Alzheimer Diseases

Through an intelligent muscle reaction test, it is the body of the patient which advises reside the unbalanced Biomagneticos pairs. Magnets of the same polarity, are placed on these points, which is an interruption of the energy feedback between viruses and bacteria, and simultaneously altering the pH is corrected. This unbalanced condition of life and the altered environment created by these microorganisms, which lose their energy sustenance.In the case of the virus, destroys its pathogenic cargo of DNA, bacteria, pH change hinders their reproduction and weaken against the immune system. To this is added an effect of short circuit on the electromagnetic structure of these microorganisms, which ends up eliminating them completely. In addition, be descubria that various virus are present in the vast majority of diseases considered incurable, some of which still is not recognized officially the viral presence.

We can imagine the scope extraordinary that this method has for human health, given the ability to eliminate the virus by the biomagnetism.Time of duration of therapy no ill is equal to another before a same disease. It influences in this age, nutritional status, the previous toxic load, time of evolution of the disease, etc. This recognition occurs through the use of passive (non-electrified) magnets, which are applied in various areas of the body, by way of tracking or biomagnetic scanner. Once recognized and confirmed areas that are altered in its energetic potential, the therapist applies a set of magnets at these points to re-establish the balance for a time that fluctuates between 10 and 15 minutes each and generally applied simultaneously.Diseases that are trafficking not intended to say that the Biomagnetism is a panacea to cure all, but however the percentage of healing, relief and improvement that patients experience is sufficiently notable to justify their employment, ideally in conjunction with other therapies treating the emotional area, help to strengthen the immune system. We currently have a high cure rate in multiple pathologies. We put as an example, some below: cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, hepatitis, leukemia, rheumatism, arthritis, pancreatitis, hypertension, epilepsy, psoriasis, herpes, Alzheimer, lupus, glaucoma, asthma, allergies, heart disease, tumor, and viral diseases among many more. The Biomagnetism is all sorts of diseases, syndromes, shortcomings, dysfunction and Dolencias.Contraindicaciones not recommend applying this therapy to individuals who have a pacemaker, as well as to people who are being subjected to chemotherapy or Radioterapia.A date has been studied, diagnosed and treated with this procedure approximately, more than 200,000 patients, reaching important conclusions. The medical biomagnetism, being a physical, natural and external order procedure, does not produce undesirable side effects.