Consciousness Trainer Stephanie Merges

Service Center of consciousness trainer of Stephanie merges current information about the work of awareness trainer Stephanie merges Wimmer and backgrounds to their work are now in the merging Service – available. This service center closes the gap in the interaction between Stephanie Merges, their patients, their students and pupils, as well as the general public interested in their work. Stephanie Merges is healer, healer and Transpersonal therapist. She works in its own psychosomatic nature healing practice since 1977 and developed Transpersonal imaginative psychotherapy TIP. She is author, seminar and training manager, coach and trained spirit healer.

“Stephanie Merges healing has a fine-sounding name in the world of subject of consciousness, soul, spirit and body both in Germany and internationally”. She became known through their practical work, their training, seminars, lectures, books and meditation tapes. A larger audience through learned Stephanie Merges Aware of talk shows and reports in the print media. Experts know it from the Forum “selected and certified healer” by Dr. med.

Harald v.. Stephanie Merges was born in Leipzig, Germany and grew up in Hanau and Frankfurt am Main. The school was followed by studies and training in Paris and London. In the 1970s, she completed her training as a healer in Hesse, and also graduated as a spirit healer in England. Today, the awareness trainer lives Wimmer, a square yard in the Bavarian Simbach/Inn with her husband, business coach and trainer Peter. Honorary spokesperson of the merging Service Center is the journalist Lilli Cremer Altgeld. She experienced healing and achievements of awareness of in their private and professional environment close by the work of Stephanie Merges. This motivated them to contribute, to bring the work of trainer a further circle of people. The information in the service center of the merges are supplemented by a link list with over 100 tips in the areas of health, youth, family, senior citizens, wellness, nutrition, addiction prevention. Handicaps, faith, love, laughter, happiness, sports, fitness and weather.