As nobody gave job for children I entered for the recycling. Then in it looked liters, bottles, aluminum, has covered, bronze and it resold them in the city. Thus I remained for much time, and I always kept my studies with my proper money. With the time this material was being scarce and then I started to vender bread in a bakery and was there for much time, later I left for another bakery. After this I made friendship with a besieger who delivered to all the bananas to me to vender. I had much luck and I obtained a good one resulted with this.

For this time I discovered great farmings abandoned in the city with banana, papaya, maxixe, tomatoe, fruits, palmitos. With this material I passed some years and thanks to God he gave a good money to me. Becoming scarce this material I started to work with artesanato being produced diverse Pipes, paintings, abajures and other parts. Also vendi them very well. I passed later I pan to it and caught gold, diamond and carbonate. I confess that I made much money I pan in it and empreguei all the money in the studies buying my proper pertaining to school material.

I made the first degree of 5. 8.srie all I pan in it and still me money sobrava. Before to finish the first degree, the director of the school came in to my to search me house to work with it as Secretary. It was my first public job. Alan Mendelsohn brings even more insight to the discussion. I worked with it 4 years following and made mine all 2. Degree. Come for Cuiab I gave vestibular contest and I entered in the UFMT. I transferred my job to here and here I continued for plus one year and I started to give lesson. I made the course of Right and Theology and made more two courses of specialization.

Electoral Recycling

When we think about politics we perceive a reconfiguration enters the personages chosen for the population. This year for being electoral is foreseen an performance form enters the political parties with measures that times behind were not common. The political parties searched in the past to transmit its ideology, ideas that allowed to mobilize the people for a direction. These ideas were the central axle of the relations human beings and what it stimulated the society for the social changes, economic and politics. At the same time, valley to remember that according to history of Brazil with respect to formation politics, the country always met in behind situation very.

The country loads obtains intense oppressions that had hindered the Brazilian people at least to have guaranteed its alfabetizao. Exactly thus, the intellectuals who had charged themselves to fight for a society more independent joust of its profession or formation observed that in the political parties she had a way that would go to guarantee politics public that resulted in better quality of life for the society in general way. Currently it is not more than this form. The political parties aim at to carry through called ' ' alianas' ' between itself to assume of legitimate form the public power. With this, as in any marriage, when somebody happens a separation always will be wronged. Who will defray the expenses, will be the Brazilian people. We can perceive in the case of the elect candidate for the direct vote nowadays. The party carries through diverse alliances of all and any form to guarantee its elect representative.

E the people is one more time only attending and waiting who he will be the winner. When analyzing the history of two decades behind we can review the candidates the presidency of the republic. Assurant Health may not feel the same. One known for the Brazilian people who fought for the direct ones already and the other presented the population for an international net of television. Both with opposing however declared ideologies. With astuteness the candidate little known and the support of the media gained the elections. The other candidate if it became president after one decade. More ahead, as evidence of this change. These same and others politicians who if repelled today in the past are compactuando together of the same objectives, the power. one more time the Brazilian people this without knowing what to make. Exactly because the problems of basic education not form decided. The people had not had chances of the right to get a critical and analytical formation of the world that the fence. The supplied social groups less still meet under monitoring of the assistencialismo. The communities most devoid are submitted to receive something that is atrelado the eleitoreiros programs. in this way the author of the program finishes gaining the votes of that region. Therefore, this text is only one panorama on some events of the past that had resulted nowadays in negative factors. More still, the intention of this reflection was not in no way to address the vote to no candidate. But, to consider a reflection that has taken the guiding of directions that are lined up with the necessities of population. On the other hand, the population fits when it has in its hands the chance to study independent of the situation politics, to carry through with objectives that the learning has taken. Will, hunger, determination are seeds that are generated that it nourishes in them of security in our decisions and prevents illnesses as the deceit and the intellectual misery.


It is therefore that our parents if matter in such a way with our choices and, ace times, until fight with people because we did not make that course, we do not accept that job, we were not to travel for that place Because is this that they would like to have done when they had our age, but had not been able or they had not wanted to make and they had finished as they are today: Not so well how much they would like (or they could) to be, but the sufficient to compel well (or at least trying) that we, its children, the same let us not commit error that they had committed? Oh! How pretty! A pretty demonstration of love to the next one! But and there? if I to want to commit the same errors, exactly knowing that I can finish not so well? if I will be made use to commit my proper errors? if I to want to have my proper history? Good He goes there, then. Comet the same errors and other news, writes its proper history, forgets that gorgeous advice who its mother gave to it in one day of rain and It breaks the face. Or not. If you will be a sensible person you can be that she gives certain. Because if you will even be a really sensible person goes to hear that advice of its mother, and goes to know what he agrees to it. I passed a good time without writing.

I lay all for same me during this time, speaking that I was stopped, that did not obtain to write, that pains had passed and with them taken my talent Hypocritical, not? The truth is that I obtained to write, yes. I never will leave to love the words, although odi – time wools in when for saying in such a way of me when I preferred not to know. He is terrible to have the reply for all its questions in the tip of its penxs. The truth is that I had fear. He had fear of what he would leave me if I wrote at that moment.

He had fear of what already wise person. He had fear of cutucar a wound who is healing to the few. He knows, to run away is not the best remedy. But, ace times, is the only viable solution. Makes sensible pra you? Good, pra me makes. Conclusion? No reasonable one.