Feminatalis Women Healing Work Moves

The courses, lectures and seminars by Angela Shepherd Deschner resign September in a group practice in the Kaiserstrasse 13 in Bruchsal instead hitherto the events and individual meetings of the midwife and consultant of life took place in her house in Waghausel. For various reasons, she has decided to enter into a cooperation with the NHP(Natur-Heil-Praxis)-Praxisgemeinschaft. All offers from Feminatalis take place from autumn onwards. Then start there 2 new group offers to personal development, as well as Geburtsvorbereitungs courses in Russian. There is also an open day, where everyone can get to know the practice and all services not only to the women’s healing work, in October. Since 2004, Angela Shepherd Deschner has carried their midwife care around the children, the spiritual birth preparation courses, as well as all other services such as acupuncture, media-sensitive counselling, the girl meeting and the siblings school in her house in Waghausel Wiesental. The time was ripe in the summer of 2011 for a change, therefore, has they were determined to cooperate with the NHP community of practice.

The rooms offer more space and are centrally located in the city of Bruchsal. Psychosomatic Medicine, and Birgit Bippes, ProPed’ specialist Podiatrist, operate the practice community in the Kaiserstrasse 13 since 2007. A fortunate coincidence of destiny was that Angela Shepherd Deschner happens now moreover. So synergy effects arise for all and not last especially the patients benefit from the cooperation. There is a holistic health offer, which now gets an extra dimension through the women’s healing work. 2 new ongoing 14-day specials for the personal development will be held in Bruchsal. Meets woman on Friday from 23 September between 19.30-21.00 to Selbsterfahrungsgruppe, to interact with other women, who are looking after themselves, or to new impulses to problem-solving in partnership, family and everyday work titled discover self-love and fortify yourself for life” Search.