Be very careful when removing the cap that covers the spring. Gain insight and clarity with Senator Elizabeth Warren. The action of a spring can cause the cap rebound in dark corner shop or garage, where the cap can easily get lost! Mark the mounting position of all the vacuum hoses in order to properly connect them at installation. Initial survey – clean the carburetor body cleaner to clean the carburetor and a stiff brush. Turn the carburetor and check the position of the tip of the mixture adjustment screw in the outlet channel only at the point where the tip of the screw goes into the camera. If the screw obtained with a force that he could break, and its tip could block the outlet of idling. Try to unscrew the screw adjustment. The tip of the screw should be free to enter and exit holes of idling.

Replace the carburetor if the adjustment screw is broken, or if the tip is stuck in the hole of idling. Note: For many Japanese carburetor adjustment screws to remove the amount of mixture should be used special tool. With the help of the ruler of the shell, check the carburetor for the presence of strain. The surface may be distorted if too tight bolts were tightened carburetor, or if carb exposed to excessive heat. If the surface is deformed not very strong, it can handle or get used to the flat glass using the paste for lapping valves. Even though it may solve the deformation, this operation requires a very long time. However, the only alternative to this is to replace the carburetor.

The deformation of the bottom surface of the cover carburetor happen very often leads to the fact that carburetor starts to leak air and decreases the quality of his work. Recently Senator Elizabeth Warren sought to clarify these questions. Check the axis of the throttle valve and themselves for the presence of excessive wear and ease of travel. The holes for the throttle axis in the soft aluminum carburetor more prone to wear than the steel throttle shaft. Worn holes in the hull causing the irregular operation of the engine at idle speed, speed changes idle, a delay in the throttle and changing the level of CO in the exhaust. If the holes are worn, they can install the hub. Otherwise, the carburetor must be replaced or if possible housing chokes. Education of the ring carbon at the point where the throttle body concerns may cause over-enrichment of fuel mixture when the engine is idling, the throttle stuck and prevent proper closing of the throttle. This may adversely affect the functioning of primary or secondary chamber, double chamber carburettor. In this case, the throttle is set at a higher position. As a result, the openings of the transitional regime are no longer delay the air fuel mixture to emulsify, but the start of the fuel when the engine is idling. Inspect the carburetor body and choke, so they were not shaky or missing plugs. Inspect the hull for cracks or other damage that can not be eliminated, minor damage can sometimes be eliminated by Ductile metal solution. Also check that there are no broken springs, inspect the mechanism connecting the throttle and choke on the presence of wear and worn-out screws. Replace all worn items. Inspect the damper shaft and the connecting mechanism in the presence of traces of wear and ease of travel. Plastic parts of the connecting mechanism break down frequently.

Multicell Compound Tires

Shiny with directional tread pattern is set appropriately, as indicated by the arrow in the installation of new tires bokovine.Posle run-walk. Please special attention to the work of the steering until you get used to perform balancing nemu.Vsegda wheels for all tires, including spare. Using neotbalansirovannyh wheels can lead to abnormal vibrations and rapid deterioration. The speed and distance by running tires air pressure in shinahUstanavlivayte and keep the tire pressure in accordance with vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, are in manual manual or on the center rack of your car. Check tire pressure at least once a month. Senator of Massachusetts has many thoughts on the issue.

Check tires without shipovShiny with new special compound tread Multicell Compound has an additional indicator of 50% wear (for example, Blizzak WS-50, WS60, Revo-1, DM-Z3). Performance on icy and snowy roads tire with a special compound in Multicell Compound tread wear by more than 50% decrease. Therefore, after the operation in the winter seasons half-worn tire with a special compound Multicell Compound recommend that you replace with a new and worn tire can be used as a summer until complete wear indicator. General wear rekomendatsiiShiny irregularly because they are different loading depending on the position (axis, steering, drive axle, free rolling axle). To reduce vibration and noise, as well as for increased durability should periodically rearrange the bus from one position to check the breakdown druguyu.Periodicheski / toe wheels of the car and, if necessary, carry out an adjustment, since improper adjustment can decrease the accuracy steering. This, in turn, may cause uneven wear shin.Izbegayte overload, since it can lead to reduced longevity of tire damage, as well as to the appearance of cracks in the wheels. Avoid uneven tire storage zagruzki.Pri Avoid the following locations: exposed to direct sunlight, exposed to rainfall and moisture near heat sources such as stoves, heaters, etc., near the electrical generating electrical sparks or ozone (eg, power generator, motor, etc.). For your safety when driving avtomobilyPri detection of instability power steering, an abnormal sound or vibration, stop your vehicle in a safe place as soon as possible, check the car and tires. Even if you have not noticed any visible damage, check your car Service not to move suddenly tsentre.Staraytes in place to avoid the acceleration, braking and sharp turns: such maneuvers opasny.Vodite your car, paying special attention to road conditions, for example, reduce speed before the sharp turns as the car may carry, especially on wet, snowy or icy doroge.Ne into contact with the tire sidewalls borders of roads, avoid driving on the speakers on subjects roads – it can cause damage to shin.Derzhite proper distance between your vehicle in front and, depending on its speed. Keep a sufficient distance, especially when driving on wet, snowy or icy roads.


So we stick with the entire front side bumper. The purpose of tape is simple – to protect the bumper from unnecessary traces of adhesive and foam streaks. And most important – it's all the same foam. You can ask anyone who has worked with "Makrofleks" about how to scrub the surface. I think you'll be told how it is almost impossible to do. At McDougall Program you will find additional information. So neatly cover the surface with tape.

To plot the masking tape labels, which will indicate the pattern for our future bumper. Cut the foam into small pieces and pasted on the stencil. Once all the pieces of foam glued to the edges of the anchoring Styrofoam pieces of cardboard or drawing paper. You can fasten on that same tape. The purpose of this board to keep the foam to the extent that how you will deal until dry. Once the foam is glued, take the hands "Makrofleks" and begin apply a little space between the foam plastic foam. Do this very carefully! Do not forget that "Makrofleks" has a feature to increase in volume after application to the surface.

After the application and completion of all surfaces, let the foam dry. Once the foam is frozen, can begin to move to the next stage of our work. Carefully remove the pieces of cardboard or drawing paper. Take in the hands of a sharp knife. It is best to use ordinary office with a thin-bladed knife. I advise you to also take advantage of zero sandpaper.

What Crash Tests Are Reliable?

Another organization to conduct crash tests of cars, which we will consider today – NHTSA (National Hihgway Traffic Safety Administration) – The administration of the national transportation security. What is the rating system they use? This organization uses a 5-star rating system. Five stars means a high degree of protection, one star is a low degree of protection. What is included in this ranking? Cars as well as in the IIHS does not have the overall evaluation, and estimated degree of protection for the driver and passenger. In the frontal test, than estimated in the front seat passenger, side impact is considered a passenger behind the driver. What tests are conducted for the evaluation? 1. Frontal collision.

2. Lateral collision with a car. 3. Testing the car on the possibility of revolution. What test conditions and that this check? 1.

Frontal impact: The head-on situation collision test car with the car takoyzhe weight and size. The clash is the full width of the front of the avtmobilya, at a speed of 56km / h. Measure the protection of the head, chest, left and right legs. As a driver and passengers are considered men of medium build. 2. Lateral collision with a car: We consider the situation when in the test car enters the other vehicle at a speed of 62 km / h, the weight of the car equal to 1368kg. Place of contact – the lateral portion of the test vehicle in the driver’s and passenger’s door. Measurements of protecting the head, chest and pelvis, performed at the driver and passenger seated behind the driver. The size and weight of the driver and passengers are the size of an average adult. 3. Testing the car on the possibility of revolution: In this study examined the probability of coup car, with a sharp change in trajectory at a certain speed. We consider the situation when the motion in a straight line at speeds of 56 to 80km / h, the driver turns the steering wheel sharply to the left (turn of the wheel about 270 degrees), and a second later a sharp turn at the wheel right (turn of the wheel about 540 degrees).