Minimalist Aesthetics

While you can read lots of articles about the minimalist aesthetic, as well as possession of less things, what is not spoken in all these food items is minimal. Most people eat too many foods and waste. As someone who should weigh about 70 kg. I was overweight a few years ago, I focused on who was to lose weight like everyone else. I know what it is to eat pizza, fast food, plus extra potatoes, desserts and other, all that restaurants serve us today. It is too much and is an epidemic wing the proportions of food served today.

A large part of our health crisis is due to overeating. A good part of the solution is simply to eat less. A separate article should be about what we eat – organic, real food, grown locally, cooked at home with a minimum processing and packaging. But today, I’d like to eat less. It’s something that I focus on my own life, especially recently, when I see not only the quality of food but the quantity. I think we’ve been conditioned to eat without thinking, and overeating. Which of course is not healthy.

My attention has been focused on eating until you find me completely. I can eat until I feel as if to eat a little more, then take a break. Respiro. In about 10 minutes, I realize I’m satisfied and do not need to eat more. Here are some tips: * Only a small portion to start. Not a lot of food. * Come despacion and attention. * Pause between bites. Taste the food. * Stop before you’re full, and waits. * Drink water with food. * Eat every 2 to 3 hours, put up with hunger and wait a little longer. * If you get hungry later, eat only a small snack, or some fruit. * Reduce gradually. Not try to eat like a bird at first. Just go starting to eat less, then you adjust, then subsides a bit more. Over time, you’re going to change, and you will be able to eat less. You will be healthier (assuming that these Comendo less than before) and lighter. Web Developer interested in languages such as php and ruby on rails, with a passion for best practices and always seeking the best way to solve problems.

Thyroxine: Thyroid Tablets Must Be Taken Regularly

Otherwise serious side effects are possible tablets for a lifetime: who got away to the thyroid, have to replace the hormones with tablet-taking. For many patients a disturbing idea. But hormone experts give the all-clear. A Gardner is to allow, to determine his life of tablets for many patients. Too big fear of the side effects is the knowledge about the actual effect of the little colorful things too low. It is especially bad, if patients must take drugs without that they feel really bad, like in thyroid disease.

In an interview with the online health magazine endocrinologist (hormone specialist) Prof. warns Dr. med. Klaus Mann before however, thyroid tablets only, depending on the mood of day to take. The personal rescue medication when the thyroid gland is completely worthless, because the effect of the medication slowly and the half-life of the active ingredient thyroxine is about seven days. That is, if the patient is off his medication, It takes a week, until the effect of the drug has been cut in half”, as the expert. Rather, interrupting the ingestion can lead to side effects.

ויזואליזציה – אסטרטגיה של הצלחה

צפה מדריכי וידאו על מסחר מקצועי קבוצה של מנהיגים בספורט ultrauspeshnyh להשתמש בכוחה של ראיה כדי להשיג את הרמה הגבוהה ביותר עבור עצמך. רחוק 'הוקוס פוקוס', אמנות ויזואליזציה היא הופכת במהירות שיטה מוכרת של הצלחה. התומכים הנלהבים ביותר של הדמיה – הספורטאים, אבל ישנם מנתחים, בדרנים, ואפילו אנשי עסקים שנמצאים נפש, איך הם פועלים להגיב למצבים לוואי שונות שעלולות להתרחש במהלך פגישה חשובה. איך להדמיה יכול לעזור לסוחרים? הנה דוגמה אמיתית של סוחר מוצלח הוא משתמש בו. "בכניסה לבניין שבו המשרד שלי ממוקם, יש מזרקה.

בוקר אחד הגעתי מוקדם מדי, כך התיישב על ספסל ובהיתי המזרקה. דמיינתי את עצמי ליד שולחן הכתיבה שלי. ראיתי את עצמי, בשקט ביצוע כל עסקה, על פי שלה היטב הניח התוכנית. כאשר מופעלות על עצירת הפסד שלי, יצאתי העסקה ללא רגש. כאשר השגת המטרה של רווח, אני במהירות העריכו את המצב והחליט להמשיך את העסקה או לעזוב. ביליתי בחלום רק כמה דקות עד מהרה עלה מהספסל והלך למשרדו.

'ביום ההוא והיו דברים נפלאים ", הוא המשיך בחיוך. "עשיתי כמה את העסקאות הטובות ביותר של הקריירה שלו. למעשה, היום רק דמיינתי איך זה. עכשיו כל בוקר אני יושבת מול מזרקה ולדמיין את עצמי מבצע את העסקה קל כמו שאני יכול. בסוף היום אני עוזבת את המשרד עם חיסכון באנרגיה ועל תוצאות מוחשיות. " נסו לנצל את זה פשוט, אבל הדרך היעילה להתחיל את היום המסחר שלך. עבור אל מקום שקט, שבו אתה לא מוסחת במשך כמה דקות. שב בשקט ולדמיין את עצמך לעבוד ביעילות לאורך כל היום. להלן דוגמה של סוחר, ראה עם את עצמך בשלווה ובבטחה לבצע עסקאות במסגרת התוכנית. להדמיה ככל שאתה בפועל, יכולת טובה יותר כדי לשמור על גישה רגועה וממוקדת למסחר.


Family? The importance in the creation of the children the way for which the medias distribute and publish information can confuse many people. Today, the information is multiplied and accessible of all form. The population if sees emerged, bombed of notice for all side. E, in this context appears the families. They are parents who if worry about creation of the children and children who many times are being reached of negative form for these wild information. I believe that the children are the biggest concern of the parents, is not really? Therefore the filter of these information must be made with much caution, as much for adults as for children and adolescents.

It is difficult to take decisions when it has been supported only for what it is seen for all I sing, or for the Internet, for example. A critical conscience must be had on the information. The family in this process is essential. The education then is primordial so that our children know to differ the important information from the ones that are not. The family must stimulate the power of the anyway valid reading and of knowledge, of learning. We must more guide our children and who interesting in them on the great filter that has in us.

To know to use the information in proper benefit and for personal growth. To make use of only pertinent, valuable information exactly. This is not loss of time, is efficient and contagiante for all the life. The family is the greater well that an individual can have, and therefore the conviviality inside of the home and the way as if give the relations must be optimum possible. The result of a family who argues questions of day-by-day and that it talks is healthful fruits. From there, the construction of the familiar base is alone the way for a safe port that you will enjoy to any time of its life. A subject exists that is in high, can always find something related to this in the media and that it is important for the family: the question of social responsibility. A family who obtains to perceive the beauty of if making something in I benefit of another one, already it has some favorable points so that the task of creation of children is less painful. The way will be more pleasant, therefore to make the good without if interesting in knowing the face of the benefited one is something that we must spread, and that it had more to be notified in the media for our children, familiar, for all. Peter Blacksmith * Peter Blacksmith is writer, born and created in Mosque in the Of the state of Rio de Janeiro Lowered one and possesss four published books. Fifth goes to call ' ' Family in Foco' '.


The fact that parents are often to the future the question arises: How could correctly name their child? In fact the name of a favorite child recruitment is a challenge, a lot of serious responsibility lies with the the shoulders of parents. In centuries past, without enthusiasm, with the least importance, but now people have realized that the name is enough powerfully affects the fate and health of the child. After all, it is parents do not know but how to correctly identify the child. In the 18th century the names of the children were given a special list, and he was poor, because it happened so many people with similar names, but now it is not good, and so the school suddenly appears in the group a lot of children whose names are similar and therefore it is necessary will call the names of girls and boys. However, do not bend much stick and look for unusual or nezvuchnye names and still know the value of male or female name for your baby to try to find more suitable name to the child. You do not need narekat child the same name as their dead ancestors, or the child will take home the character, because it is important that your baby is considered a person. Names can often be given twice, first assign native, the middle name be named as an Orthodox priest who baptized are called name-last value of the second society's meant a great, even as personal names, carried out by the way, this Orthodox holiday with some effort, now in our time, this day can not be considered valid.