It takes only a drop of cream, which prevent odor for a period of 5 to 7 days. Lavilin does not contain alcohol and aluminum oxides, it consists of extracts from medicinal plants – oil of arnica, calendula oil, vitamin E. And most importantly, deodorant does not have an odor so well with any perfume. hlavin.myeshop.com.ua Sweating is absolutely necessary for human process, as thus there is a purification the body of excess salts and toxins regulated by its internal temperature. The secret of the sweat glands, also plays an important role in the formation of the acid mantle of the skin.

Pot healthy person, at the time of selection on surface of the skin, has no smell. On the border of the skin with the external environment is a "meeting" bromobaktery and sweat gland secretions, which contains 15% protein and fat. Bacteria, feeding on the components of sweat, grow and multiply on the surface of the skin, produce products of their life, die and decompose. These processes are accompanied by the appearance and odor. Scientists have proposed two solutions to this problem: the first – destruction of an enabling environment for the existence of bacterial deodorant preparations, the second – to prevent sweating by temporarily blocked channels of sweat glands drugs antiperspirants. Antiperspirants contain organic salts of aluminum, which block the ducts of the sweat glands and reduce, therefore, the secretion of sweat. If you would like to know more then you should visit Robert Greene. This leads to disruption of thermoregulation of the body, can cause local tissue swelling or provoke an allergic reaction.

Home Face Mask

Home face masks – one of the most important skin care products. Many women ignore them, assuming that enough cream or tonic. A dangerous delusion. Add to your understanding with Dr. Neal Barnard. Rapid effect and a significant improvement of the skin do home facials indispensable in cosmetology. It is desirable to apply a face mask if you have 10-20 minutes free time.

It is important to relax with a mask on his face, then the effect will be maximal. There are many recipes for masks – provide feeding, healing, cleansing, astringent, moisturizing effect. Home facials increase blood circulation and smooth wrinkles, refresh the face and make your skin smooth and soft. It's desirable masks do not apply early in the morning and before bedtime. The ideal time from 11 to 19 hours. Modern women who are interested in cosmetology, usually know their skin type, and this factor must be considered when choosing a prescription masks. Naturkosmetiks.ru gives a few simple recipes of masks at home: Face to face, as well as other cosmetic products are of various kinds. The separation occurs in the direction of action.

Therefore, masks, creams and how important select the type of skin. The most common and frequently used the following types of face masks: Nutritious homemade facial mask homemade moisturizing maskiStyagivayuschie home maskiOchischayuschie home Mask Bleach home maskiDomashnie facials with lifting effect and there are so-called universal masks that are suitable for almost all, if no allergic reactions to components. Here are a few Recipe: Home Face of dried herbs 2 tablespoons lavender 2 tablespoons chamomile 2 tablespoons lime flowers 1 tablespoon sage all the ingredients are crushed and poured boiling water until the consistency of thick slurry. Hold the lid until the steam out of grass. Impose a lot of warm, top cover polietilenomi towel. Home facial mask made of flour and). Apply a paste of barley flour, crushed peas and rose water. Keep on your face at least an hour. b). Mix until a paste-like state 1 tablespoon of milled oat flour and milk, add 3.4 dripping of mineral oil. Apply to face up to 25 mines. Hollywood home facial mask Grind 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, add the whipped white, put on 15 minutes. Rinse off with milk. The mask of beans boiled beans 3.4 tablespoons crushed. Add 1 teaspoon of any vegetable oil and a teaspoon of natural yogurt (can substitute sour cream) Cream Moisturizing Mask "Royal" 20 grams beeswax 20 gr.masla cocoa 100g of base oil (grape seed oil is suitable, peach) 1 tablespoon castor oil 1 tablespoon honey ingredients gently heated in a water bath to dissolve the wax, thoroughly mixed, cool and add one egg yolk and half a lemon, grated with peel. Apply for 20-25 minutes. Moisturizing cucumber mask 1 tablespoon heavy cream or yogurt, 1 tablespoon of cucumber pulp 15 drops of rose water and mix all products are well beaten. Apply to face, add in the dry. Hold 20 min. According to the website: Naturkosmetiks.ru

Wax Hair Removal

Wax – a recognized leader, it can be used to achieve excellent results. It makes the skin smooth for 2-3 weeks. Depilation wax is also known as bioepilation. Included in the wax component, penetrating the skin, soften and soothe her. The procedure for removing unwanted hair with wax can be done both at home and in specialized beauty salons. And the stores – is preferable. Experts individually pick up the wax, as well as other tools used in the procedure, depending on skin type and location of depilation. Details can be found by clicking TreeOf Life or emailing the administrator.

The process of waxing hot in the cabin include the following: preparation of the skin, applying wax removal, the final processing of the skin. Before you apply wax to the skin, causing a special master degreasing skin tonic. Skin exposed to hair removal must be absolutely clean and dry. Then it's time to wax. The hot wax is applied to direction of hair growth with a thin layer. It coats the hair to the root – the root. Due to its consistency, wax captures even the most subtle and small hairs.

After a while the wax cools and turns into film, which is then removed with a sharp movement of hairs. At the end of the process is applied to the skin disinfectant skin lotion that has wound-healing effect. It also slows the growth of hair lotion, which in addition, has a calming effect. Over time, grow hair become thinner and lighter. In addition, the hair thins, becomes less noticeable. Skin after hair removal wax elastic, smooth, velvety. In addition there is hot wax and other hair removal: Use cold or warm wax. The use of cold wax suitable for use in independent travel, leisure, outdoors, when is the restriction of water or time. Then the wax is applied on strips of paper, it is simply irreplaceable. Fast and easy to get rid of unwanted vegetation will cheer up and not spoil the holiday. Warm wax can be use at home. For this purpose it is applied to the skin, where it quickly cools. Warm wax is removed with the help of paper, which is superimposed on a layer of wax, and after some time, dramatically removed by grabbing a hair. Hot wax is less painful, so it is often used to remove unwanted hairs in the armpit and the bikini area. Depilation with hot or warm wax is better to entrust the specialist, so in your home is difficult to control the temperature of the wax. Applying too hot wax can cause burns. In addition, the wizard can guarantee a professional approach and the process of removing unwanted vegetation. It was here:

Spanish Hiro Massage

Yes, ours. In spite of the eternal wind piercing, fog, humidity and often rain. Despite the congestion, fatigue and anxiety of the past day. Despite the unbearable high and low office chair desk (‘Specially since they are doing, or what? To moral pressure? Must be replaced … “I think, for the umpteenth time). Despite the cries frantically boss close to retirement age. Hmm, at the end of the day the result will always expect: aching backs and faces (From the time of negotiations), as well as aching brain.

And yet I love St. Petersburg. PCRM: the source for more info. I love just for the places where you gather a couple of hours, glued, to the right and the bones and nerves. This is – Salon “Harmony of beauty”, which go more for health, that is for a massage. Them in the cabin – for every taste and age. Aches in the joints will remove body massage neck and neck department, cosmetic lymphatic drainage massage to smooth out and free of toxins weeks, tired and angry face power stomach and thighs.

A composition of extracts of rosemary, aloe and lavender, energy relaxation massage, nice and gently soothe the nerves. Yes, we must still apply stone massage and Spanish Hiro massage – girls from the salon said it’s indescribably. Warm stones and of themselves – a very nice thing, so it is also a philosophy to produce unsurpassed results – stimulation of internal organs, the autonomic, cardiovascular system and nerve endings, stimulation of the immune and endocrine systems, and to activate the metabolic processes of the body, the update of skin elasticity and saturation of cells with oxygen. And husband with a child does not stop here cause – and there is sport and baby massage. Indeed, after the son of karate are increasingly complaining to sprain and swollen knees. Happy and relaxed, so did astounding packing – by the way, means quality in the cabin, not will spread. Well, finally. That home can be – beautiful, rested and confident that everything is not so critical in this world. By the way, with my old headmistress, we now often rides – subscription for a massage at a discount still did the trick:)).

Online Store Wigs

As an artificial wig hair first appeared in ancient times. In the ancient world, in countries such as Ancient Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Sumer, Akkad and others Wig is an attribute of the power of the rulers and nobles. During the excavation of the pyramids and tombs have been found articles of wool, hair, horses, yaks and buffalo, feathers of birds. Size, shape and color wigs pointed to the character and social status of the owner. Mayo Clinic often addresses the matter in his writings. In ancient Egypt, when the majority brought the hair to sacrifice the gods: the head shave and put on clean wig. The nobles were somewhat wigs at once, creating an air gap between them, protecting your head from sun stroke. Hairstyles for Egyptian wigs were metrical form – a trapezoid, ball, outer part of the most valuable Egyptian wigs made from human hair, which for splendor intertwined reddish-brown fibers, captured with date palms. Filed under: endocrinologist. By the middle of I millennium BC fashion Artificial hair spread from Egypt to the Middle East and Mediterranean.

Persian kings were products splendor never stepped wigs of the Pharaohs. From Persia, the new fashion spread to Ancient Greece. However, the Greeks often used them as theatrical props. Very popular artificial hair of women of the Roman Empire. In Rome brought products from all over the world. Famous Black wigs from distant India. However, considered the most valuable German straw hair and red colors. But, oddly enough, the bright, artificial hair worn mainly courtesans as a dark-colored hair were considered in ancient Rome, a sign of decency and house-proud.


Every woman wants to be a desirable and attractive. Someone generously endowed nature, someone – give a wide field to search for and create the ideal image. One way or another, every one of us once stared at his reflection in the mirror, skeptical about yourself. One of the eyes are not satisfied or their size, the other complains about a big nose, a third unhappy that her lips are sensual enough, but someone altogether displeased with the face shape or line of the chin. Endocrinologist often expresses his thoughts on the topic. At first glance, the situation is hopeless, because the natural data do not argue. But before you ask for help from a plastic surgeon, think – is it your face is so ugly? Even without seeing your person can answer – it is beautiful, like everything that has been created by nature.

And, of course, every woman's face should have its own design, which depends on the shape of the face. A woman called because a woman – in her arsenal is many recipes, tricks, gimmicks … For other opinions and approaches, find out what endocrinologist has to say. This woman can make their extra weight advantage. It may be advantageous to present its face, masterfully using the appropriate style her hair and makeup, art placing color accents your look. It can hide some of the features of the face and shape so that they never noticed any surrounding or beloved man near. The main thing on the face is not perfect symmetry and proportions that are tends to give a sense of the doll looks, but rather a harmonious combination of all traits, because there is harmony and true beauty.