Roma People

The Gypsy tarot is one of most peculiar tarots that exist. First, it is of the few decks that allow you to pull the Tarot cards to oneself and secondly, it is possible to perform Gypsy tarot Chuck every day. The Gypsy tarot is a Centennial art that we have received different variants. The Russian Gypsy deck the Russian Gypsy deck is a deck unlike the other decks of tarot. Each of the letters is divided into four parts that contain a fourth figure, i.e., the Charter itself does not form any figure, but that these are constructed as the Tarot cards are pulling.

The use and knowledge of this deck are collected in the book of Svetlana Alexandrovna Touchkoff. Gypsy Gypsy cards of the tarot cards have their origin in Egypt. It is said that the great Egyptian priests, fearing being caught up by their rivals, relied their secrets about the methods of divination through the tarot the wandering people who always managed to escape his enemies: the Gypsies. Although at first glance it may seem that the Gypsy cards of the tarot are different the classic Tarot, the reality is that they follow the same structure, although the arcana they associated with specific characters in the universe of the Roms. The Zingaro Gypsy tarot deck tarot was conceived by Unger Tchalai, and is totally different to the other Gypsy Barajas and the traditional letters. Tarot zingaro introduces elements of nature in their iconography.

The forms are very basic and very intense colors. The interpretation of drawings is very simple, so this tarot does not lead to erroneous interpretations, is very easy to apply and very precise. Related to the world of tarot and Gypsies, we can also find magic spells with letters of the tarot and, in this same line, Gypsy magic. The art of prediction and Tarot cards Tarot Gitano arcane elders: the magician ‘ 78 letters article Tarot Gitano and psychological meanings Medicine the Gypsy tarot: history and use Free clairvoyance Laftrache Tarot


The lapsing of fitoterpicos demands some cares special, so that qualitative and quantitative alterations of the assets do not occur prescri them to you. They follow some important parameters that they must be observed during the lapsing: Scientific name Is very common one same plant to receive diverse denominations popular, depending on the region, as well as two distinct plants will receive one same denomination popular. An example of this is the Grass of Is Joo, a common denomination for the Hypericum perforatum, plant very used as ansioltica, and for the Agerathum conyzoides, it plants very used for pains of the stomach, clicas, and as antipyretic. Therefore, the use of the scientific nomenclature, this yes specific for each species, are guarantee of that the prepared medicine the same is prescribed. Used part the assets gifts in the plants can vary, depends on the part to be used in the preparation of the medicine. The Passiflora sp. (Maracuj), for example, it presents an activity ansioltica due the asset gifts in its leves, while the flour prepared with the pulp of the fruit is an excellent hipolipmico.

Leaving of this estimated, the indication of the part of the plant used for the preparation of the fitoterpico also is the guarantee of that discrepancies between the prescribed medicine and the prepared one do not occur. Presentation the use of the scientific nomenclature and the specification of the part to be used of the plant prevents qualitative shunting lines in the merchandise dispatched of the lapsing, that is, it prevents that a different medicine of the prescribed one is prepared. However, it is not only the substitution of a medicine for that they can harm the effectiveness and the security of the prescribed medicine. Alterations in the dosages can take the alterations in the effectiveness and the security of the fitoterpico treatment. The different presentations, as dry dyes, extracts, fluid extracts, gliclicos extracts, after, can contain differentiated concentrations of the assets gifts in the plants, being able to occur low in the effectiveness (in cases of doses below of the prescribed ones) or an increase of the toxicidade (in case of doses above of the prescribed ones) of the medicine.

Individual Medicine

Homeopathy has the advantage that it does not produce side effects so it can be applied to women pregnant women, elderly and children even lactating. My experience with this therapy tells me that it is very useful for banal diseases where allopathic medicine fails miserably. Another of the peculiarities that have this treatment is that we use at infinitesimal doses (hence its lack of side effects) through a process of dilution and dynamization of the product. This achieves the final result will be a non-toxic medication but that contains information necessary for the organism to react to the drug. I.e. with homeopathic medicine, what we get is that the individual cure himself by stimulating their reaction before the adverse product that produces the symptoms suffered his illness at that time. Thus we enter the concept for me more important of this medicine.

It is individuality. The technological advances that we are constantly getting in medicine contemporary, leads us to fragment the sick, in such a way that we forget to study it as a whole and we focus on the organ or organs affected. This is a mistake, because the individual is a whole both physical and psychic and in fact there is an interaction between this duality of the patient, in such a way that many physical pathological processes lead us to some abnormal psychical behaviors or vice versa. This concept is what more I like homeopathic medicine, because it maintains the treatment of the sick person as a human being instead of seeing it as a body exclusively. When an individual is sick, his whole body responds to this disease, because it establishes an imbalance throughout your body, because all he is interaccionado. The liver works because blood flows by, the heart moves because determines it the brain similar to the endocrine system is involved in this and the rest of the bodies.


Aqualift – improves electric surrounding tissues, normalizes microcirculation in the injection zone, having a positive charge attracts negatively charged soluble molecules of the extracellular matrix, collagen, elastin, fibroektin, glikozaminglikany. Aqualift – inert, does not enter into reaction with the early introduction of fillers, allows for multiple doses in one anatomical region with insufficient or phase correction. Aqualift – exhibits a weakly acidic properties, which is extremely hostile environment for settlement and development of pathogenic microbial flora. Aqualift – no irritation, does not cause any allergies or incompatibilities due to the lack of it initiators of immune responses. Aqualift – while in the tissues does not cause inflammatory reactions and is not moved from the area of administration. Aqualift – the introduction of large volumes in one anatomical region (150 – 200 ml.) Changes in form of fragmentation and the formation of coarse fibrous capsule is noted. Ingredients: 0.9% physiological solution of sodium chloride – 96-98% A synthetic polymer – 2-4% The use of small amounts of an implant is used in cosmetology. The gradual, slow biodegradation of the implant reduces the weight of the gel until it is complete resorption.

For these purposes, cosmetic line is available in syringes for product 1-2-3-4 ml. a) Wrinkles Wrinkles forehead creases between the eyebrows anger Wrinkles around the eyes (crow's feet) Wrinkles of the eyelids Nasolabial folds Wrinkles around the lips Cheek wrinkles Folds bitterness in the corners of his lips on my lips wrinkles Wrinkles Wrinkles on the neck in neckline b) Volumetric filling of the following zones under the eyes Cavity sunken cheeks To increase the cheekbones to give the bulk lips Align the oval face folds on the chin Very bony hand Knees One of the latest achievements of the beauty industry is a technology Aquafilling, which is based on the use of implant material (filler) of a new generation Aqalift. Aqalift – physiological, biocompatible hydrogel, which in its properties and structure optimally corresponds to the internal environment of the human body, which virtually eliminates post-operative complications and adverse spillover effects. However, Aqalift shows unmatched and truly long-term (up to 5 years), the aesthetic result. Procedure Aquafilling low-traumatic, virtually painless. On the day of surgery or the next day, the patient returns to normal life. New opening in the plastic surgery can abandon the old approaches and make a new qualitative leap in medicine of the future!

Brazilian Gastronomy

With the advance of the technology, the constant changes in the environment directly influence in the feeding of all the people, who live in differentiated realities, suffering a pressure in its organism that always receive varied foods and nor from good quality and in its great majority industrialized products, from which do not know the real origin. This has caused a significant increase of cases of diverse illnesses, having had as .causing main me the feeding. She is necessary that, over all to take in account the historical factors that influence in the alimentary habits and elaboration of new habits where the regionalidade, naturalness and the socialization promoted for typical plates they actively act in the quality of life of the people. Words key: gastronomia, economy, culinria, culture, prescriptions, combination, flavors. INTRODUCTION Appears in France in century XIX the term gastronomia. This time it was characterized for the great value attributed to vegetables, mainly potatoes.

Rescuing and adaptando the current reality, each city develops its typical plate, valuing its culture and its regionalidade, and still standing out what it has of better in the culinria of its city. Umuarama situated city in the region the northwest of the Paran and has as typical plate the chicken in the roofing tile, and receives in this festividade visiting of all region. The party, carried through a time per year, in the November month, mobilizes all the townspeople, companies and visitors. Many people not yet have access to the knowledge, do not know very on the cultural base of its city nor of its roots. The name of Umuarama in the gastronmico tourism can still be emphasized that the profits are coated the institutions devoid of the city, one of the other objective of the party and be expanded, according to President of the event, Francisco Wild Elias.

Buenos Aires Longer

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