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Integrated video distribution solution for learning videos producers of instructional videos can their movies with a single click automatically to 25 video portals – and now also on – Upload. Who has already published its content on YouTube, can copy easily and quickly on all platforms supported by At Germany’s largest tutoring video portal by sevenload,, pupils, students and apprentices for free via video can educate themselves. To the existing 6,000 free tutoring videos on various subjects such as mathematics, natural sciences, rapidly increasing languages or economy, enters into a partnership with. Producers of instructional videos can their movies with a single click automatically to 25 video portals – and now also on – Upload. Who has already published its content on YouTube, can copy easily and quickly on all platforms supported by

“Using We offer producers of tutoring videos the opportunity to publish very comfortable also large amounts of video on at your fingertips and to participate in our partner program”, explains Christian Moitz, content manager of Dr. Robert Biermann, the Board operated Web effect, added: “for video makers as well as for users expert video portals are thematically an attractive complement to General platform as sevenload, YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. “We are proud to be the of users video producers now also with the upload to to support.” Press contact: Web effect AG Dr. Robert Baker Magnus str. 18 46535 dinslaken, Germany FON: 02064/4867-0 fax: 02064 / is 19 of a free online application in the basic version, distributed the video files automatically on different video portals and social networks and statistics gathered. The user is freed from the time-consuming uploading process and increases the wider spread at the same time his chances on more online contacts. is owned since 2007 by the Web effect AG, dinslaken, Germany. The Web effect AG is a company founded in 1997 with the focus on international online marketing and application development. These include among other things SEO, SEM, VSEO with appropriate check of success.

Alexander Nastasi

No other company offers so much are personal assistance for customers from all over the world in addition to the usual facilities such as email a closed Forum, a portal system (so to speak, the classroom), a daily live moderated chat and an interactive help system. But still not enough, the participants of the personal seminars to achieve targets, to the manifest, to the realization of own resolutions will be delivered that a printed Guide to the world’s largest online bookseller home and so much interactivity is even affordable: the learning, which there are versions in 30 to 60 days, are already less than 2 euros a day (special price in January 2010, regular) Price from 4.97 per day) can be booked. Learn about the varied and modern facilities of E-learning. ore knowledge.. Gain insight and clarity with Dr. Neal Barnard. The E-learning portal is found on the Internet at erfolg.seminar service imprint: seminar service Nastasi holder Alexander Nastasi forest road 25/1 69207 sand Jose Tel: 06224/924255 fax: 06224/924259 seminar service Nastasi specializes in the distribution of online content about the law of attraction and manifesting the personal growth of the seminar participants specialized. In the parlance as Mentalcoaching, to name a few common trainer or consultant.

It is possible all over the world to use the course thanks to the most advanced Internet and telecommunications technology, he offered currently (January 2010) in German and English, additional languages are in preparation. The law of attraction / law of attraction / the secret power of thought / manifesting is based on the power of the thought of people everyone is able, by changing his attitude and his focus visible and to bring about noticeable effects in his life. Since May 2008, the online coaching Portal operated by the entrepreneur couple Nastasi. In addition to this portal to the personality education, the company operates a number health portals, E.g. for building biologists, Naturopath or wellness and has published the five books. Further information about the 2003 founded family operation headquartered in Germany are available on the company’s website. Desired specimen copy requested print and play of this message. – Swiss Sport Community Platform For Sports Partner

Swiss online community for sports partners ‘partner2sport’ starts on 6 April 2010, and is an innovative networking platform for private and professional contact management in the field of sport. Palusion GmbH founds”partner2sport – Swiss sport community platform for sports partners. Swiss online community for sports partners”starts on the 6th, 2010 and is an innovative networking platform for private and professional contact management in the field of sport. Niederrohrdorf, 6 April 2010 partner2sport”an open and secure network provides for sporty, active people from the Switzerland. Due to the wide range of popular sports, everyone can find a suitable sport partner here. New members can after a free registration create your own sports profile and find potential partners of sport by means of search query.

It can also be searched individual dates or time periods. After a paid registration, the premium potential sports partners, membership, individually with each other can contact record. When you contact, you can send different time suggestions and arrange a suitable appointment. In today’s Internet age community platforms and social networking are no longer and become an important part of private and professional contacts. With our business idea, the sport community platform, we offer a professional about sporting interests to establish contacts in addition. Sport plays an important role in today’s society we have the right sports partners.”so Patrik Lind, financed Managing Director Palusion GmbH.

is the business model on the one hand through sponsors and advertising partners, on the other hand premium membership. This includes an expanded service package and costs CHF 20 for the duration of one year. The online community is currently available in German. About the Palusion GmbH: The Palusion GmbH was founded in October 2009. It is the operator of online sports community – the professional networking platform for How to contact with management in the field of sport. Target is the services steadily to expand it and to become the market leader for professional networking platforms in the field of sport. Contact: Palusion GmbH Mr.

General Practitioners

New doctor Finder for all Germany Leipzig, launched 10 October 2013, sometimes it goes fast, especially if the accident during a trip is worse than you thought. But as the appropriate doctor to find? It’s easy with No matter which doctor you need, the online portal helps you find the fastest way to the desired doctor in your environment. The Schnellsuchwahl exists also in other trimeda offered health portals that indicates federal countries and top cities with rated doctors to give a good overview and to create fast entrances. Also users can find addresses and phone numbers. You can judge the doctor or specialist with the five-star system.

Impressions of patients include the sisters and of the physician, transport or treatment of complaints on issues such as competence. As an extra the physician portal offers news from health, wellness, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle, which bring both visitors and prospective customers always up to date. But that Health portal is worthwhile not only for patients and health-interested: doctors from all over Germany can log on, introduce themselves and their practice and services and gain valuable customers and patients. The reviews will create a basis of trust and transparency between doctor and patient about the waiting room addition. To open new communication channels. The Leipzig trimeda GmbH is responsible for

After a long development time and many test runs we succeeded, to develop a clear and easy-to-use online physician Finder”, says founder Stephan Huwig, for our users we offer an added value, because we supply them all important information at a glance. We give the doctors the opportunity to introduce themselves to their customers and to respond to criticism. We work every day on the portal, to continually develop medical information”. Contact: trimeda GmbH brandvorwerkstrasse 52-54 04275 leipzig press contact katharina kabelitz + 49 (0) 341 24 66 710