Individual Protection

The floor, the walls and coverings must be constituted of smooth, impermeable materials washable and resistant the chemical products; preferential of clear colors (COVISA, 2006; KEMPER, 2006; MPOG, 2005). The environment where the maquiagem will be carried through must be aired, possessing comfort technician, can be natural or artificial. The conditional air system is a complementary resource that, when planned well, helps to guaranteed well-being technician (COVISA, 2006; KEMPER, 2006; MPOG, 2005). The illumination of the workstation must mimetizar the luminosity of the environment of the event which the customer anger to frequentar. Read more from Ophthalmologist Dr Alan Mendelsohn to gain a more clear picture of the situation. For carried through maquiagem the light of the day, the ideal illumination is carried through under the natural light, or the light next to natural. To if dealing with the maquiagem directed for local dry and/or at night the appropriate light bulb it must be the white or fluorescent light to illuminate the general environment and the use of incandescent light bulbs directed to the professional and customer (MOLINOS, 2007).

The electric net of the establishment must be in good conditions of functioning, and its maintenance must periodically be carried through by a competent professional. It must prevent wires untied, displayed and bare, overload of the same interrupting equipment in and equipment without aterramento and stabilization (MTE, 1978; COVISA, 2006; KEMPER, 2006). A clean and organized environment, exactly in simple physical installations, provides the welfare in such a way for the customer how much for the work team. The cleanness and disinfection of the environment must be daily, modifying the used products so that the microrganismos are not proliferated and develop resistance. The protection of the surfaces with plastic film, since that changed periodically, it assists its protection. Each establishment of beauty must elaborate and implant its proper plan of cleanness and disinfection of the environment, adjusting the processes and chemical products of its reality, leading in account the risks that this displayed always folloied of the Equipment of Individual Protection (EPI? s) specific in relation to the nature of the risk which the professional this displayed (ANVISA, 1991; OPPERMAMN and SAUCERS, 2003; COVISA, 2006; WATANABE, 2007; MPOG, 2005).