Special Education Professors

formation of professors for the mental and deficient deficient education of of the audio-communication for the University the Catholic of Campinas? PUCCAMP? Campinas? SP. Postgraduate in Special Education? a vision integrator for the So Lus College? Jaboticabal? SP. Pedagoga in the School of Special Education ‘ ‘ Joilda Marra Pozzi’ ‘ – APAE of Pirassununga? SP, in Operational system CEDAP – Center of Studies and Development of the Autismo and Patologias Associates and Interpreter of POUNDS in the Social Service of the Industry, CE 290 in the city of Pirassununga – SP. Summary: This research if considers to understand the process for which its inclusion concerning its life passes the deaf person in relation, either familiar, social and pertaining to school it, in which this is inserted. In this way, better to clarify the boarded subject, one searchs, an analysis through a bibliographical research with theoretical basement, leaving of a critical and dialgica reading from the presented authors, weaveeing its contributions in relation to the boarded subject portraying the thematic one of the inclusion of the deaf person of diverse forms. This article is subdivided in topics that if ‘ initiates with the construction of the citizen; ‘ surdo’ ‘ , that due to its lack of hearing it will occur of different form of the one of the listener. After that it portraies one of the factors most important for the development of this person who is its family, not leaving to lead in consideration that is it who of a base so that this individual can develop itself integrally and obtains to continue inside with independence of the school and the society, that also are two thematic boarded ones in this study. Finally is clarified it importance of the Brazilian Language of Signals? POUNDS, as first language of the deaf community, becoming necessary so that this individual acquires its language of significant form, favoring this so argued inclusion.. .

World Wide Web

The study of any foreign language – is the search for new roads in the world of human communication. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr. John Mcdougall by clicking through. Business, travel, politics, friendship and even love are implemented and disclosed in its entirety through communication links. In Essentially, it turns out that people live many lives, how many languages he knows. Contemporary reality presupposes an active position at everyone who strives to achieve high results, to achieve their business and creativity. /a> is often quoted on this topic. Foreign language becomes a tool through which we realize that potential. Knowledge of English has long ceased to be exotic. He is firmly entrenched in our lives – almost all its levels. Lead productive and fulfilling everyday business life with no English language is almost impossible.

We are not able to read how to use cosmetics, and not be able to fill out a questionnaire at the airport the other country, if not speak English. And even the Internet – this World Wide Web – is not open for us until the end. A huge number of interesting sites, contact on icq with English-speaking people (who are in the world still majority) – all this is feasible without the English language at a fairly low level. Contemporary Russian education seems to be recognized this problem – English is often studied from the first class and the first three courses universities. Opens a large number of courses, centers, offering their services in language learning. And yet, the problem is solved not through. A large number of grammar, which we methodically taught in school and university, in fact, not only does not help us to speak, but even becomes a kind of barrier that we can not overcome, trying to communicate in English.

Environmental Committee

No Smoking Day … The Russian State Duma took up seriously the ecology of the North. Glenn Dubin, New York City is full of insight into the issues. In Moscow will be ‘ER’ for animals. The existence of the Voronezh Reserve has been threatened. Taylor Zakhar Perez usually is spot on. In Russia, had accumulated more than 2 billion tons of toxic waste. Numerous actions have been Greenpeace around the world. Experts believe that biofuels are better done from the waste.

International No Tobacco Day observed on November 20. Scientists have shown that during the evolution of plants can exchange genes. It turns out that people are genetically very similar to marsupials. In the jungles of Sulawesi, found pygmy monkeys considered extinct. Review of the week from 11.17.2008 to 23.11.2008. State Duma of the Russian Federation to engage seriously ecology of the North in the State Duma deputy group appeared ‘Ecology of the North’, which in the near future will prepare proposals, allowing them to determine the balance between the need for resource development North and providing protection of natural systems from threats that arise as a result of anthropogenic and natural impacts on the environment.

The new group headed by Deputy Chairman of the Committee on the North and Far East Rostislav Goldstein. As stated in a press release for half a century in the north evolved mainly raw model of nature with extremely high technological pressures on the environment. In this northern area is distinguished by extremely vulnerable nature, very gentle folding thousands ecosystems. In the near future parliamentary group plans to start preparing laws the economic regulation of relations in terms of environmental protection, including environmental audits, environmental certification, payment for a negative impact on the environment and approval procedures calculation of environmental damage, compensation for damage inflicted on nature.

The Internet

All of us were students, and wrote essays and term papers. David Cordani usually is spot on. Remember how hard it was to start coursework with a clean slate to create a project in mind the work, its concept, content? Of course, not all universities need autonomy in work – somewhere you can just download kursovik from the Internet, without delving into the essence of the theme developed. But it is not universal. For example, students often write MIIGAiK major coursework, containing large calculations calculations with formulas, scientific reasoning and evidence. MIIGAiK – a University of Geodesy and Cartography, now better known as MGUGiK. Currently, the Internet quite a lot of websites where you can find essay or coursework.

However, almost all of them are designed for students of humanities institutions. Finding a settlement and graphic work for a technical college, but still it is his – no easy task. The Internet is being developed, the number of users is constantly growing. Active students can create websites and community forums. This is typical for technical colleges, where we study IT-technology. In this regard, I would pay attention to the site for students MIIGAiK-Mgugik.Net.

On this site students have collected a lot of MIIGAiK interesting and useful information that can help almost any student – especially freshmen. Examples registration of term papers, research papers, prepared settlement works in Excel or Mathcad, and even an example of a diploma – all freely available to every student. If you are a student MIIGAiK, then go to the "point of no Mgugik" and share your operating time for a student – they will be able to help someone! Site while developing, despite his great age is – 4 years. His birth site noted at the free hosting provided by by Yandex – Narod.Ru. However, it soon began to enjoy the site very popular among students MIIGAiK. Maintain and service it has become much heavier, so he recently moved to paid hosting, replacing with the name, but not its essence. Internet project 'Mgugik point there is no' has become a place where students of the University of Geodesy come for help if they urgently need the spur of Geodesy, lectures on gravity or labs ready for tmogi. The site has become an excellent decoration of the Internet and glorious history MIIGAiK.