Cardiovascular Illness

– Diabetes type II: illness of multiple cause and occurs when it has lack or inefficiency of the insulina in the organism, causing an increase of the glucose tax in the blood (hiperglicemia). The insulina is produced by the pncreas and is essential so that our body functions well and can use glucose (sugar) as main power plant. Of 80% 90% of the adults acometidos for the form most common of diabetes are above of the weight. The fabric greasy makes it difficult the entrance of the glucose in the cell. – Apnea of sleep: illness in which the person stops to breathe for short period of time while she sleeps. – Cancer: illness where sick cells if infiltrate in the healthy cells, thus, possesss a lasting period of evolution, being able, many times, to take years to evolve until being discovered, being classified as: benign or malignant. – Hepatitis: illness that reached and compromises the liver, being able to be classified in Hepatitis, B or C. – Osteoporose: illness that reached the bones, characterizes how much the amount of ssea mass, diminishes substantially and develops hollow, fine bones and of extreme sensitivity, more citizens the breakings.

– Cardiovascular Illness: illness that affects the circulatrio system, that is, the heart. It enters most common we can relate the infarct of the myocardium, the angina of chest, aterosclerose, the AVC (cerebral vascular accident), etc. – structural Problems: problems in the vertebral column, joints among others. – Arterial Hipertenso: The arterial pressure is the force that the blood exerts on the wall of the arteries, bad alimentary habits, alcoholic beverage obesidade, tobacco, consumption and sedentarismo is the main causes of the hipertenso. When not treated, it increases the risk of spills, illnesses of heart, stoppage of the kidneys, injuries in the arteries and, even though, alterations in the vision. 2. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND QUALITY OF LIFE the physical activity is any corporal movement, produced for the esquelticos muscles, that result in bigger energy expense that the rest levels.