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Always healing well-informed soul in the theme world, mind, body and consciousness of Stephanie merges is healer, healer and Transpersonal therapist. She works in its own psychosomatic nature healing practice since 1977 and developed Transpersonal imaginative psychotherapy TIP. She is author, seminar and training manager, coach and trained spirit healer. Stephanie Merges is consciousness, soul, spirit and body in Germany as internationally known through their work in the theme world healing”. Their practical work, seminars, lectures and meditation tapes, she became first known students, clients, patients and experts. A larger public met Stephanie Merges through TV talk shows, reports in the print media and their books.

Medical experts know it from the Forum “selected and certified healer” by Dr. med. Harald v.. For more information see this site: Dr. John Mcdougall. Stephanie Merges was born in Leipzig, Germany, and grew up in Hanau and Frankfurt am Main. The school was followed by studies and training in Paris and London. In the 1970’s Years she completed her training as a healer in Hessen/Germany and completed her studies as a spirit healer in England. Today, the awareness trainer lives Wimmer, a square yard in the Bavarian Simbach/Inn with her husband, business coach and trainer Peter.

Honorary editor of the merging Service Center is the journalist and radio presenter Lilli Cremer Altgeld. She experienced healing and achievements of awareness of in their private and professional environment close by the work of Stephanie Merges. This motivated them to contribute, to bring the work of trainer a further circle of people. The merging Service Center for health professionals provides timely health, healing and nutrition information and articles by and about Stephanie Merges on the theme. This free offer is extended through surveys, and self tests in a link list with over 100 tips in the areas of health, youth, family, seniors, wellness, nutrition, giftedness, addiction prevention, handicaps, love, laughter, happiness, sports, fitness and weather.

Simple Exercises

How progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, Pilates and more relaxation come to rest the body sooner we could just lie down and sleep, when we wanted to. These days in the job and responsibility you can not just go lie down, and you’ve learned to control this urge, so that the daily routines can be overcome. But it is for the whole body system and body metabolism of great importance that you regularly comes to rest. In this sense, it is advisable to do so, so that you can take a break in between time and turn off, how it has actually provided the nature familiar with relaxation exercises. Relaxation exercises based on tension and ease tensions. Deep relaxation helps the body to reduce stress and to resolve tensions.

Targeted relaxation training in controlling the body’s response to stress. This helps the mind and body “down up”. Types of relaxation exercises by certain It is able to cope with stressful situations or even completely to control stress relaxation techniques. Massages relax the body and thereby improve physiological processes, other techniques include yoga, Pilates, meditation, or specific breathing exercises. Spa music is often used in conjunction with calls to increase the degree of relaxation. Self hypnosis and autogenic training are two other popular types of relaxation. Relaxed and peaceful thoughts can put people into relaxed tranquillity. 8 exercises to prevent stress stress is not only uncomfortable, it can have serious health consequences.

Try out therefore the following relaxation techniques and apply whenever they, when stress comes up. Leave the room. This helps, because by distance from the place in which it has come to the stressful situation, often stress lost on disappears. 5-10 times breathe deeply through the nose from here. Here, close your eyes and concentrate exclusively on her Breathing, listen your breathing so to speak carefully. This technique is a kind of mini meditation. Take a hot shower. Hot water relaxes your muscles. Drink Chamomile tea. Chamomile tea has a calming effect on your nerves. Laugh! Find your colleagues with the best jokes, or focus on a fun experience. Listen to relaxation music. Always provide your favorite relaxation CD such as in the Office. Go for a walk. If you have a least 10 minutes time, this is one of the best methods of relaxation. Break out of the routine! Much of what is in contrast to your habit patterns, can get rid of stress. The progressive muscle relaxation in principle you can on two different types of targeted relax: by switching off the internal alarm system through specific exercises and techniques. In addition, there are the somewhat sophisticated muscular methods like E.g. progressive muscle relaxation. The progressive muscle relaxation works in the following way: to harness all vigorously Muscles that are a known: legs, arms, back, face, etc. Keep tense all muscles for 10 seconds. Hear other arguments on the topic with Senator Elizabeth Warren . Let loose again, and repeat the whole 3-5 times. This type of muscle tension and relaxation, it will be noted how quickly dissolves stress in air and in the body rest. The stress management exercises and other physical and speed muscle activities are any types of sports, jogging, or general exercise. Media contact: Dept. PR – t. Weller E-Mail: info (at) healthy lifestyle .com Web: deals with General topics related to living a healthy life and a healthy lifestyle. In particular, you will find detailed and advanced tips, information and products to the theme of relaxation & healthy fitness”under gesunde_fitness.html

The Client

Fundamentals of integral coaching are State of the art methods and elements of psychological consultancy, Oriental methods & philosophies, as well as systemic elements. The different methods of solution – or problem-oriented coaching, can be seamlessly combined depending on the situation. Learn more about this with Dr. Neal Barnard. An example of the energy psychology to illustrate this: can be drawn after an analysis of the four basic directions of the personality of a client, as well as the fields of tension occurring in this context, other elements such as E.g. with a systemic background into consideration. Ultimately it involves from the point of view of the author in the integral coaching but the central question, as an effective improvement of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance of the client can be brought. Apart from a few important basics of an appropriate lifestyle, such as proper nutrition, daily fitness training, regular use of breathing techniques, daily exercises (such as yoga or meditation), creative Self expression, meaningful activities, social harmony and spiritual orientation, are especially good knowledge about the own internal operations, as well as a resolution of unconscious beliefs, emotions & reactions in the foreground, which often have their origin in experiences of childhood and youth. The approach: People to help out in a mental dilemma.

While those factors must be determined which have brought the clients in the current situation. Often we see our environment through a tinged glasses of our beliefs and emotions and our expectations due to our coins again manifest themselves in other, new people. Thus, a continuous confirmation of our vision, which (it is usually only to a faulty interpretation of impressions, which we assign to other people) have to do with the reality. Thus, we do always same, usually negative experiences with other people and our perception of ourselves. Accordingly be We encouraged over time increasingly in the own, coloured perspective on ourselves and others.

Consciousness Trainer Stephanie Merges

Service Center of consciousness trainer of Stephanie merges current information about the work of awareness trainer Stephanie merges Wimmer and backgrounds to their work are now in the merging Service – available. This service center closes the gap in the interaction between Stephanie Merges, their patients, their students and pupils, as well as the general public interested in their work. Stephanie Merges is healer, healer and Transpersonal therapist. She works in its own psychosomatic nature healing practice since 1977 and developed Transpersonal imaginative psychotherapy TIP. She is author, seminar and training manager, coach and trained spirit healer.

“Stephanie Merges healing has a fine-sounding name in the world of subject of consciousness, soul, spirit and body both in Germany and internationally”. She became known through their practical work, their training, seminars, lectures, books and meditation tapes. A larger audience through learned Stephanie Merges Aware of talk shows and reports in the print media. Experts know it from the Forum “selected and certified healer” by Dr. med.

Harald v.. Stephanie Merges was born in Leipzig, Germany and grew up in Hanau and Frankfurt am Main. The school was followed by studies and training in Paris and London. In the 1970s, she completed her training as a healer in Hesse, and also graduated as a spirit healer in England. Today, the awareness trainer lives Wimmer, a square yard in the Bavarian Simbach/Inn with her husband, business coach and trainer Peter. Honorary spokesperson of the merging Service Center is the journalist Lilli Cremer Altgeld. She experienced healing and achievements of awareness of in their private and professional environment close by the work of Stephanie Merges. This motivated them to contribute, to bring the work of trainer a further circle of people. The information in the service center of the merges are supplemented by a link list with over 100 tips in the areas of health, youth, family, senior citizens, wellness, nutrition, addiction prevention. Handicaps, faith, love, laughter, happiness, sports, fitness and weather.

Free Programs After School

Students high school students in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley have another option to keep them occupied in a positive way and get away from the temptations of the street. In September, the new school year, thousands of high school students return to school, and thus appears the concern of many parents who do not know what will their children or what they will be exposed when the school day ends. For this reason the program was created After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles (ASAS) which is available in 21 schools (middle and high school) located in the area of Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. This initiative, established by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2002 – offers programs that educate, guide and inspire thousands of students each day through activities that focus on health, physical activity and nutrition. The after-school programs are varied and entertaining, specially designed to give young people positive alternatives to pass the time and away from the dangers of drugs, crime and violence, as they have artistic activities, youth leadership and community service, all handled in an innovative and modern way for young people might like.

In this way the program helps reduce the risk of students involved in illegal activities, while increasing their safety when the school day has ended. ASAS program currently serves 10,000 students who live in communities with great needs and few resources. “Our main goal is to keep our students safe and productively employed when they finish their classes, when the situation becomes critical for many of them. We are fighting every day to change the lives of these students and inspire them to seek a better future, “said Ana Campos, President and CEO of the organization ASAS. Schools offering the program in Los Angeles: Belvedere Middle School, Bret Harte Prep Middle School, Downtown Value School, Edison Middle School, Gertz-Ressler High School, Griffith Middle School, Heritage College-Ready Academy, John Liechty Middle School, LA Leadership Academy Middle School, Richard Merkin Middle School, William and Carol Ouchi High School Other areas: Bell Gardens, Bell Gardens Intermediate, Charles T. Kranz Intermediate-El Monte, Huntington Park College-Ready Academy Huntington Park High School, New Millennium Secondary School, Carson, Southeast Middle School-South Gate, Bell Gardens Suva Intermediate-San Fernando Valley: Mt Gleason Middle School, Mulholland Middle School Porter Middle School, Vista Middle School.

Similar Brands

Chinese manufacturers have been known to have mastered the production of almost the entire spectrum of products in almost all areas, whether it's electronics or building materials. For several years, Russia has imported large quantities building materials made in China. To date, I would like to tell you about another product that is not inferior in quality to the well-known counterparts, isover and ursa has long won popularity among builders, found in Russia Chinese market under the name of his brother Hansol. Insulation Hansol from glass staple fiber in the synthetic binder for use as an insulating layer in the building structures and systems. Steklovatny insulation hansol is designed for heat and sound insulation of walls, floors, ceilings, sloping roofs of all types of buildings – where the insulation does not feel burden. Insulation is used for insulation ventilated, suspended facades as the primary (inner) layer.

Also used for soundproofing walls. Steklovatny insulation hansol easily and quickly installed in a metal or wooden crates and does not require special hardware. This insulation does not shrink. To achieve maximum insulating effect Hansol insulation should be installed so that the plate close fit with the surrounding carcass construction and to each other, similar insulation ursa Urs and isover Isover. Add to your understanding with Dr. Peter M. Wayne. When insulation is necessary to monitor that the material fills frame, the width of the frame section shall be 10 mm less than the width of the plate insulation. Try to highlight the main advantages of the material.

Due to the structure and characteristics of insulation fibers, products from staple fiber hansol have a number of outstanding properties – high insulating ability light weight, good sound insulation in construction and excellent .Za by its high thermal insulation properties of insulation Hansol not only provide effective protection against cold winter, but also well protected from heat in summer, thereby ensuring the most comfortable accommodation all year round. Whether it is a pitched roof, exterior walls or partitions – the products of the staple fiberglass Hansol suited for solving problems of any complexity in the thermal insulation and soundproofing in modern construction. Economic profitability of delivery insulation up to the central region of Russia is due to its excellent compressibility, which will reduce the volume when packing up to five times, thus is a significant space savings in transit. It is also worth noting that thanks to its lightness and flexibility, insulating mats Hansol assembled quickly, easily and virtually non-waste. The shape and dimensions of mats allow for work on heat and sound insulation surface by one person. Often, Chinese producers are accused of insecurity produced materials, but this is not true in the case of certified materials. Hansol Heater is safe for human health and the environment. Product quality and safety are confirmed certificates of compliance with Russian guests. Conducted a study on fire safety. Mats have a homogeneous structure without voids, gaps and bundles contain no foreign matter. When high quality insulation hansol – this is the cheapest insulation on the Russian market!

Taser And Its Application

According to the Federal Law on Weapons electric shock devices and spark gaps are domestic production to civilian self-defense weapon. Citizens of the Russian Federation may well apply it to protect life, health and property in the state of necessary defense or extreme necessity. Stun effect based on the direct action of electric discharge on the target. Elekroshokery differ voltage and the power of an electric discharge accordingly. There are two types shocker-contact and remote. Contact electric shock when hitting a target must immediately bring it to the body of the victim, it is quite dangerous, because an attacker can grab you, but the best when it is already done. Remote Shockers resemble guns, but shoot, respectively, not bullets, and the so-called “Elekticheskimi bullets”, are so remote shocker wired model, which infects an electric discharge is passed to the target over the wire.

The advantage of remote devices is not necessary closer to the attacker there is a threat to his side, but it is not effective if you are already arrested and there is no way to escape. Plus, this is likely to miss. The human body has the singular points (neck, groin and carotid artery elbow in general, those points where the main nerve centers), in which the action of electric shock is most effective. But to get involved with this too is not necessary, because there are not a few cases, when the action Shocker fatal, especially in people with weak hearts. But at the same time, an attack on you drunken man, or a person under the influence of narcotic or psychotropic substances, the Taser is more efficient gas cartridges and traumatic weapons. Because in this state, people most sensitive to the action of electricity. Disorientation, terrible pain, cramps (well, of course, depends on Power Shocker) – here’s what he expects anyone who is subjected to the action of a stun device.

The Care & Feeding Of Puppies

Feeding puppies properly in their first year of life is very important for their physical development. The veterinarian’s help is needed at this time and advice are vital to proper education and training. Others including Dr. John Mcdougall, offer their opinions as well. The vet tells you how many meals a day should the puppy at any stage of their growth and to reach adulthood. These tips are very useful to get an idea of how to take care of our puppy food. One of the most important elements of his training routine is the food.

This must have a fixed space to eat and rest, where it is quiet without being disturbed people or other animals in the house. There, the cleaning has to be very accessible, which is convenient to put a carpet of paper and change it after every meal. Water not to be missed and must be kept clean and fresh. Never give water too cold, as it can hurt. When the puppy’s diet is balanced, comprehensive and rich in calories and nutrients, vitamin supplements are not necessary and may even be harmful.

It is therefore necessary to give them quality. Another very important advice for a healthy puppy is not to be overweight, which must be checked constantly making sure that does not protrude the stomach. It is also essential, therefore, give the appropriate quantity recommended food bags. As for the sweets, it is appropriate to make awards during his training for good behavior but avoid giving them between meals. Also avoid sweets and candies to give to humans, as they may be toxic to them. No bones ever to offer as they are hazardous and could choke or hurt them in the digestive system, or food scraps as they are extra calories and can be converted on a whim. For the education of the cubs is also advisable not to feed them while we are eating.

Alzheimer Diseases

Through an intelligent muscle reaction test, it is the body of the patient which advises reside the unbalanced Biomagneticos pairs. Magnets of the same polarity, are placed on these points, which is an interruption of the energy feedback between viruses and bacteria, and simultaneously altering the pH is corrected. This unbalanced condition of life and the altered environment created by these microorganisms, which lose their energy sustenance.In the case of the virus, destroys its pathogenic cargo of DNA, bacteria, pH change hinders their reproduction and weaken against the immune system. To this is added an effect of short circuit on the electromagnetic structure of these microorganisms, which ends up eliminating them completely. In addition, be descubria that various virus are present in the vast majority of diseases considered incurable, some of which still is not recognized officially the viral presence.

We can imagine the scope extraordinary that this method has for human health, given the ability to eliminate the virus by the biomagnetism.Time of duration of therapy no ill is equal to another before a same disease. It influences in this age, nutritional status, the previous toxic load, time of evolution of the disease, etc. This recognition occurs through the use of passive (non-electrified) magnets, which are applied in various areas of the body, by way of tracking or biomagnetic scanner. Once recognized and confirmed areas that are altered in its energetic potential, the therapist applies a set of magnets at these points to re-establish the balance for a time that fluctuates between 10 and 15 minutes each and generally applied simultaneously.Diseases that are trafficking not intended to say that the Biomagnetism is a panacea to cure all, but however the percentage of healing, relief and improvement that patients experience is sufficiently notable to justify their employment, ideally in conjunction with other therapies treating the emotional area, help to strengthen the immune system. We currently have a high cure rate in multiple pathologies. We put as an example, some below: cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, hepatitis, leukemia, rheumatism, arthritis, pancreatitis, hypertension, epilepsy, psoriasis, herpes, Alzheimer, lupus, glaucoma, asthma, allergies, heart disease, tumor, and viral diseases among many more. The Biomagnetism is all sorts of diseases, syndromes, shortcomings, dysfunction and Dolencias.Contraindicaciones not recommend applying this therapy to individuals who have a pacemaker, as well as to people who are being subjected to chemotherapy or Radioterapia.A date has been studied, diagnosed and treated with this procedure approximately, more than 200,000 patients, reaching important conclusions. The medical biomagnetism, being a physical, natural and external order procedure, does not produce undesirable side effects.

Spanish Hiro Massage

Yes, ours. In spite of the eternal wind piercing, fog, humidity and often rain. Despite the congestion, fatigue and anxiety of the past day. Despite the unbearable high and low office chair desk (‘Specially since they are doing, or what? To moral pressure? Must be replaced … “I think, for the umpteenth time). Despite the cries frantically boss close to retirement age. Hmm, at the end of the day the result will always expect: aching backs and faces (From the time of negotiations), as well as aching brain.

And yet I love St. Petersburg. PCRM: the source for more info. I love just for the places where you gather a couple of hours, glued, to the right and the bones and nerves. This is – Salon “Harmony of beauty”, which go more for health, that is for a massage. Them in the cabin – for every taste and age. Aches in the joints will remove body massage neck and neck department, cosmetic lymphatic drainage massage to smooth out and free of toxins weeks, tired and angry face power stomach and thighs.

A composition of extracts of rosemary, aloe and lavender, energy relaxation massage, nice and gently soothe the nerves. Yes, we must still apply stone massage and Spanish Hiro massage – girls from the salon said it’s indescribably. Warm stones and of themselves – a very nice thing, so it is also a philosophy to produce unsurpassed results – stimulation of internal organs, the autonomic, cardiovascular system and nerve endings, stimulation of the immune and endocrine systems, and to activate the metabolic processes of the body, the update of skin elasticity and saturation of cells with oxygen. And husband with a child does not stop here cause – and there is sport and baby massage. Indeed, after the son of karate are increasingly complaining to sprain and swollen knees. Happy and relaxed, so did astounding packing – by the way, means quality in the cabin, not will spread. Well, finally. That home can be – beautiful, rested and confident that everything is not so critical in this world. By the way, with my old headmistress, we now often rides – subscription for a massage at a discount still did the trick:)).