Central Europe

The rose hip (Rosa eglanteria, synonymous with Rosa rubiginosa) is a wild, thorny, shrub of fruit color vermilion, which belongs to the family Rosaceae. It is a native plant of Central Europe (Poland, Hungary, Balkans, Caucasus, Russia), although it is also found in the wild in the foothills of the southern region of the Cordillera de los Andes, both in Chile and in Argentina. Rosehip Oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant. Its excellent regenerative qualities are mainly due to its high content in acids fatty essential (AGE) unsaturated, which is 39% of the 80%, of which 41% is linoleic acid, linolenic acid, and 16% oleic acid. The AGE are essential nutrients in a multitude of physiological and biochemical processes in the human body, and as we have said are related to the regeneration of tissues and cell growth.

They have also a structural function, forming part of phospholipids (fats that contain phosphorus and main components of the membranes of the cells), and are the precursors of prostaglandins (substances similar in its structure to hormones that regulate the activity of inflammatory processes and cells daily and are part of many biological processes. Several studies carried out in laboratories in Germany, Argentina, Chile and United States about this plant indicate that the the Rosehip Oil, because the content in polyunsaturated essential fatty acids is highly beneficial in the regeneration of the skin. The oil is used in cosmetics, since: 1.-regenerates and nourishes the skin by eliminating not very deep wrinkles and reduces scars of any etiology; 2 redistributes pigmentation, which enables the removal of stains; 3 carries out preventive and corrective actions of photoaging and skin problems due to envelope exposure to solar radiation through the self-generation of melanin; 4.-in addition to its effects on the outer layers of the skin, also revitalises the cells of the inner layers, reinvigorating the fibroblast, (cells that produce collagen and elastin, responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin). 5 Unsaturated fatty acids involved in cell regeneration of the membranes, regenerating tissues and seeking to the aged and dry skin a quick skin regeneration and healing of damaged tissues, as well as a deep nutrition and hydration. Besides the cosmetic value of pink musket oil it is important to point out its therapeutic value, because thanks to its regenerating, moisturizing and healing power, as well as its stimulating effect on the blood flow to tissues, is useful in the treatment of: eczema, psoriasis, Burns, scars, stretch marks or warts, among other skin conditions. Lastly, draw the rosehip nutritional value, because their analysis confirms the presence of vitamins (especially vitamin C), carotenoids and tocopherols, hence that, due to its antioxidant properties, their fruits to take advantage for the preparation of sweets, jellies, infusions, jams, tea (very diuretic and depurative).

Madrid Care

Send bouquets of roses Madrid can be a great gift for any occasion. And it is that roses are not only an excellent decorative element, but are also beneficial for our health and our mood. Among other things, renewed air, humidify the environment, capture dust, improve morale and reduce stress. All are known chromatherapy and aromatherapy, alternative medicines according to which the colors and aromas, such as those with roses, have healing properties. When someone receives Roses at home Madrid, you can follow a few basic steps that roses can withstand several days without wilting. The first thing you need to do is fill a clean container of water, to which is added sachet of preservative that accompanies to roses. It should be cut the stem from them about 2 or 3 inches diagonally. Then simply remove the leaves from the stems that are immersed in the water.

The Roses will be as new for 4 or 5 days. So they continue conserving, there will be that Repeat the above process. If you want to send rosas Madrid, it is today possible to do so without moving from home, through internet. Shipment of Roses at home presents many advantages over the traditional send flowers: the custom can be 24 hours, there is a wide variety of roses available, discounts can be found always orders are made with fresh roses and deliver desired day and time. Most of the websites are divided into sections so that the user finds the products suitable for every occasion: births, anniversaries, birthdays there are also pages in which products are classified by price, so that you can easily find those that adapt to every budget. In addition, you can add to roses shipping Madrid numerous Add-ons, to make the gift even more surprising: chocolates, wine, gift cards, cava, stuffed animals to perform the custom only there are to choose a product, indicate the recipient’s address and the time of shipping and make payment.

Skin Cancer

Do many of us not we enjoy a beautiful sunny day? In general, we have a good perception of the Sun, because we enjoy a warm weather and summer, especially when it comes to outdoor activities. The Sun is an essential element for life on the planet and has positive effects on our body, as for example the stimulation of the synthesis of vitamin D. But rarely are aware of the damage-causing sun rays on our skin; even though the effects are not visible immediately or in the short term, the damage accumulates with the passage of time. Solar energy, also known as ultraviolet rays (UV rays), affect from the outermost layer to the deeper layers of the skin. Many times the skin changes attributed to the old, such as wrinkles and dark spots, are consequence of prolonged exposure to the Sun. This type of premature aging is caused by the incidence of solar rays into the layers of skin, which impairs the production of collagen, frees radicals libres and inhibits skin self-healing mechanisms. Ultraviolet rays are also considered as the environmental factor of increased risk in the occurrence of skin cancer, which is the most common cancer in the United States. This is one of the reasons why in recent years the sunscreen has become so important, beyond the merely aesthetic consequences. But this does not mean that we can not seize the sunny days, or that we have to stop enjoying the summer, simply must take certain precautions to prevent damage from the Sun on the skin.

Jung Technique

The integration of the soul as a therapeutic process. We are living a time of profound changes at the level of consciousness. For those who follow the information about the year 2012, you know that many ancient cultures speak of transformers and positive changes for humanity. They say that Earth will increase from the third dimension to the fifth, speaks of an expansion of consciousness. This process involves an internal evolution, integration of the soul. Those parts of us that generate us suffering, such as sadness, aggressiveness, fears are aspects that accompany us, as small orphans, who can be and need to be integrated.

The process of integration of the soul, being that we are is the encounter with these parts of ourselves in order to integrate them and give back them their genuine energy quality. Curiously these energy patterns contain in themselves their opposites, i.e. where the person feels weakness there is fortress, where he feels sadness, there is joy psychology within the transpersonal therapy allows performing psychological at a deep level, means the person as a consciousness that manifests itself in a physical plane, mental and emotional, as well as spiritual, what joins the development of techniques to work with the subconscious, beyond where reside the wounds, the beliefs that limit us, but also the potential for change. Increasingly more people perform an inner spiritual search and seek a psychological work that takes into account the dimension of the soul. In fact the word psychology comes from the Greek and means: psycho, soul and lodge, knowledge. Carl G. Jung returned to its meaning as a study of the soul and thus transpersonal psychology shared the framework of the deep psychology of Jung, in what is transpersonal, that which goes beyond personality and where resides a great knowledge and healing power. The technique of the integration of the soul gives access to this knowledge and use the person’s potential to heal wounds and integrate what us causes anguish, fear, helplessness, sadness technique It is simple but with great power of change, it is a process of internal dialogue that takes place in a State of relaxation, which has access to information related to the profound being of the person.

It is interesting to perform with the company of a therapist, but it is a technique that experienced once can be used by the person when you need it. When the emotions to heal are strong, with any technique is better to be accompanied by a therapist. Increasingly more psychology develops techniques that have become self-help resources increasing personal skills to follow closer to the being that we are and learn to recognize us as souls, with a great personal space that goes beyond our body, mind and emotional world. Often in that State of relaxation people experience States of great peace and serenity, feelings of freedom and be complete, that they are qualities of the soul, integrated soul.

Cardiovascular Illness

– Diabetes type II: illness of multiple cause and occurs when it has lack or inefficiency of the insulina in the organism, causing an increase of the glucose tax in the blood (hiperglicemia). The insulina is produced by the pncreas and is essential so that our body functions well and can use glucose (sugar) as main power plant. Of 80% 90% of the adults acometidos for the form most common of diabetes are above of the weight. The fabric greasy makes it difficult the entrance of the glucose in the cell. – Apnea of sleep: illness in which the person stops to breathe for short period of time while she sleeps. – Cancer: illness where sick cells if infiltrate in the healthy cells, thus, possesss a lasting period of evolution, being able, many times, to take years to evolve until being discovered, being classified as: benign or malignant. – Hepatitis: illness that reached and compromises the liver, being able to be classified in Hepatitis, B or C. – Osteoporose: illness that reached the bones, characterizes how much the amount of ssea mass, diminishes substantially and develops hollow, fine bones and of extreme sensitivity, more citizens the breakings.

– Cardiovascular Illness: illness that affects the circulatrio system, that is, the heart. It enters most common we can relate the infarct of the myocardium, the angina of chest, aterosclerose, the AVC (cerebral vascular accident), etc. – structural Problems: problems in the vertebral column, joints among others. – Arterial Hipertenso: The arterial pressure is the force that the blood exerts on the wall of the arteries, bad alimentary habits, alcoholic beverage obesidade, tobacco, consumption and sedentarismo is the main causes of the hipertenso. When not treated, it increases the risk of spills, illnesses of heart, stoppage of the kidneys, injuries in the arteries and, even though, alterations in the vision. 2. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND QUALITY OF LIFE the physical activity is any corporal movement, produced for the esquelticos muscles, that result in bigger energy expense that the rest levels.

Jamaica Aloe

Throughout the middle ages aloe remained part of the cultural heritage, while some Greco-Roman texts were lost or were poorly translated, aloe is continued to be used as a tonic, stomachic, purgative, cicatrizant, disinfectant says that the Templars took an bebedizo based on hemp, Palm wine and aloe pulp cooked called that elixir of Jerusalem, and attributed to his good health and longevity. Although Botany as an actual science is not developed until late 15th century and early 16th, the cultivation of medicinal plants is documented already in the 13th century. The invention of the printing press spread the new Science around the world. Columbus, in his trips to America, was also noted as they used aloe on different islands in the Caribbean stop cure blisters, injuries, and insect bites: there are four foods that are essential for the well-being of man: wheat, grapes, olive and aloe. The first nourishes him, the second you vanta his mood, the third brings harmony and fourth cures him (Cristobal Colon, 1451-1506). This shows that aloe also existed on the American continent and not arrived there with the conquest, as it has claimed ever. Aloe is part of the American indigenous traditions, was known since times immemorial and had great healing and spiritual importance both for the Indians who inhabited the Centre of Mexico as for the Mayan civilization. However, after the conquest of America, were the Spanish Jesuits who most contributed to their expansion across the continent.

They brought knowledge of aloe to the different places in America where established their missions. In this way they extended their cultivation and utilization across the continent. They introduced the plant in puerto Rico, Jamaica, and probably also in Barbados, from which comes its scientific name, Aloe Barbadensis. There is also evidence that were the Jesuits who took aloe to the Netherlands Antilles and even Philippines.