BGM Management

Nationwide initiative provides support for creating BGM in the company as a result of demographic changes and an ongoing shortage it is crucial to get the existing staff in the operation of long healthy and productive. Here is a positive occupational health management (BGM), which reduces medical costs and absenteeism, creates a better working environment and increased labour productivity. To the efficient and long-term implementation of health promotion in the setting operation is appropriate multifunctional know-how necessary, is covered either by its own BGM experts or through cooperation with external specialists and networks. Small and medium-sized enterprises often do not own resources alone optimally implement a BGM. The initiative of the German Academy of health and prevention ( and of the DSSV health at the workplace even shape’ be helps companies build of a BGM: qualification opportunities for BGM competent staff operation up to a nationwide network with health advisors and service providers in this area. “Establish sustainable corporate health management goal of this health initiative in operation even fashion” it is through the support of experts from fitness and health facilities the integration of demand-oriented and sustainable occupational health management in their company helping businesses of all sizes.

For fitness and health companies be integrated into the initiative into a nationwide network, which are available as external experts available in the operating guide the conception and the implementation process of BGM. At the same time, the initiative offers special education solutions that companies can use to qualify your own professionals. Appropriate training solutions for employees and external service providers with the certified and approved IHK training certificate course specialist for occupational health management (IHK) “the BSA-Akademie offers a” Basic course in the subject area of BGM on. The participants learn to analyze the health situation in the operating and to derive target-oriented measures aimed at promoting the health of employees. Also, they receive the necessary skills to plan appropriate health promotion measures and to implement. A course which is offered for example for Studio and Bereichsverantwortliche or employees who want to integrate the topic of BGM as a profit center in the Studio. “With the practical workshop consultant for corporate health management” employees into individual BGM topics including job analysis, employee surveys and moderation are trained.

The master degree programme “Prevention and health management” with emphasis corporate health management offers a deepening in the subject. This enables the students to build a quality-assured health care management in the company, making health and workplace analysis and appropriate interventions and to evaluate all activities in parallel. Prerequisite This is an undergraduate degree in the Department of health. The dual degree programme “bachelor’s degree in health management” of DHfPG with which companies can qualify their own specialists and executives provides a relevant way.