Taser And Its Application

According to the Federal Law on Weapons electric shock devices and spark gaps are domestic production to civilian self-defense weapon. Citizens of the Russian Federation may well apply it to protect life, health and property in the state of necessary defense or extreme necessity. Stun effect based on the direct action of electric discharge on the target. Elekroshokery differ voltage and the power of an electric discharge accordingly. There are two types shocker-contact and remote. Contact electric shock when hitting a target must immediately bring it to the body of the victim, it is quite dangerous, because an attacker can grab you, but the best when it is already done. Remote Shockers resemble guns, but shoot, respectively, not bullets, and the so-called “Elekticheskimi bullets”, are so remote shocker wired model, which infects an electric discharge is passed to the target over the wire.

The advantage of remote devices is not necessary closer to the attacker there is a threat to his side, but it is not effective if you are already arrested and there is no way to escape. Plus, this is likely to miss. The human body has the singular points (neck, groin and carotid artery elbow in general, those points where the main nerve centers), in which the action of electric shock is most effective. But to get involved with this too is not necessary, because there are not a few cases, when the action Shocker fatal, especially in people with weak hearts. But at the same time, an attack on you drunken man, or a person under the influence of narcotic or psychotropic substances, the Taser is more efficient gas cartridges and traumatic weapons. Because in this state, people most sensitive to the action of electricity. Disorientation, terrible pain, cramps (well, of course, depends on Power Shocker) – here’s what he expects anyone who is subjected to the action of a stun device.