Siamese Meat

Meat cut into small pieces or scroll to the meat grinder. For the remainder, the broth to boil rice and grated a carrot that would be a combination of meat and rice was one to one. Mix everything, add butter, if using a non fatty meat, 1-2 eggs, parsley and boil for 5 minutes and. Chicken can be alternated with beef or salt fish. As for dairy products, there is enough controversial issue, the vast majority of cats suffers from lactose intolerance. Milk, yogurt, cottage cheese should be given very carefully and follow suit if it is your cat.

Excellent vitamin additive for oriental cats are quail eggs, enough one raw egg a week (be sure to check dates, desirable that the eggs were fresh not more than 7 days). Naturally it is not necessary to limit the cat's diet purely natural food. Professional food premium must be present in the daily menu of your pet. But the question here is feed a high level, have proven themselves among the breeders of cats, as similar cheap parody, nor to no good lead. Our nursery has been successfully practiced by a combined power supply system, we are faced with several bowls of different foods and cats themselves choose what they want more in the moment. Continue to learn more with: fracking facts. Oriental cats are very mobile and consumption energy from them is higher than in normal cats, so food must be in unlimited quantities, with the exception of only neutered cats and animals of advanced age.

For these animals are selected special feed and calculated specific diet, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism. Be sure your cat has to be fresh water, changing water needed every day! To improve the digestive system and removing clots from the stomach of their own wool for your kitties need a special grass at the pet store. Which the cat can use to induce vomiting for the complete cleansing of the stomach and your favorite colors not be affected:) I hope my recommendations will help you to bring up and maintain the health of your cat. I sincerely wish you good health to you and your pets. Sincerely, Ella Galyuk Cattery Oriental and Siamese D ARANID Oriental and Siamese cats oriental cats cattery D Aranid

Baby Reflexes

A child is born with a lot of innate reflexes, many of which fade over time. Many of the baby are reflexive. Scarce reacts to bright light, yawning, lying on his stomach, trying to lift his head. All these actions are reflexive. Sucking reflex is very well developed in all babies, but this reflex is extinguished in the second year of your baby. Massage therapists have developed exercises for the most small, it is based on reflexes, baby. Sucking reflex is one of the most important reflex for a baby.

This reflex is triggered automatically when the mother gives the baby breast or bottle with the mixture. If the infant baby does not suck enough, then the child may subsequently be produced bad habits-sucking or finger nails obkusyvanie. Search reflex is triggered automatically as well. Ate to touch the cheek baby pacifier that he immediately turn his head in that direction and will look for the nipple. This reflex is expressed more strongly when the baby is hungry. Protective reflex produced especially when the baby is placed on his tummy and he turns his head to one side, thus does not take the choke.

The kid has many more important reflexes, which are critical for the development of the baby. Innate reflexes – is a specific response baby on a specific external stimulus. Investigation of reflexes are mainly used to assess the condition of the nervous system. Normally, all the reflexes have their time of appearance and disappearance. Some reflexes are observed practically from birth and eventually die out, while others appear only when the child grows. (The time of appearance and disappearance of reflexes in the norm, see below), Reflections of a healthy child should be symmetric, ie the observed response must be equal to the right and left. On the asymmetry of reflexes say when reflexes are normally caused on the one hand and no other. For example, in studies grasping reflex (the reflex of the methodology, see below) the child is well captures your fingers with one hand and the other does not do it. This situation requires mandatory counseling pediatrician. Source:

Earrings For Girls

Ears are one of the most beautiful and attract the eyes of the body. We are first and foremost we decorate our ears with earrings in order to add luster to the eyes, to emphasize this or that thing, and just show the level of affluence. Each wants a loving mother sooner or later to decorate the ears of the children of this accessory as earrings. And it often happens that the kid has not made his first steps, and the ears are already adorn the earrings. And whether it is worth doing, does not affect whether a child is a negative like a simple thing. as ear piercing. It is worth remembering that in our body a lot of nerve points. And the ears are one of the richest biologically active points of the body.

Little kiddies easier pierce ears, it will be less painful and does not leave a child in the memories of that day. Also, young children up to two years, generally little to remember. So if you want as soon as possible to dress your child earrings, then of course it is worth doing in the period up to two years. Although here, too, has its own difficulties, you need to buy comfortable earrings, so they do not interfere baby to sleep, but it's mostly the so-called 'samokolki'. Ears punch you will carnations from the medical steel, in which a child should be held monthly.

They are quite uncomfortable to sleep and healing. After a month of wearing them you are shooting and are free to wear other child earrings. Still, much better than punching a child's ears when child, why he had not yet sought. After all, what you want is not always a good child, and as it was not there, he and you – it's individuals. Learn from the earliest time to reckon with his views and desires.


"Sorry? After all, what happened? Never! "Such phrases are not rare to hear. While everyone understands forgiveness differently. Some people think forgiveness unacceptable weakness. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. Neal Barnard. "Forgiving" batterer, always trying to erase it from memory, so as not to irritate the wound. And someone is considering forgiveness as a favor. Here are some common myths about forgiveness. People such as Dr. John Mcdougall would likely agree. Myth One: Time will heal any wound. Time is a great healer.

How many times has this phrase sounded like a consolation! In fact, the past resentments eventually lose their sharpness. But the healing properties of time should not be exaggerated. It copes well with small insults. But the deception, betrayal hurts the soul for a long time. Again, while only helps to forget, but forgive the offense.

The second myth: to forgive – then erase from memory. This myth has been actively pushing for those who believe that the brain is to give a command – and he, as if by magic, erase from memory unpleasant event or person. Again – and voila! Self-deception, no more. When Oksana broke up with her boyfriend, she decided to delete it permanently from your life, forget to put a big and fat point. She strongly rid from anything that could remind him of: photographs, letters, objects, gifts. At one point it seemed that it was possible to forget. The pain subsided. But then I saw him with another girl – and old resentments flared up with renewed vigor. Her attempts to forget and break with the past have collapsed in an instant.

Holiday Gifts

Originality, style, beauty, surprise, practicality – are the main qualities of this gift … In all their demands, and this, and rightly so, because we are all different. But there will always be popular fun gifts for men and individual, at the height of fashion for women. The main thing that came to mind a gift to whom it is intended, that is necessary to look not so much relying on your taste, considering how much preference a man who daritsya gift. In Otherwise, the gift can not be: it will leave a dusting in some place, or with great pleasure someone will give, in general, get rid of him. To better prepare for an upcoming event early so that your efforts have not been. Undoubtedly, there are banal standard solutions and kits that can be bought at the last moment, but a lot more people be happy when he learns that the gift was chosen from the heart. For even more details, read what Dr. Neal Barnard says on the issue. It so happens that time to spare, but do not want to give the banality, the solution will be fun gifts for women and men, as well as for children.

If the hero of the occasion – a practical person, then decide what to present – a very is not difficult. Every useful thing would be to his liking, but here the selection have to take a sober and do not buy, for example, unnecessary voltmeter. Especially if you say this is the device still needs and suffering from restrictions. Such present risk of being perceived as podkolka. Active living busy lives, people need to buy a present, the rate of their hobbies.

Let's say, going on holiday to the tourist, good will today's useful stuff: from waterproof bags for documents to waterproof matches. Breeder please the trendy habits for your dog or some other memento. Avid programmer or kompyuterschitsu – a portable hard drive, mouse or glamorous USB flash drive – what you do not have unique gifts for women? In general, unique ideas are acceptable to cheer for the selection of a surprise. As they say all non-standard – a sort of surprise. Amazing gifts for men and unique to Women are surprising and fun, but it is the most appropriate emotion at the festival.


Family? The importance in the creation of the children the way for which the medias distribute and publish information can confuse many people. Today, the information is multiplied and accessible of all form. The population if sees emerged, bombed of notice for all side. E, in this context appears the families. They are parents who if worry about creation of the children and children who many times are being reached of negative form for these wild information. I believe that the children are the biggest concern of the parents, is not really? Therefore the filter of these information must be made with much caution, as much for adults as for children and adolescents.

It is difficult to take decisions when it has been supported only for what it is seen for all I sing, or for the Internet, for example. A critical conscience must be had on the information. The family in this process is essential. The education then is primordial so that our children know to differ the important information from the ones that are not. The family must stimulate the power of the anyway valid reading and of knowledge, of learning. We must more guide our children and who interesting in them on the great filter that has in us.

To know to use the information in proper benefit and for personal growth. To make use of only pertinent, valuable information exactly. This is not loss of time, is efficient and contagiante for all the life. The family is the greater well that an individual can have, and therefore the conviviality inside of the home and the way as if give the relations must be optimum possible. The result of a family who argues questions of day-by-day and that it talks is healthful fruits. From there, the construction of the familiar base is alone the way for a safe port that you will enjoy to any time of its life. A subject exists that is in high, can always find something related to this in the media and that it is important for the family: the question of social responsibility. A family who obtains to perceive the beauty of if making something in I benefit of another one, already it has some favorable points so that the task of creation of children is less painful. The way will be more pleasant, therefore to make the good without if interesting in knowing the face of the benefited one is something that we must spread, and that it had more to be notified in the media for our children, familiar, for all. Peter Blacksmith * Peter Blacksmith is writer, born and created in Mosque in the Of the state of Rio de Janeiro Lowered one and possesss four published books. Fifth goes to call ' ' Family in Foco' '.


The process of matching the proposed (or imposed) in the role of psychology is called projective identification. As a psychotherapist working with clients sometimes unwittingly falls into the role imposed on him by the client. A psychologist might suddenly find himself as a savior or a tyrant, depending on what He expects the client and how strong is the projection onto the therapist. However, the Gestalt therapist is aware of a good, fast detect this and will come out of imposed roles. Others who may share this opinion include Senator of Massachusetts. As in life as people are identified (merge) with the role projects on their partner for a long time, possibly for life. For instance, if you have an idea that your partner in marriage should be such and such and such, then you are looking for a partner who, for whatever his personal characteristics suitable for this role (or do you think is right), that is, projecting on him their expectations. For example – a man should be the main earner in the family.

And your partner will struggle to be "getter" keeping in mind that anyone anything he should not and that you too can earn nice. The output of this "ought", which creates tremendous pressure in the human psyche can become a disease, alcoholism, divorce, or death. Such a performance is played out in each pair. After some time it becomes clear well (play) staged or not, properly chosen role or not. If the result pleases both, it means that everything is fine. But if the result sad, then, if you have a flexible mind, the partners are rearranged and recast.