Bailleres Alberto Gonzalez

Bailleres Alberto Gonzalez is a Mexican businessman president of Grupo BAL, a conglomerate that includes businesses in the sectors of trade, mining – metallurgy, insurance and finance management among others. According to Forbes coaching magazine is the second wealthiest men in Mexico alone far outweighed by Carlos Slim. A Guy who really likes to travel around the world is graduated Cum Laude from Harvard Law School with a Juris Doctorate, and received a BA, Phi Beta Kappa, from the State University of New York at Binghamton in 1987 He is the son of Don Raul Bailleres.
Grupo Bal
With sales of over customer service 9,000 million dollars, the group led by Alberto managers Bailleres is one of the most diverse in Mexico, and the companies that comprise it are a mix of companies and newly centenarians. The holding company is participating in leadership positions in major sectors in which it participates. The bigger companies are: El Palacio de Hierro, Grupo Nacional Provincial, Industrias Penoles, Grupo Profuturo, Mobile Medica, Medica Integral and Valmex. The group also has businesses in the areas of leasing, food processing and breeding bulls.
Palacio de Hierro
El Palacio leaders de Hierro is the most prestigious department store in Mexico, and also the oldest. It was founded over 100 years ago, and currently has 10 stores, most of them in Mexico City.
Industrias Penoles
Constituted as the world’s largest producer of refined silver, Industrias Penoles is one of training the most important mining companies in Mexico, and most important business of business technology Alberto Bailleres.
Grupo Nacional Provincial
The largest insurer in Mexico, and the only major insurers with 100 innovation Mexican capital, GNP is a century old, and time management with a long tradition in Mexico.
Group Profuturo
Emerged from GNP, Profuturo management training Group is one of the youngest companies in the group and also strategy one of the most successful. Profuturo’s core business is the administration of retirement funds (afore), where entrepreneur is skills the fourth player in Mexico (and the only independent financial group), but has diversified to other financial segments.
Social responsibility
In addition to business activities carried out by Grupo Bal, Alberto Bailleres team building has distinguished itself as a driver of development of Mexico through the ITAM (Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico), a prestigious private university in the country .

Economy Landfill

Economy XX Landfill in a lower class neighborhood of Cap Haitien. Main article: Economy of Haiti Haiti has the lowest per capita income of the entire western hemisphere, ie can be considered the poorest country in the Americas. The social and economic indicators put Haiti in downstream positions behind other developing countries with low incomes (particularly in the hemisphere) since the ’80s. Haiti is at position 150, 177 on the Human Development Index of the UN. Approximately 70 of the population lives in poverty. About 70 of Haitians depend on agriculture, which consists mainly of subsistence farming to small-scale, employing about two-thirds of the economically active population . The country has had very few new jobs since President Ren Pr val took office in February 2006, although the informal economy is growing.The failure to attempt to reach agreements with international sponsors have prevented Haiti get a budget assistance and development programs. Three quarters of Haiti is made up of hilly land and plains are formed by currently deforested and barren. The main cause of impoverishment of the land is excessive logging by a growing population increases the demand for fuelwood and timber, which has caused soil erosion and a drastic shortage of drinking water. This situation contrasts with that of neighboring Dominican Republic has a similar climate and similar starting conditions, had an adequate forest policy and currently has a sustainable vegetation cover. An additional factor that could make the economy does not improve is the lack of drive by professionals because it is believed that 80 of Haitians with higher educational levels have migrated in search of other alternatives to promote brain drain.It is also important to note the strong illegal emigration to the Dominican Republic through the border. Although the informal nature does not allow a precise calculation, the immigrant population in neighboring Haiti is estimated at more than one million people. The most important ports for trade are: Port-au-Prince, Gonaives and Cap Haitien. Dominica The Private Port of Gonaives is particularly suitable for vessels up to 6 m. draft. Download humanitarian aid in Haiti Gona ves Private Port annually receives cooperation and humanitarian aid from developed countries in both America and elsewhere, being of importance to mention the United States (through USAID program), Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, UK and Colombia.


INTRODUCTION The human being from conception and path of life is in constant contact with risk factors that may affect their physical and psychological integrity. Depending on your self-care and care to others in performing daily activities achieved a high level of comfort and security. Sera needs aid procedures and standards that allow train and educate on issues related to occupational health and prevention of occupational hazards. It is common presence in the enterprise or workplace occurrence of occupational accidents and diseases where there is no motivation or policies that lead us to a personal and community self-care.