New Birth

They are two terms TO SEE and TO ENTER used in two distinct moments. To be born of new seeing and being born of the water and the Spirit to enter. We can say that water means baptism, but also it sends in it to the uterine time, where we are immersed in water, that is, physical birth and birth spiritual, what it takes in them to conclude that the Kingdom of God is physicist and is Spiritual also. From there to say that the Kingdom of God is not alone food nor drink. Physical birth allows in them to enter and birth Spiritual allows in them to locate it (TO SEE). 2 – Jesus in one of its many quarrels and debates with the fariseus, affirms that them the Kingdom of God is fond, and them however, they had not accepted it as Messias and as Christ (TM 12:28). In this point It is affirming categorically that It and the power that of it emanates are the Kingdom of God. It sees well, not only, but Its power jointly.

Then, Jesus is the Kingdom of God, together with the power of the Espirito Santo (he reads the text well). 3 – In the parabolas of the Semeador, wheat and joio, of the mustard grain, I leaven and of the lost pearl, lost treasure and of the net, all in Mateus 13, Jesus tries to give some tracks of the concept of Kingdom of God, or Kingdom of Skies. It sees as explains It them: the wheat grows and the joio, apanha all type of fish, is sown to put all the places and fields, the seed grows leavens, it if it spreads, the people make of everything to have that treasure or the pearl of great value. It is speaking of the church, its fianc, people who coexist the same in communion searching objective, but, that exactly inside of this, always she will have those that if say and they are not, and that they will be launched outside of the Kingdom (the children of the malignant one) where it will have I cry and to creak of teeth (what it is not the hell still, therefore in the hell is the fire that does not erase nor the animal that never dies).