Westphalian Tennis Association

Markus Hantschk has once again made it and all other tennis professionals in the race for the German title. Markus Hantschk, who is known as a German professional tennis player, cares at the Sport Hotel odhof in his own tennis school competently to the next generation of tennis players. Markus Hantschk and the Bavarian team’s success shows that the players here are in good hands, in the battle for the German Championship. On 11 and 12 September 2010 was the final in Hamburg held, in which the Bavarians were victorious out. The three women and three men’s team competed in the age group over 30 years and had six singles, a doubles, to deny a men’s doubles and a mixed. On the first day on September 11, 2010 Bayern, succeeded to realize beating the Westphalian Tennis Association already after the singles. Already led the team with 6-0 at this point. Of course, also Markus Hantschk contributed to this success by winning his individual match with the score 7-6, 6-3.

On the second day of the game they were on September 12, 2010 Bayern in the final of the Hamburg home team opposite. Markus Hantschk as usual victorious from his individual match with the outstanding score of 6-3, 7-5 and secured as three other Bavarian players for the 4:2-lead after the singles. At this point, the outcome of the Championship was however still completely uncertain, because two doubles and a mixed had to be carried out. The teams were exciting until the end of the competition, because Bayern lost the women’s doubles and the mixed, so that it came to the tie 4-4. In the about crucial men’s doubles Markus Hantschk and Zbynek Novak that reference hamburger in the barriers and thus the German Champion could decide for themselves. The pleasure is all the greater after Bayern the title very narrowly missed last year. Markus Hantschk can accommodate an additional trophy thus in his collection. He was twice German Champion in singles, twice in the first tennis – Bundesliga team champion and twice German Champion with Bayern team. Now, Markus returns Haidar back to the Sport Hotel odhof back there again the next generation to concentrate. The popular tennis hotel, which failed to win a professional trainer team with Markus Hantschk and other former professional players, is known not only for the excellent tennis training, but also for the excellent wellness facilities and the culinary pampering.