Social Nets

SUMMARY In accordance with social psychology, in group the individuals loses its individuality on behalf of the identification with the other members of the group and its ideals, and for Freud in group the individuals regridem to a primitive condition of the mind, therefore they start to act for instincts, giving outflow to the restrained desires until then. What to say then of a group in a virtual environment? Where everything seems possible An inquiry in this direction if makes to justify to understand as many of the original concepts of the freudiano thought are atemporais and contribute for the agreement of current questions. For in such a way this work they consider one analyzes of the present psychology of masses in the social nets as ' ' Orkut' '. Continue to learn more with: McDougall Program. Word-keys: social, surrounding psychology virtual, social nets. The choice of this subject must the necessity be mainly understood the phenomenon for which it passes the modern society in recent years, that it is the popularizao of the human contacts in virtual environment. These relationships grow to each year and if they give preferential through social nets, are professional they or of entertainment. In accordance with the last numbers published in the press, almost four in each five Brazilians, with access the Internet enter in ' ' Orkut' ' all month, the net most popular in Brazil, created in 2006 and currently with 30,3 million only visitors.

It is the biggest penetration in social nets in the world. Other surprising numbers are the accesses to the net that arrive at average of 37 times for month made for Brazilian users who pass about five hardwired hours the net per day. Of these ' ' internautas' ' Brazilians, 32.7% are young between 25 and 34 years and form the first etria band in ' ' Orkut' '. Flame attention this phenomenon, therefore amongst as much other nets with more specific objectives, directed toward students, for professional career, even though for the proper work does not have as much popularity, even so grows to each day, how much this net of pure and simple relationship. .

One Day Cosmic

12/12 we do not need to go very far to say Happy 2012. Proper the 2010 are a ticket awardee who not yet ran. In the last ticket of year we could say to the dear beings that the new year is this or that, everything of good, etc., but ticket 2010 only runs in 01/01/2011. For signal, one dates mstica. However, all fuzu on 12/12 is based in msticos and purely not scientific concepts.

Thus, discarding as and in concentrating in the first one, let us see what they say some chains of thought. ' ' One Day Cosmic is equal the 4,3 billion years. The evolution of the Land already consumed 3.1 billion years of the Cosmic Day that we are living. The planet Land will evolve more than in the next cycle to 40 years (1988-2028) what it evolved in last the 3.1 billion anos.' ' (Vywamus). An advanced mstica culture exists today in the planet, entering in tune with equally advanced energies, that in the truth are unaware of time-space concepts, is unaware of over all the Law of the Eye for Eye, but they know that planet acts in the physical world and therefore he is subject to time-space laws. For them, the Cosmic Day mentions inspiration and expiration to it of Brahma, or, if to prefer, of God. Many are the names of God. ' ' As well as the men in the Land they breathe, God also respira.' ' (Djwhal Khul).

Inspiration and expiration find parallel to the movement of a pendulum. Between going and coming has a rest moment. This moment is considered by the msticos as a moment without time, an eternity moment. ' ' The accurate average point between the inspiration and the expiration of God will occur in 2012, providing an opening for the incompressible emergency of something.

Care For Your Body

I'm full of unconditional love, and I express it today. I full of joy, and express it today. I'm full of peace and today I share it with others. I'm full of infinite wisdom, and I call her today. And that's the truth about me. In the infinity of life where I am, all perfect, whole and complete. I live in harmony with all people I know.

In the depths of my soul – an inexhaustible source of love. I let her come to the surface, and love fills my heart, my body, my mind, consciousness, all my being. I radiate love, and she returns to me multiplied many times. The more love I get, the more they give. I feel good when I like. Love is the joy that lives in me.

I love myself, and so gently take care of your body. I holyu it and cherish, tasty feed, sing and dress well, and it answers me vibrant health and energy. I love myself, so I have a comfortable home, where is all that I need and where to enjoy. I fill my House of fluid love, and whoever came here, including me, feel love and be warmed by it. I am closely connected with the Great Power that created me. I have everything necessary to succeed. And now I authorize the formula success to fill all my mind and put in my life. All I intended to accomplish, to be successful. I am learning from our experiences. I'm going from success to success, from triumph to triumph. My life's path – a chain of steps leading to more greater success. In my world, everything is fine. Many people want to take a compliment to get rich, but absolutely do not accept compliments. I know some young actors and actresses that wanted to be a "star" who just cringe when they hear the compliments. However, a compliment – it's a gift that brings us prosperity. Learn to accept them graciously and with joy. I always smile and thank you when receiving a compliment or a gift. Even better respond to a compliment compliment. In this case, making you feel the compliment, though he received a gift. Take all that life sends you, gratefully and generously share with others. Suppose that this process will continuous. Rejoice that you can wake up every morning and live another day. Be happy that you are alive, healthy, have friends, have the ability to create and feel the joy of being. Strive for higher knowledge and enjoy the process of self transformation.