Skilled Workers

Direct candidate for the parliamentary elections on 27 September 2009, rough in the constituency 177 betting! Why are dumping wages then paid? The answer is it is clearly only is all about the profit maximization of the borrowers. The government pass bad laws and the 750,000 time workers suffer from it and are brutally exploited. It is of herzinsuffizienz understandable that many workers, another rise, need time for the venture here to be able to live despite full temporary work! The lender does many and this one, employees hardly anything good by these dumping wages be, regular workplaces destroyed! Many hours of overtime as a rule have to be done, most so come onto a time account. Is for many these are not, consciously not secured the first 150 hours against insolvency. Frequently Dr. John Mcdougall has said that publicly. Skilled workers are looked for often, too.

After the performance of this is explained to you no skilled workers are needed, a manual worker becomes job dare offered to low, they are again appointed skilled worker, however, and get less than you is entitled for you! High mobility is often demanded, this could be, on every day of the week, working in another enterprise at changing times they are. Many temporary work enterprises pay the first dare only after 6 weeks or they must sue for him! There are not allowances for travelling expenses or the catering additional expenses. You have not only tied any say to the instructions of this business in the borrowing business but sin! You are, may work up to fall down and get then the notice lakes in second class as to employee. They start correctly, are only unemployed and it obtains ALG or can ALG II. In the case of the reference of ALG I they must accept every reasonable activity, every activity is reasonable in the second case. Unpaid traineeships up to 4 weeks or longer job creation scheme – activities, 1 euro jobs etc.

Augsburg Interior

Department: Enterprise software: Administration the baramundi software AG, manufacturer of solutions for system management, receives visitors in the future in a completely new setting. The company, which has moved into new offices in the glass palace in downtown Augsburg a few days ago, celebrated Grand opening last Wednesday. Bernd Holz, Board development and services at barramundi, stressed in his speech, it was Managing Director at heart, that the staff at the new premises feel.Not for nothing has the company of philosophy “working hours life time is working space Habitat is” prescribed. The inspiring atmosphere of the pillared Hall divided on unconventional ways to promote creative, successful work. (Not to be confused with patrick smith!). Whether it’s employees, business partners or potential new customers: whoever enters the new headquarters of the baramundi software AG, is immediately intrigued.

By the airy reception, the elegant Office cubes that are integrated in the middle of the Hall to the slightly elevated Bistro area everything is harmonious, refreshing colours arranged and expertly with modern lighting accentuates. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City is likely to agree. The company, which previously resided in downtown Augsburg, decided for the move because the place was scarce due to the continuous growth in recent years. Moreover, that the previous premises in two separate buildings was housed. This separation made it difficult personal communication among the almost 45 employees. After examining some alternative locations in Augsburg was chosen on the glass Palace also centrally located. The spacious columned Hall in the historic commercial buildings offered on the one hand great creative freedom, but required an elaborate indoor architectural concept. The Augsburg Interior architect Raimund Osswald designed this in an impressive way.

Waiting at the new address Malaika on 1,200 square meters with generous space, expansion options are also given. Their own areas for development, service, distribution and Marketing is also available as a freely-standing, original design test center, as well as an attractive training room. Again and again impressed the artistic light and colour concept gives a distinctive flavor to the whole interior arrangement. The indentation in the glass palace represents a significant milestone in our company’s history. We chose this location decided, so we feel comfortable here the unique interior design and our identity as a clever, dynamic and creative company is tangible”, explains Bernd Holz.

Fraunhofer IRB Verlag

Engineer Mario Stelzmann awarded building maintenance innovation award the development of in situ measuring device for non-destructive measurement of capillary water absorption of facades”with this topic has grappled for a year Mario Stelzmann and is awarded for its scientific performance now with the building maintenance innovation award 2013. The civil engineer, now at the Institute for building climatology of TU Dresden submitted his doctoral thesis, has developed a measurement device can be used for checking compliance with DIN 4108-3. This standard regulates humidity protection technical requirements imposed on building, and defines relevant, physical sizes for this area. So far, compliance with this standard only tedious drilling on the affected wall settled check. This problem has prompted the 26 year old to develop of his method, with no interventions in the masonry are necessary: the meter is attached directly on the facade and by a special measuring circuit, water is pumped into the wall. Thus, the suction behaviour of the wall can be checked.

The meter determines a so-called building material characteristic value that can be compared with the requirements of the standard.” That Mario Stelzmann emerges with his innovative instrument as the winner from the competition, is the five-member jury was quick to agree: Mr Stelzmann research project has met all criteria to the highest degree. Personally especially the practical orientation of the work has impressed me”, Volker Schweizer reported. The prize winner will present his research project during the 24th Hanseatic renovation days from November 7 to 9 in Heringsdorf: I look forward to establish contacts with professionals from the building maintenance at this event. Maybe a chance for my future results.” Discipline is the price every year by the Association of moisture & e.V. remediation of old, Beuth Verlag, as well as the Fraunhofer IRB Verlag and is endowed with a Medal, 800 euros in cash and a book voucher for 300 euro.

Vibration Resonance

“Knowledge itself really is, who you…Fate of laws of life… What is consistent for me? “What elated me not – what and why?” Learn to understand themselves and the life… Vibration, resonance, healing New Castle Glarisegg Symposium: Rudiger Dahlke and many other internationally renowned experts region Bodensee – job lost due to the economic crisis, health problems, and relationship crises… the present people again and again on the new challenges. Stress seems omnipresent. Body, soul and spirit are constantly charged. Fortunately – as Rudiger Dahlke – there are learnable methods as we can reduce this constant exposure or compensate according to experts.

Scientists confirm: everything in the world flows and vibrates. So we live constantly in response to other creatures of nature and matter. But how can we use this knowledge for our lives? And…What is healing in this context? “Under the motto vibration, resonance, healing” such questions should Shore be answered Center Castle Glarisegg at Swiss Lake on the new Symposium of the seminar by Friday, 30.4 – May 2 2010 (possibility to the 3.5 to extend). In addition to learning new insights in lectures, participants have the opportunity to deepen their experiences in workshops – for example using a unique sound tools Bel developed Musa a member of Castle trio pan of the renowned sound artist and instrument maker Rudiger Schodel of Castle Glarisegg. Internationally renowned experts among speakers and workshop leaders of the Symposium as: Dr.

med. Rudiger Dahlke Orna Ralston Prof. Dr. med, Dipl. psychologist Rolf Verres Alexander wish Alexander Lai water Rena Meyer Wiel Rudiger Schodel Michael Viz Kremiez Ilona Rothfuchs Rene Schori will be moderated the symposium by Stefanie blue. Castle Glarisegg Faulu, Publisher and editor-in-Chief of tracks magazine for new awareness. The Castle Glarisegg Symposium was overcrowded in the previous year. Since the number of participants this time is limited is immediate registration recommended. The entire program can be found here: Andreas Unathi

SP Crosstrainer Technogym

Even more pleasure on the training in the gym with the Vario excite 700 SP Crosstrainer Technogym equipment the three new cross trainer in the health-oriented gym fitness oasis in Worth maximum adaptability and unlimited movement characterized by. The Vario excite 700 SP suitable for joint-gentle training of the lower body area, as well as for an effective total body workout. Cardio training is one of the most important methods of training in the gym. There is movement units that run when a certain heart rate and at least 30 minutes at a time. For maximum efficiency and at the same time exercising multiple muscles the of the renowned Italian manufacturer Technogym cross trainer are perfectly suited, which equips since 1983 mainly fitness and leisure facilities all over the world with its high-quality exercise equipment. Fitness OASIS Worth invested 700 SP in three new cross trainer of type Vario excite.

Fitness OASIS are the members even better training conditions before. The Vario excite 700 SP was developed on the basis of biomechanical studies. It takes account of posture and motion paths, ensuring a perfect balancing of the workload. So the training less perceived exhausting, the user creates more in less time. For this type of device, the calorie consumption is highest. Therefore, it is suitable especially for effective fat burning workout. He is resilient up to 160 kg. The entry is also for users, the little or have no experience with cardio training on cross trainers, very easy.

The distance of the pedals from the ground is only small and lateral handrails make use also very safe. The patent pending self starting system by Technogym is a device that also simplifies the start on the Vario excite. The training on the Vario excite Crosstrainer is very easy on the joints. All movements that can be performed on the device, only minimal burden on the joints and run fluent and safe.

Feminatalis Women Healing Work Moves

The courses, lectures and seminars by Angela Shepherd Deschner resign September in a group practice in the Kaiserstrasse 13 in Bruchsal instead hitherto the events and individual meetings of the midwife and consultant of life took place in her house in Waghausel. For various reasons, she has decided to enter into a cooperation with the NHP(Natur-Heil-Praxis)-Praxisgemeinschaft. All offers from Feminatalis take place from autumn onwards. Then start there 2 new group offers to personal development, as well as Geburtsvorbereitungs courses in Russian. There is also an open day, where everyone can get to know the practice and all services not only to the women’s healing work, in October. Since 2004, Angela Shepherd Deschner has carried their midwife care around the children, the spiritual birth preparation courses, as well as all other services such as acupuncture, media-sensitive counselling, the girl meeting and the siblings school in her house in Waghausel Wiesental. The time was ripe in the summer of 2011 for a change, therefore, has they were determined to cooperate with the NHP community of practice.

The rooms offer more space and are centrally located in the city of Bruchsal. Psychosomatic Medicine, and Birgit Bippes, ProPed’ specialist Podiatrist, operate the practice community in the Kaiserstrasse 13 since 2007. A fortunate coincidence of destiny was that Angela Shepherd Deschner happens now moreover. So synergy effects arise for all and not last especially the patients benefit from the cooperation. There is a holistic health offer, which now gets an extra dimension through the women’s healing work. 2 new ongoing 14-day specials for the personal development will be held in Bruchsal. Meets woman on Friday from 23 September between 19.30-21.00 to Selbsterfahrungsgruppe, to interact with other women, who are looking after themselves, or to new impulses to problem-solving in partnership, family and everyday work titled discover self-love and fortify yourself for life” Search.

New York City Group

“New York drug-free-world team a whole generation of New Yorkers to a drug-free life would help the New York City Group of the Foundation for a drug-free World” was founded in 2006 and is now a driving force in the urban drug education. Over a million people in the greater New York are drug – or alcohol-dependent. These are over five percent of the city’s residents. Educators in all five parts of the city (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Iceland) told that their main concern was the consumption of marijuana. The myth there before, that this drug was harmless.

The concerns of educators is so entitled. According to a report by the U.S. Department of health 40 percent of American high school students have tried about marijuana one-fifth of them already before the age of 13 years. Almost a quarter of all surveyed students in the United States admitted to have consumed marijuana in the past month. Drug abuse among teenagers is a serious problem. A study of the National Authority for addiction and substance abuse shows that any U.S.

citizens who are drug addicts, started 90 percent with the consumer in their tea Negro often with marijuana. “With the truth about drugs” the necessary support is granted the youth, as proposed by the New York City Group the Foundation for a drug-free world “will be deployed. It was founded Meghan Fialkoff, by the 28-year Scientologist who also leads this Foundation. Meghan was born in long Iceland in New York and grew up there. In the year 2002 Meghan las relation at the University of Maryland, the book by L. Ron Hubbard during her studies for public a new view of life”. She was immediately aware that Scientology was exactly what she was looking for. After a year she had completed from the cleansing program – all steps of the Scientology-grade.