CC AA already accumulated a debt of 115,000 million, almost double that in 2007 and 32 percent more than a year ago. The weight of debt is the 10.9% of GDP. Of the 13 communities that elections held yesterday, the debt is the Valencian (with 17.6 billion), followed by Madrid (13.4 billion). On the other side of the scale are La Rioja (726) and Cantabria (911). In addition, the goal of all is reduce its deficit this year to 1.3% of GDP, the equivalent of 16,000 million.

By the side of halls, the debt is 28,700 million. 15 Large cities, the PP will manage 9,300 million and the only PSOE 676 if he manages to keep Zaragoza. Income by votes aside from budgets that manage communities and city councils, which govern and parties that won representation in consistories and regional parliaments are an important economic injection. The State paid 276,86 by elected Councilman and 0.55 to vote, one 9% increase with respect to the 2007 elections. Communities also give money to the parties that have achieved representation. It varies in each of them. Canary Islands, the most generous, grants 20.456 to seat and 0.76 to vote.

Castile and Only Leon da 10.205 a by parliamentary and 0.4 to vote. Obviously, the two major parties are those who benefit most: the PP will receive about 22 million, and the Socialist s, around 15.5 million. Bildu will enter 525.000. He has won more than 313,000 votes, what has allowed him to obtain 1,138 councilmen, the absolute majority in 88 municipalities and the simple in other 25 cities. You will also need parliamentarians 7 in Navarre. The formation of Rosa Diez, UPyD, will get more than 647,000 a thanks to its 465,000 votes in the municipal (152 councilmen) and 187.832 votes in the autonomic (8 deputies in the Assembly of Madrid). Source of the news: the new electoral map changes hands some 36,000 million

Fernando Torres

A powerful footed crashed on the stick and an accurate pass left only eleven minutes to Montolivo before Casillas. With quality stung the ball to the net. Without the game made in Spain Spain could not find the ball, he lacked speed, intensity and order. To make matters worse, Fernando Torres suffered a concussion and calling for change. I had to appear Andres Iniesta.

Apply the style. With the minutes he tried. At age 18 he finally intervened Buffon with a centering shot from Silva, the best Spanish. The dnsivas limitations marked to Spain. If you ahead lines suffered. There were only five above dense, they were four for injury of Monreal. Forced to scuttle to risk. It came with muscle discomfort and endured 45 minutes.

Appeared Casillas, salvador in a hand crafted before Criscito. Moments later, Spain was an excessive award to its merits. Fernando Llorente was pushed when I went to finish off a Center from the left side and the referee had no hesitation. Xabi Alonso converted the penalty. With its worst face, the red came to rest tying, after new intervention by Casillas to Cassano cross shot. The test was complicated with injuries and the few ctive in dnsa. Del Bosque that measured efforts to prevent anger from Real Madrid and Barcelona, had to locate Busquets’s right side by injury Iraola and Javi Martinez of central by Pique. Experiments with soda in a group to which Joan Capdevila and Sergio Ramos, Carles Puyol missing. They maintained the type as they could. Required changes before Balotelli and Pazzini speed. Numerous substitutions in a friendly left the debut of Thiago. The first occurrence on the absolute of a footballer who marked an era. By nerves, a player who is pure fantasy, lost more that the usual balls. Villa came out with their usual goal hunger. He tried from 30 meters to see ahead of Buffon and chuto whenever he could.

Construction Spending

Against the euro, the yen gave 170 pips reaching the 132.47 while the ECB reduced interest rates taking them to 1%. However, the GBP/JPY pair fell slightly, given that the English economy continues to show signs of deterioration. Today estimated volatility in the yen, given that Japan will be absent from the calendar of the day. Petroleum crude oil in sight of $60 yesterday crude oil recorded highs at $58.55 to close at $57.10. Crude oil advanced 1% or 51 cents and closed at $57.10 area. Oil advanced by existing inflationary fears, and above all because it is estimated that the worst of the global crisis has already happened. In addition the Crude Oil Inventories that was below expectations and Construction Spending this week totaled points for the current trend.However crude oil declined at the beginning of the day, given that the American unemployment figures are awaited with eagerness.

If they continue positive publications, especially in developed nations, estimated that crude oil could reach $65 per barrel to the week coming. News technical EUR/USD the upward trend lost momentum, while the pair is consolidated in the 1.3410. In the graphic newspaper the couple is situated in the upper part of the IHR, so a downward correction would be imminent. Occurs when the break bassist, go in short would be the right decision to follow. GBP/USD hourly chart shows mixed signals and RSI is in neutral territory. However, the daily chart shows IHR excesses of purchases, so a downward correction would be imminent.

Occurs when the break bassist, go in short would be the right decision to follow. USD/JPY pair has traded within a range established without defined direction. The daily chart shows the stochastic slow with mixed signals. The 4-hour chart does not provide nor clear signals. Wait for clearer signs would be successful. USD/CHF continues a trade at the hourly level within the established ranges. The 4-hour chart shows the stochastic slow on neutral territory. However the RSI suggests a possible upward correction. When occurs the bullish, go on long break It would be the right decision to follow. The letter of the day petroleum crude oil last week was on the rise and reached highs at $57.50. However in the graphic newspaper the RSI is in excess of purchases, so a downward correction would be imminent. Occurs when the break bassist, go in short would be the right decision to follow.

Eastern Europe

These connoisseurs of excellent travel in Eastern Europe appreciate beer in Prague monuments and cultural heritage of the capital. It is worth special mention beer of local production. This foodie at least once thought about the legendary Czech beer. In many restaurants and cafes are countless diverse beer, which is very often the author. For example, a typical range of beers in a beer restaurants in Prague: beer banana and cherry, coffee, nettle, seasonal, beer champagne, beer liquor, beer brand, and so on. Shoppers are always sent to the Paris streets in the city center – there are a large number of different stores "High marks: Gucci, Prada, Kenzo, D & G, and so go one after another.

Czech Republic famous for its crystal and glass. In the capital, you will find a great selection of products made of glass, ranging from completely standard factory figures, finishing with copyright vases, glasses, plates and glass sculptures simply incredible beauty. In boutiques downtown, where full of visitors, the prices are naturally high, but you can go to any shopping center, located in one of the newer areas of town, there will be cheaper in the half, and maybe more. We think that the hotels in Prague is to your liking. However, this property is true for many things, including the prices in restaurants and hotels.

For a small price you offer good service with a dinner or breakfast. Choose a continental breakfast in the morning if you are not hungry. This will be a bun and coffee, but if like in the morning for breakfast more tightly, then your service desk Swedish type, because it does not go away hungry, for sure. You can not count on the hotel in the heart of the capital, it will be more expensive, and the constant crowd of tired. The choice of the tourist – a guide to Prague and all that will be associated with the Czech capital. Having said that, in the largest areas of Prague are always crowded, day and night. Enough to settle within 20 minutes drive from the center. Public transport in Prague works fine, you can buy a day travel card and travel on all modes of transport, in particular, the metro with no restrictions on the number of landings.