To make the long winter evenings you can enjoy a homey feel, and not playing a scene from a fairy tale, "Father Frost", we had only a little effort. The first thing to check tightness of windows and doors. For insulation door professionals are advised to take care of that between the door and the frame did not have any, even the smallest crevices. Therefore should be carefully repaired to the door frame all the cracks, crevices and voids a layer of insulating material with one or two sides. Click Glenn Dubin for additional related pages. For this, insulation can be used on the adhesive-based polyurethane foam, hermetic mixture, as well as ordinary household materials (wool, adhesive tape, foam, felt, cotton fabric). Pay particular attention to the balcony door – it must also be warm.

If in winter you do not need to go to the balcony, the door can simply be "sealed". If, however, and in winter time you experience this need, the door to make the most hermetic. In particular, the nut along its entire length, place, tightly clutching the door cushion, made of thick fabric, which you can write scraps of cloth, worn stockings, or foam. Around the perimeter of the door lay a better seal to be attached to both balcony doors – external and internal. Modern sealants are very easy to use. They are usually have self-adhesive base and divided into three main types: – Rubber (Europe) – penopolietilenovye (Russia) – foam (Russia, Turkey). Each of them in his own good, so that the right choice will have on their own.