Life And The Universe

So what's love for us is happening now? We are given a chance to raise the vibration to the exalted status with the Earth and become the sun, and their freedom to form their planetary system of life that is literally become the God who creates the living. Prevent such possibilities of transformation in his consciousness, namely, to raise the vibration and become like the sun. This is a state of transition, it is the transition time. At this time the polarization of the poles. Simply put, the vibration of fear – on the right, the vibrations of love – to the left. Which choice is made you? The transition time, where? The path of consciousness flows from the third to the fifth dimension of the dual integral dimension. It that way we have passed the Ascended Masters of Life, including Jesus Christ.

It is time now to do this way each individual and the whole planetary system as a whole. All these things are not relevant to the life cycle burned, frozen, washed with water and air, to the original divine state. Do we know or not ready, not ready, the cycles are relentless. During winter and spring has come over you can not sit and pretend someone is not concerned. McDougall Program is often quoted on this topic. We all face a choice: left – after cleansing, healing, restoration of original plan, the Buddha's consciousness of Christ, in his intimate and so raise the vibration to the exalted status with the acquisition of freedom and love. Right – make the usual state of vibration of fear and go with the evolving world in the fifth dimension, in the familiar third dimension. The choice of saints, he does not condemn all have the right to be.

We do not have to do already happened. Our challenge match paradigm of change, trust, faith, love and joy. That is, constantly raise your vibration, through a radical revision of its dependencies, and habits. Accept what is happening as a gift, as the highest good and to cooperate with the processes of life. Support of God, life, sun, earth mother, helping themselves and neighbors. Along the line of mercy in the name of the decree of Victory bless each other in the transition to the next dimension, join hands and even arrive at all the will of God is Creative. To repeat the words of Christ himself: – 'Here I come to do thy will. My will is your will, Father. " So be it, so it is. What is happening quite commensurate, it is appropriate, beautiful, pure, harmonious, majestic and divine. Reasons to panic. Take responsibility for what is happening is appreciated. Element is generated by a person on the basis of its thought process and emotional state. So why now the heat? How, with this manifestation of nature do? What to choose? Love? Fear? Dear friends, brothers and sisters, we invite you to our website to express their views and additions to the proposed topic.

Moscow Geological Institute

Final formation of mineral water is at a considerable depth, at high temperature and high pressure. Formed in the depths of mineral water slowly moves underground drains and through cracks and fissures on the surface of leaves. Dr. Peter M. Wayne recognizes the significance of this. Areas of the formation of mineral water are significant distances from the resorts, some 20-30 km, and this way the water pass through underground drains. Senator Elizabeth Warren oftentimes addresses this issue. Sometimes the path from the field to the unloading places takes many months. There is reason to believe that different deposits of water there is some connection, and disturbance of one source of influence, sometimes very significantly on the lives of others. A new era of exploration began after the FP Batalin in the sixties of last century, studied in detail the sources, among other recommendations, proposed a "search and retrieve on the surface of the water treatment boreholes." It took a great and long-term research and practical efforts to to extract from the bowels of their wealth – healing waters. In exploratory work, to take an active part well-known scientists GV Abikh, mining engineers and F.

Koshkul AI Nezlobinsky invited French hydrogeologists and J. Francois L. Drew, and more recently a large contribution made by AP Gerasimov, YV Langvagen, A. Ogilvy and N. Slavyanov.

They have been drawn up a broad program of comprehensive study of the area, but only managed to implement it during the Soviet period. When in 1920, was organized by the SPA Institute, its director for 17 years was known hydrogeologist A. Ogilvy. He headed the department of the Institute and hydro-geological exploration works on the head Caucasian Mineral Waters. It is important to remember that from 1927 to 1948 Spa Institute not only guided explorations, but also led all major drilling and kaptazhnye work. The main outcome of research activities before the war period as a result of comprehensive studies have been material, substantiate the need for deep drilling lished and experience of routine observations in all the wells and springs. In the 30 years of open source academic radon waters. To participate in the comprehensive study of natural conditions and the calculation of a full assessment of hydro resources SPA Institute of Geology and drew the Radium Institute of the Academy of Sciences and Moscow Geological Institute. Scientific supervision exercised by the expedition Academy of Sciences. As a result, KMV were varied and profound scientific basis, which allowed confidently plan for the further development and use of hydro resources. Now you can search for mineral water in broad areas, not just at the point of exit of the natural sources. For the first time in the Soviet Union were made such a deep study of the mineral water. On the basis of intelligence was organized at other resorts of the country. Along with a deep theoretical conclusions of exploratory drilling in this period gave valuable results. Kislovodsk in 1928 from a depth of 65 meters was derived dolomite, and in 1934, with a depth of 136 meters – sulfate seltzer. In Pyatigorsk conducted detailed reconnaissance radon waters and significantly increased their production rate was increased as water resources such as cold seltzer. In Zheleznovodsk drilling N2 54, launched a new type of healing water, and in Essentuki in 1932 – uglekisloserovodorodnye water. These findings have greatly expanded treatment possibilities of resorts, however, remain many unresolved theoretical and practical issues related to the hydro resources.

Holotropic Breathwork

Such how to work with the trauma is the basis of various respiratory and psycho Holotropic Breathwork – modern methods of integrative psychotherapy, very effective in treating various neuroses, psychopathy and psychosomatic disorders. All experiences that occur during the passage of Holotropic Breathwork session, can be assigned to one of three levels of the unconscious human psyche – a biography, perinatal or transpersonal. Priority of these experiences depends on the degree of relevance of the trauma are manifested in a particular situation. All resulting feelings and experiences necessary carefully monitored and allow them the freedom to manifest at all levels of your being (body, speech and mind). In holotropic psychotherapy, physical and emotional acting out the trauma is strongly encouraged. For example, there is no need to restrain his tears and desire intruding hands pounding on the wall (for security passes holotropic therapy, there is always a so-called sitter, if needed, can not holonavtu self-harm).

All the material is crushed, releasing the unconscious, manifests itself in outer space and thus it is dezaktualizatsiya. This technique uses a catharsis as method of self-liberation of the repressed material. One of the most important principles that formed the basis of these therapies is an active trust. Confidence and to myself and to the healing process, because as already mentioned, uses the principle of the possibilities of our psyche to heal itself. To do this, just remove the constraints psihomentalnye blocks. The resulting ability to afford to freely manifest itself in the context of the process that carries a huge stock of nervous and mental energy, freeing up that we can significantly increase our creativity in life and thus its quality.

The greater the number of internal restrictions and prohibitions we will take, the more energy you get. The disappearance of the mental blocks gives a sense of the tide of spiritual forces and the state of inner freedom. Thus, releasing the suppressed unconscious material, we help ensure that our psychic energy is continuously manifested. Moreover, we strive to make this process as a conscious and controlled. Tree of Life Tai Chi Center: the source for more info. Considered, we have already the principle of Tantra (Continuity) is very evident in modern intensive integrative psycho (IPPT). The better we master their mental processes and become more conscious than in our daily life, the less the trauma and, as a result of them, systems of condensed experience (COEX) is formed in our minds. By practicing this way, we, each time, we become one step closer to his inner freedom. Information from site: "Odessa Center for Integral Development," invites you to participate in the seminar "Tantra: the ancient traditions and modern meanings of" to be held 1,2,3 October 2010 in Odessa.