The lapsing of fitoterpicos demands some cares special, so that qualitative and quantitative alterations of the assets do not occur prescri them to you. They follow some important parameters that they must be observed during the lapsing: Scientific name Is very common one same plant to receive diverse denominations popular, depending on the region, as well as two distinct plants will receive one same denomination popular. An example of this is the Grass of Is Joo, a common denomination for the Hypericum perforatum, plant very used as ansioltica, and for the Agerathum conyzoides, it plants very used for pains of the stomach, clicas, and as antipyretic. Therefore, the use of the scientific nomenclature, this yes specific for each species, are guarantee of that the prepared medicine the same is prescribed. Used part the assets gifts in the plants can vary, depends on the part to be used in the preparation of the medicine. The Passiflora sp. (Maracuj), for example, it presents an activity ansioltica due the asset gifts in its leves, while the flour prepared with the pulp of the fruit is an excellent hipolipmico.

Leaving of this estimated, the indication of the part of the plant used for the preparation of the fitoterpico also is the guarantee of that discrepancies between the prescribed medicine and the prepared one do not occur. Presentation the use of the scientific nomenclature and the specification of the part to be used of the plant prevents qualitative shunting lines in the merchandise dispatched of the lapsing, that is, it prevents that a different medicine of the prescribed one is prepared. However, it is not only the substitution of a medicine for that they can harm the effectiveness and the security of the prescribed medicine. Alterations in the dosages can take the alterations in the effectiveness and the security of the fitoterpico treatment. The different presentations, as dry dyes, extracts, fluid extracts, gliclicos extracts, after, can contain differentiated concentrations of the assets gifts in the plants, being able to occur low in the effectiveness (in cases of doses below of the prescribed ones) or an increase of the toxicidade (in case of doses above of the prescribed ones) of the medicine.