MELLO Adolescents

Of this form importance of this article for the necessity of attainment of theoretical basement is justified it, since the nursing professionals need to understand the factors of risk for infections to give assistance better to the adolescents, so that of this form they can serve of basic part for the promotion the health and prevention of illnesses. It was used for the accomplishment of this article searches of the exploratria bibliographical type. The bibliographical research tends to explain or to question definitive problem being used itself of theoretical references published in books and scientific articles. One searches characterized exploratria has as objective to provide to greater familiarity with the problem and this to facilitate the agreement and to improve ideas (GIL, 2002). 2. THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL 2,1 Sexuality in the adolescence For intermediary of the diverse conflicts that the adolescent lives deeply how much the corporal transformations who occurs in this phase, it searchs the full exercise of its sexuality, coming across itself with many situations that make with that a beginning occurs each precocious time of the sexual life. Data indicate that in 1986 the average of age for the start of the sexual exercise was of 16,7 years, however after 10 years this age fell for 16,4 years (BEMFAM, 1989 apud MELLO et al., 2005).

In the adolescence, the sexual education must be carried through in anticipated and formal way, with intention to prepare young when the changes that will come, as much of physical, physiological, emotional and social the point of view. To work with adolescents implies factors that they search to explain the sexual development as reproductive health, interpersonal relationship, affectivity, auto-esteem, corporal image, sort relations, amongst others (BORGES; MEDEIROS, 2004). The adolescents are discovering each time more early new things, and these new situations make with that the same ones initiate its sexual life precociously.

The Victim

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Current Luxury Marble Mosaics Mosaic

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