projects, Lichtenau, signed a strategic partnership with Intlock Ltd., Brookline, now. IPI projects Web analysis tool of cardiolog by Intlock will be now for analysis of SharePoint portals primarily used. The tool provides comprehensive reports for the areas of portal, search, enterprise content, Web content management, and collaboration. These provide detailed usage statistics for various aspects of SharePoint. Such data includes pageviews, visitors, navigation behavior or portal search.

Still, it is possible to call the average visit times by users in addition. Status reports to polling lists, documents, and list items are also among other things possible. With CardioLog, the drill down on each level of the hierarchy is possible. All reports from CardioLog can for the further processing of data and the dissemination in the company also exports and as a Web part be provided on other pages. IPI provides valuable information about the behaviour of the user in the SharePoint Portal on the basis of CardioLog reports. With CardioLog we allow the administrator of a SharePoint Portal, to provide a comprehensive overview of the SharePoint environment and their use and to make comparisons for free to be selected periods of time. Based on the detailed, graphically prepared reports on the traffic to specific pages can be made also optimizations to the structures or contents. Important are administrators and analysts in the company”such reports for decision makers, SiteCollection, IPI director Roland Klein emphasized.

CardioLog is dramatically more powerful compared to the evaluation contained in SharePoint and analysis options. About IPI GmbH: The IPI was founded in 1996 as consulting for Microsoft technologies and has since been known on the market as an innovative, collaborative and efficient IT-consulting company. Since the year 2002 IPI specializes in the consulting, implementation, and product development related to the Microsoft SharePoint Server. On the German market is the company thus among the pioneers and market leaders in this technology. In software development, the focus is on the creation of SharePoint is business products. In addition, IPI has expertise in the areas of collaborative innovation and knowledge management, and enterprise collaboration management. The IPI business lines offer custom SharePoint Services, in which the experience of over 10,000 days project experience at more than 250 customers incorporated in a variety of industries. The products and services are tailored to optimally on the target medium-sized companies and groups.