– Swiss Sport Community Platform For Sports Partner

Swiss online community for sports partners ‘partner2sport’ starts on 6 April 2010, and is an innovative networking platform for private and professional contact management in the field of sport. Palusion GmbH founds”partner2sport – Swiss sport community platform for sports partners. Swiss online community for sports partners”starts on the 6th, 2010 and is an innovative networking platform for private and professional contact management in the field of sport. Niederrohrdorf, 6 April 2010 partner2sport”an open and secure network provides for sporty, active people from the Switzerland. Due to the wide range of popular sports, everyone can find a suitable sport partner here. New members can after a free registration create your own sports profile and find potential partners of sport by means of search query.

It can also be searched individual dates or time periods. After a paid registration, the premium potential sports partners, membership, individually with each other can contact record. When you contact, you can send different time suggestions and arrange a suitable appointment. In today’s Internet age community platforms and social networking are no longer and become an important part of private and professional contacts. With our business idea, the sport community platform, we offer a professional about sporting interests to establish contacts in addition. Sport plays an important role in today’s society we have the right sports partners.”so Patrik Lind, financed Managing Director Palusion GmbH.

is the business model on the one hand through sponsors and advertising partners, on the other hand premium membership. This includes an expanded service package and costs CHF 20 for the duration of one year. The online community is currently available in German. About the Palusion GmbH: The Palusion GmbH was founded in October 2009. It is the operator of online sports community – the professional networking platform for How to contact with management in the field of sport. Target is the services steadily to expand it and to become the market leader for professional networking platforms in the field of sport. Contact: Palusion GmbH Mr.


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