Private Health Insurance

Up to which age is a change makes sense, what must be considered and when you should better “stay where you are”? Even as a question that is flat but not to answer, which shows but exactly how important is a careful consultation and which among other things are. Unlike as in the statutory health insurance (GKV), the posts in the private health insurance (PKV) are calculated not according to income, but by age, Gesundheistszustand and scope of services. Refer to exact specifications for the calculation and distribution of posts the best guide for decision making in the PKV. Last week I received an email of a very surprised, already disgruntled car insured. This was expelled from 2002 by a SparkassenBerater of an insurance intermediary of the Union health insurance (UKV, partner of savings banks). With the usual arguments (executives, you better change in the car there is everything easier / better) read to persuade the customer to leave the statutory health insurance (TKK) and a contribution of EUR 323 per month in the Union health insurance (rates VA130N, VS130N, VZ130N, KT183E7140, PVN) to insure. With the age of 51 years ago a very courageous decision, because at that time must have taken place a detailed health assessment, continues to the contribution was far less than the maximum contribution of the statutory health insurance, however, should be clear, not leaving. Here the key data from the mail of client: that I then 2002 according to the changes in the law, which came into force at the turn of the Millennium, and he should rule out a repeat of the negative development of the contribution of the 90 years for the future, then by my Advisor to savings bank me have persuaded private to assure me, I must unfortunately very regret. Alone due to the development of a contribution, a change from the statutory health insurance in a private health insurance plan makes no sense.