Disease And Healing

You can even symptoms of disease or pathological denial of faith in miraculous healing. In other words, He said: "I can not see, do not hear and meant nothing to me! I-HEALTHY! "How can such a response, or friend? If the patient does not want to talk about the issue, and avoids delays survey deals tests much less frequently prescribed by a doctor. In the clinic or the hospital such a patient does not get to go. "I do not like to go on doctors' – he says. "I have no time, I have all right, everything will pass, dissipate, will be restored." He did not loves to chat and talk on the theme of health with others, trying to hide their problem from friends and even relatives. "I'm fine, I'm here in hospital – accident. Here they are – the sick, and I – almost well "in the analysis and results Survey tries not to delve into.

Diet and recommendations, as well as the treatment is practically non-compliance, forgetting to take medications on time. "From the drugs – only harm! The body itself on the right! "With both methods psychotherapeutic assistance is required, aimed at a man's adaptation to the disease when there is, on the one hand, recognition of the disease, on the other – there is a sober assessment of the condition without tendency to exaggerate as well as diminish its effects. Continue to learn more with: Unum. The third option, the most favorable way to respond to disease. The disease is recognized, but the patient did not panic, do not despair, seeking all contribute to the success of treatment, cooperate with the doctor and the medical staff, he tries not to burden other hardships care. Realizes that life with the disease has changed, and he skillfully adapts to it. Even in the case adverse outcomes with disability – these patients are able to switch his interests to those areas of life that are still available, try these cases and to enjoy life, focus and interests in the fate of loved ones. In other words, these patients say, "SEE, ACCEPT, do not give up, fight and live!"