The Replicants

But that feeling is diluted when he returns in search of his dead lover. Most beautiful scene in which he closes his mouth with a kiss, as one who closes the eyes of a dead man and embarks on his revenge with the painting of war which is the blood thereof. But finally understands that you can not kill a person because that is where lies what he really loves: life. Thus, he accepts his fate in that wonderful final monologue that is regarded as one of the best scenes of the history of cinema. The expires and exhales his soul to heaven in the form of a dove. And that’s the great love story that concerned, the largest of all couples who appear in the film. But that is not the only way in which Blade Runner speaks of humanity. It also makes it through memory, wondering what is real and what is not? And how can we know it? Memories are unique and exclusively ours and non can know if they are true or false because they are personal memories, i.e.

subjective. There is nothing that can assure us that we live what we remember. And to realize that our life is a lie, that nothing of what we remember really, nothing happened what We think that we feel in some time, love, hatred, unforgettable experiences must be very hard to realize this and accept it. The Replicants must do so. But there is a scene that shows it in its entirety, when Deckard confesses to Rachel that she is a replicant. And the other element that is used for this purpose is the morality, which, as I’ve said before, is allegorically compared with religious issues, to serve us also the debate on genetic manipulation and artificial intelligence, its advantages, disadvantages and especially its limits. The aesthetics of the film is the perfect complement, the ideal symbiosis between form and content.

Madrid Care

Send bouquets of roses Madrid can be a great gift for any occasion. And it is that roses are not only an excellent decorative element, but are also beneficial for our health and our mood. Among other things, renewed air, humidify the environment, capture dust, improve morale and reduce stress. All are known chromatherapy and aromatherapy, alternative medicines according to which the colors and aromas, such as those with roses, have healing properties. When someone receives Roses at home Madrid, you can follow a few basic steps that roses can withstand several days without wilting. The first thing you need to do is fill a clean container of water, to which is added sachet of preservative that accompanies to roses. It should be cut the stem from them about 2 or 3 inches diagonally. Then simply remove the leaves from the stems that are immersed in the water.

The Roses will be as new for 4 or 5 days. So they continue conserving, there will be that Repeat the above process. If you want to send rosas Madrid, it is today possible to do so without moving from home, through internet. Shipment of Roses at home presents many advantages over the traditional send flowers: the custom can be 24 hours, there is a wide variety of roses available, discounts can be found always orders are made with fresh roses and deliver desired day and time. Most of the websites are divided into sections so that the user finds the products suitable for every occasion: births, anniversaries, birthdays there are also pages in which products are classified by price, so that you can easily find those that adapt to every budget. In addition, you can add to roses shipping Madrid numerous Add-ons, to make the gift even more surprising: chocolates, wine, gift cards, cava, stuffed animals to perform the custom only there are to choose a product, indicate the recipient’s address and the time of shipping and make payment.

Advice Foods

The beauty must begin on the inside and with this we talked about our organism, as we really felt is what we transmitted to the others, therefore to shine either, has one close relation with feeding itself or. Next we will enunciate some recommended foods to obtain to shine his beauty. The antioxidants they help to eliminate the free radicals, that are one of the main people in charge of the cardiovascular diseases, the cancer and the aging. The free radicals take place by stress oxidating at cellular level causing damage in the cellular one and weaves. Rich antioxidant foods 1.

Vitamin C: we found in fruits and fresh vegetables, mainly in citruses (orange, grapefruit, lemon, handle, peach tree, apples, strawberries, grapes, etc.) 2. Vitamin E: one of the most important antioxidants is considered. We found it in vegetal oils, especially of olive and sunflower, fruits droughts and cereals like the wheat and the maize. 3. Vitamin A: it is contributed by animal products and vegetables (fished, milk and its derivatives, carrot, pumpkin, tomato, melon, maize, etc.).

Its main action is on the skin. It is tonic of the skin and weaves besides serving like healing. 4. Selenium: it is a mineral that is associated to vitamin we found. It in the meats, the liver, fish, milky and integral cereals. 5. Polifenoles: we found it mainly in the green tea, that in addition contains vitamins To, C and E. Is a complete anti-carcinogenic antioxidant and. Rich fiber foods It tries to have a rich fiber diet, especially the soluble fiber, these foods they will allow to increase to its faecal skittle and its intestinal movements him (the internal peristaltismo), which helped him to have a good intestinal habit thus favoring to the chemical decontamination of its body to to eliminate toxins of its organism, to traverse of lees.