Bariatric Surgery

Although the surgery of the obesity reports numerous benefits with minimum percentage of risk, all the people are not apt to be realised it. The doctor will have to put under the patient to numerous controls before indicating the operation and determining if is physical preparation and psychologically. These are only some of the more important criteria of diagnosis. Those patients are candidates to surgery all who duplicate their ideal weight or have an overweight of at least 45 kilos. The IMC must at least be of 40kg/m2 or of 35kg/m2 if associate diseases exist that make still more be in danger the life of the obese one and the operation has an urgent character of .

Some of these complications are the arterial hypertension, diabetes type II, apneas of the dream, problems in joints because of the great corporal weight, among others. The doctor will have to analyze if the benefits surpass widely to the risks before making the decision to operate, since all the patients are not in optimal conditions like facing surgical procedure. The rate of mortality in patients with obesity does not surpass 1% and in the cases of extreme morbid obesity, they can arrive at 2%. He is not advisable to practice these surgeries to minors of 18 years or majors of 65, although sometimes this concept can vary, in agreement with the prescription of the tratante doctor. The person must less than have realised previously conventional treatments (nutritional plan and exercise, pharmacological treatment, etc.) and to have returned to the initial weight in a year.

The rate of failures with this type of treatments surpasses to 95%, the total of the patients with obesity has been put under several types of diets and treatments to become thin and almost has failed throughout their lives. That small percentage of successes would not have to be put under surgery if they can maintain the disease under control, for that reason is important that it is trying it to the patient previously. It is important to know if the patient is preparation psychologically to operate. Any operation of this type requires of will force and a change of habits to obtain better results, the patient must understand these points before being put under surgery. If You think that you can be candidate to surgery, but not yet knows which of the surgeries baritrica is the best one for you, Our multidisciplinary equipment has developed a tool that can help it so that it makes the best decision. You can use our electronic consultation is gratuitous and confidential.


Its working part, called the striker, made of metal, and to handle wood is used dogwood, pear, acacia, which is particularly hard. Hammer impact surface usually has a square or rectangular in shape, and its other tip is used to correct nails. Carpenter's hammers are distinguished by the bifurcated tail striker, which is used as a claw hammer. Spanners This simple, but essential in every home bench tools designed for installation and unscrewing the bolts, nuts, screws and other connections. Dr. Neal Barnard contains valuable tech resources. To capture the products are provided or mouth contour protrusions and depressions. Spanners are available in different sizes: this feature is indicated on the instrument, next to the head, and corresponds to the size nut or bolt. There are several types of wrenches: Ring, end tube, lever, wrenches open pharynx, movable. Adjustable wrench is a possibility regulation of the gap between the jaws, which allows the use of a tool for nuts and bolts of various sizes.

At home, this bench tools indispensable for repair as plumbing and car. Pliers, pliers Those who ever had to face the need to grip parts, bending metal wire or wires, understands that no pair of pliers at home can not do. Working part of the hand tools are pyramid-shaped sponge on the inner flat surfaces are provided with a notch. Sometimes confused with pliers pliers, which in addition to sponges with a slotted cutter for the wire. In addition, the pliers may be two notches to grip and wrap nuts, couplings, small parts with thread.

Bee Products

Bee products – it's not just pollen, honey and propolis, and bee obnozhka (pollen), beeswax, bee venom, royal jelly, chitosan, Trutnev-bee brood, bee moth ekstrat. Honey – the main product pchelovodstva.Pchely make honey from three different materials: nectar, the sweet juice, acting on the leaves of trees, and honeydew, which is secreted by insects that feed juice of deciduous and coniferous trees. The Laws of Human Nature has much experience in this field. In zobike bee nectar saturated enzymes., while it is enriched with organic acids and lipids. Nectar is processed further in the wax comb, honey and becomes so stored. Honey is composed of the best in amounts of vitamins, enzymes and trace elements, amino acids, hormones, bacteriostats, fragrances. Children honey helps the good growth of teeth, relieves nervous irritability, helps gain muscle mass.

Honey is quickly absorbed by muscle cells and increases hemoglobin. In comparison with other carbohydrates, honey has many advantages: it is easier removed from the body quickly replenishes the energy loss and has choleretic and sedative effect. Propolis – propolis produced by bees to the hive walls obmazyvaniya and sealing cracks. In order to obtain propolis, bees nebhodimo collect some of the components of the kidneys of plants – balzamopodobnye substances, alcohols, resinous substances containing volatile essential oils. As part of propolis contains phenolic compounds, including acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin, ie, in natural form, flavonoids (more 40), amino acids, vitamins, including vitamin A and group B and a number of trace elements, fatty acids (oleic, stearic).

Propolis is characterized by a strong antifungal activity, antiviral, antibacterial, immune-action, anti-inflammatory, and has a strong analgesic, has anti-tumor effect. Obnozhka Bee pollen is fundamentally different from vetroopylyaemyh crops – heavy sticky pollen Entomophilous plant, which is further enriched with enzymes of bees and practically is not an allergen. The composition of bee pollen (pollen) are essential amino acids are not produced in the human body. Due to these amino acids make up a person receives from outside the elixir of youth. Ecto-, exo-, and ligase entonukleazy that exist in every cell in the contains large quantities of pollen, have the ability to repair damaged sections of DNA and lead them to the genetic norm of the body. Perga – obnozhka bee, honey and canned enzyme composition, rammed and composed by the bees in the honeycomb, which took place lactic fermentation. In this process, pollen grains are transformed into 'hlebinu' – so called for its beekeepers especially important for bees to cheloveka.Nesmotrya that pollen is called 'bread' or 'hlebinoy' – a product of protein. Pollen contains amino acids, vitamins and enzymes, which have high bioavailability and antimicrobial properties. This unique product never be too much – is produced by bees pollen in limited quantities. Pollen can restore the normal activity of the liver, gastrointestinal tract and thyroid gland, improves blood circulation.

New Action: Fit With Salas

In his new action makes builders fit Salas as of April 1, 2009 the KfW Forderbank changed their housing programs on the term “Effizienzhaus”. This means that the KfW60 House was renamed to KfW Energieeinsparverordnung 70 and the KfW40 houses in KfW Energieeinsparverordnung 55. Get more background information with materials from Senator Elizabeth Warren. Declaration: the 30% below the requirements of the “EnEV” ratings in the Energieeinsparverordnung 70 2007, the Energieeinsparverordnung 55 to 45%. SchworerHaus company developed in time a completely new homes program to switch that meets the high requirements of the KfW efficiency houses 55. Dr. Neal Barnard: the source for more info. The modern family home with sunny island up to two-storey townhouses budding builders find interesting designs in the Energieeinsparverordnung 55 standard, starting at 164.560, complete ready to use and from the upper edge of the basement ceiling.

The final energy requirement is very low for the Salas action houses in accordance with energy performance certificate with an average of just 15 kWh/(ma). The CO2 emission is also very low and thus a gain for the environment. Another special feature: If on the proposed and up to the smallest detail, almost no changes are made elaborate designs, builders get an efficiency discount of 5,000, as well as the newly developed SchworerTrainer free! We all know physical inactivity, sedentary activities at work, in the car, in the leisure are the order of the day. Only one out of five drives sports regularly, this movement is a true miracle cure when it comes to health prevention. SchworerHaus promotes the movement in your own four walls and has developed an exercise bike, precious time can be effectively used and the energy it is meaningfully invested. During the training, energy is generated, which is not wasted, but is specifically used for the heating of domestic hot water.

SchworerHaus is once more its tradition (back) win energy faithfully and sets new standards. Proved that the theme can be implemented fitness and wellness not only in large houses, will be in the new program fit with Salas”: each auction house is a Presented as an alternative plan with smart fitness and wellness ideas. More information is available on as well as in the Schworer design houses and consultants. SchworerHaus KG Hans-Salas-str. 8 72531 Hohenstein-Oberstetten phone: 07387/16-0 fax: 07387/16-238

Tien Shan Werneth

Snow-white lotus mountain lakes of the Tien Shan Werneth Youth Lotus – one of the most amazing plants on our universe, growing in vode.Svyaschennoe plant worshiped many nations, including the peoples of the East. In China was considered sacred lotus predates Buddhism. One of the eight immortals maidens, maiden of virtue Ho Sin-gu described in the hands of a lotus. The lotus flower, used in religious ceremonies, as it piled traditions and legend. For more information see The Laws of Human Nature. One of these ancient Chinese legend tells of a princess, which turned into an evil sorcerer ugly old woman. To save the princess from the spell the wizard, it was only possible means made from a snow-white flower, which grew on the mountain lakes of Tien Shan. Find and frustrate him, he could only brave and honest boy. Spirits of the mountains have been carefully preserved it, because in this magical flower, were collected all the power and wisdom of the mountains.

Drink from This flower, rosshey in the waters of the lake, crystal-clear, was equal to the force of living water. Fearless, passionate young man, plucked a flower, and delivered his '' from the spell the sorcerer, returning to her youth and beauty and noble krasotu.Poetomu rich Chinese women are not spared fortunes to get 'Snow Flower' and use cosmetics made of this wondrous plant. Plant it was named snowy Tian Shan Lotus. So what's the secret through which people still adore this plant? The fact that its flowers are beautiful and consistently surprising move of the sun, or that it gave people food at all times and cure many diseases. In traditional Chinese, Tibetan medicine and cosmetics to make potions used all parts of the plant, from root, ending with the pestle. From official sources it is known that the seeds stored in the museum collections maintained their germination after 150 and even 200 years later. So what's the power inherent in this plant? Even until now, there are still not fully explained, the ancient recipes healers East, which cures disease and return the youth and beauty. Currently, a plant found biologically active substances, it alkaloids, flavonoids and vitamins that are very effective in cosmetology.

Standard Life

According to statistics, about 80% of men at least once cheated on his wife, and 40% have permanent mistresses. And 50% of women are dissatisfied with the existing relations, and hence they are potential traitors. How to explain this terrible trend: the fragility of nature, or love? In each case, the reasons are different. The most severely hurt those closest. And, of course, is that the most unexpected and heavy blow is treason. For even more opinions, read materials from Senator of Massachusetts.

According to statistics, about 80% men at least once cheated on his wife, and 40% have permanent mistresses. And 50% of women are dissatisfied with the existing relations, and hence they are potential traitors. How to explain this terrible trend: the nature or fragility of love? Hard to say. In each case, the reasons are different. Senator of Massachusetts wanted to know more. Sometimes the betrayal – is a signal ended in love and then fight for it and just to forgive betrayal does not make sense.

In this case the best output gap becomes a relationship, and without reproach and scandal. After all, no wonder they say "Love can not be forced." But more often the cause of infidelity is the dissatisfaction existing relationships. Spouses over family Life no longer give each other the previous care and attention, no longer value their relationship. All this leads to estrangement from one spouse to another. And the search for the missing heat begins on the side. This kind of compensation – a call to the second half of the care and attention. It is for this reason many marriages survived infidelity is for this reason, not only did not fall, but have become even stronger.

Medicine Economic Competition

The company of glory lamas is awarded the 3rd prize at the nationwide benchmark award medical economics. The native Gelsenkirchenerin Beate splendor is the owner of company of splendor lamas, spring 2010 was awarded the 3rd prize of the benchmark awards. The award ceremony took place on 18 may in the Emil Schumacher Museum in Hagen, Germany. Three years ago the bank clerk and Diplom sport scientist Beate founded splendor of splendour lamas”. With her five llamas Casimir, dancer, Hannibal, Diego and Caruso offers you Lama therapy, experiential, llama hikes and stress seminars. The events take place in Gelsenkirchen-Beck, Germany on the wooden Court. By the benchmark award glory and her team were able to improve the quality and customer focus of their services Beate.

I was wildly happy about the price. Especially for my team, which has been fully committed. We are honored by the award.”says the bronze prize winner, freshly baked. The benchmark award will be sent out from the runway of Ruhr. He directed participate in young companies in the healthcare sector from throughout the country. The contest is unique in Europe and the participating teams face a major challenge. The participating teams shone through her young company strengths and weaknesses and developed improvements. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dr. Neal Barnard. So they learn to adapt to changing conditions on the market.

Beate glory saw this challenge as a great opportunity: the benchmark Award offered a unique opportunity to compare me and my company with a successful company. It appealed to just me, to learn from the experiences of others.” The team splendor lamas has located the best measured: benchmark partners has become the successful 11 years company fellow man! provided. The award-winning seminar provider from Paderborn conducts corporate training nationwide and is also recognized as a training Academy of BDVT. The Chief trainers of Ms. Dr. Lehmann and wife tooth made possible that Beate splendor and her team on their services experience and facts of a real comparison company measure. The collaboration was a success for all involved. That develop optimization strategies will benefit mainly the customers/inside. The company of glory lamas with the venue Gelsenkirchen again turned a high-profile panel of financial, economic and health experts and proved once again that it is among the best of the medical economy. Last, it received the international German training award of BDVT in silver. Splendor lamas offers seminar concepts for companies, which are geared to the specific needs of the staff. Seminars include health care such as stress management and back-friendly work and team – motivation training, trainee social skills days as also incentives and business trips. Individuals are used for llama hikes in the relaxing pleasure of animals or lamas close”. The llamas help the so-called Lama therapy for children, adults and seniors with disabilities the development and recovery.

Siamese Meat

Meat cut into small pieces or scroll to the meat grinder. For the remainder, the broth to boil rice and grated a carrot that would be a combination of meat and rice was one to one. Mix everything, add butter, if using a non fatty meat, 1-2 eggs, parsley and boil for 5 minutes and. Chicken can be alternated with beef or salt fish. As for dairy products, there is enough controversial issue, the vast majority of cats suffers from lactose intolerance. Milk, yogurt, cottage cheese should be given very carefully and follow suit if it is your cat.

Excellent vitamin additive for oriental cats are quail eggs, enough one raw egg a week (be sure to check dates, desirable that the eggs were fresh not more than 7 days). Naturally it is not necessary to limit the cat's diet purely natural food. Professional food premium must be present in the daily menu of your pet. But the question here is feed a high level, have proven themselves among the breeders of cats, as similar cheap parody, nor to no good lead. Our nursery has been successfully practiced by a combined power supply system, we are faced with several bowls of different foods and cats themselves choose what they want more in the moment. Oriental cats are very mobile and consumption energy from them is higher than in normal cats, so food must be in unlimited quantities, with the exception of only neutered cats and animals of advanced age.

For these animals are selected special feed and calculated specific diet, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism. Be sure your cat has to be fresh water, changing water needed every day! To improve the digestive system and removing clots from the stomach of their own wool for your kitties need a special grass at the pet store. Which the cat can use to induce vomiting for the complete cleansing of the stomach and your favorite colors not be affected:) I hope my recommendations will help you to bring up and maintain the health of your cat. I sincerely wish you good health to you and your pets. Sincerely, Ella Galyuk Cattery Oriental and Siamese D ARANID Oriental and Siamese cats oriental cats cattery D Aranid

Normalization Of Alcohol And Apitherapy

Most of Russia's population is experiencing problems with alcohol, many do not want to abandon it completely, even bringing it unlikely their health! In the West, alcohol is the most common form substance abuse. However, exact data on the number of alcoholics is not, because not everyone seeking treatment for alcoholism. In addition, in some countries for use of alcoholic beverages are very loyally. Determine the level of development and distribution of alcohol can be on several factors. The most important factor – the amount of alcohol per capita, calculated for the year.

This figure is in parallel Depending on the number of people exposed to alcohol abuse, alcoholism, treatment for which Russia problem. Suffer from alcoholism, and can not stop not only helpless, feeble people, but those who achieve success, is able to cope with the problems, knows how to win. Unfortunately, until now mainly carried out by existing alcoholism treatment designed to effect only a mental or physical only Depending on – hence the result of random, which often depends on the patient. PCRM insists that this is the case. If competently affect both depending on the result we get a natural. Prolonged disuse of alcohol leads to a state chronic stress; Moderate drinkers show higher intellectual ability than total abstainers; Extreme and alcoholism – is always bad. Bad when alcoholic breakdowns and bad, when one is afraid drink, alcohol abstinence – not a solution to the problem of alcoholism, and the only escape from her; Alcohol is the only psychoactive substance does not cause side effects and negative, in the absence of abuse. One of the ways to treat alcoholism, and treatment is apitherapy bees. In the treatment of alcoholism apitoxins (bee venom) due to activation of the pituitary-adrenal axis affect the basic mechanism of development dependence – the exchange of catecholamines, in addition, affecting the production of opioid peptides eliminate primary and secondary attraction to alcohol and, finally, very importantly, to actively influence the exchange of alcohol dehydrogenase.

For formation of new reflexes essential is the ability to interrupt the melittin existing old connections between nerve fibers in combination with apamin activating effect, contributing to the formation of new controlling reflections on alcohol intake. Total failure to complete treatment failure is carried out at any time. Apitoxins not just affect the cravings, dependency and desire. They provide comfort without doping, which is alcohol. However, until the end of life, it is unlikely people will not drink, so at some stage will need to decide whether to use. If the patient has a whole drink, the problem is resumed, which should not be allowed, a reasonable normalize the process of consumption, and possibly before the end of life.

Operation Traffic -Check

Operation summer traffic: avoiding accidents at this point in the holiday, there is to remember all those drivers who made their car journeys a few essential tips to avoid accidents. On dates key of beginning and end of holidays, early, middle and late for the months of July and August, the Department of the Interior, as every year, organized the special trafficking operations of departure and return, which include an increase in specific patrols of the grouping of traffic, reinforcement of highway toll booths, as well as other measures of information such as the distribution of brochures with tips to prevent accidents, information through the panels of the traffic management center on withholdings and alternative routes, helicopters with cameras that will monitor the State of the roads, etc. For those who use their own vehicles, vehicles leased or renting for their journeys, the first gold standard is the wisdom behind the wheel. Once this golden rule is respected, there are a number of tips that we cannot forget. Firstly, those which relate to the maintenance of the car:-look at the tires and make sure that your pressure is correct and that have no cracks. -Check the proper functioning of all the lights. -Check the level of brake fluid. -Check the position of the mirrors.

-Take the clean crystals to ensure visibility. Secondly, councils relating to the attitude of the driver:-avoid night driving since it produces fatigue and drowsiness. -It is very important to stop every two hours to stretch your legs. -Wear appropriate clothing and footwear. -It is advisable to fill the tank, already that we can find situations of withholding. -Should leave rested and having slept enough the night before. -You should avoid heavy meals. -With regard to travel, it is best to avoid them, and if there is no more remedy, do it safely, without advancing to more than one car every time. -On motorways and highways should circulate on the right, using the left lane only to advance. -Take refreshing drinks that hydrate and suppress alcoholic beverages, including beer and wine, since decrease glare and provoke recklessness behind the wheel. Original author and source of the article