The Importance Of Light In Health

Why bad light can leave even us sick! Natural sunlight significantly affects the psyche of the people: a light ensures the distribution of important hormones in our body, that positively affect our harmony Centre and on the other hand, the sunlight determines our daily routine. In particular to the dark season, the lack of sunlight and the associated lack of vitamin D makes us mentally difficult to create. The consequences of lack of sunlight for our body and our sense of harmony are very diverse and complex. Because sunlight is responsible for a variety of bio chemical processes taking place in our body. For example depressive moods are one of the many possible symptoms that can be caused by inadequate sunlight.

In recent years researchers blame for depression the lack of brightness in the winter. The depression be raised accordingly by the sleep hormone melatonin. This sleep hormone directs our circadian rhythms and makes people lazy and I’m tired. To counteract this lack of light in the cold and dark winter months is a good illumination for at home the be-all and end-all. However, bad light of today’s energy-saving lamps is no adequate substitute for lack of sunlight in winter. Unfortunately the EU contributes here, ban of the bulbs popular right up to today to solve the problem. On the contrary, this even exacerbates the existing problem.

So-called decoration light bulbs could be a solution to the problem, which fall under the valid exception rule in the EU as a whole and of Switzerland. The carbon filament lamp developed by Edison is a dinosaur of that time, which may benefit from this derogation. In contrast to energy-saving bulbs creates the carbon filament lamp is one of the most pleasant lights that you could wish for in dark winter days in your own four walls. The light, the carbon filament lamp developed by Edison is unique, no other technical light, is able to get the sunlight so close in their spectrum. Your light is totally glare-free and has soothing and pleasant especially in winter. Also creates the comfortable light atmosphere the carbon filament lamp and romantic. If you buy the carbon filament lamp at Accende (, these lamps even over the entire expected life by means of a certificate from the South Pole have carbon”neutralized C02. You do something good for themselves and protect the environment at the same time! Same conclusion about the lack of natural sunlight in the dark winter months, a good illumination is at home particularly important. You is not only comfortable and cozy, our home but prevents also depressive moods and contributes to the general well-being.