Plant Fertilizers

The main sources of eutrofizao are the activities industrial, domestic human beings and agricultural for example, the used fertilizers in the plantations can flow off superficially or be become fluid and be infiltrated in underground waters and be dragged until the mentioned water bodies. To the fast seaweed increase related with the accumulation of nutrients derived from nitrogen (nitrates), of the match, fosfatos, of sulphur, sulfatos, but also of potassium, calcium and magnesium, of – the name of bloom giving itself a blue-esverdeada, red or brownish coloration to the water, consonant the seaweed species favored for the situation. These substances are the main nutrients of fitoplncton that if it can reproduce in great amounts, becoming the esverdeada or brownish water. When these seaweed and zooplncton that of them if it feeds starts to die, its decomposition can become that poor water mass in oxygen, provoking the death of fish and other animals and the formation of toxic gases or of I smell ackward. Moreover, some seaweed species produce toxins that contaminate the drinking waters sources.

In short, many ecological effect can appear of the eutroficao, but the three main ecological impacts are: toxic loss of biodiversity, alterations in the composition of the species invasion of other species and effect. Two factors are determinative for the occurrence of full in urban areas: the waterproofing of the ground and the ambient disequilibrium provoked by the global heating. With more tarred areas, the water of rain is not absorbed by the ground and if it accumulates in the streets, transforming cities into rivers. The problem, however, is aggravated by the effect studies that it provokes the disproportionate heating of waters of the oceans and, consequentemente, more rains in determined regions of the planet? the same time where it promotes serious periods of droughts in others. 4,3 ILLNESSES CAUSED FOR INGESTAO OF WATER CONTAMINATED FOR AGROTXICO the agrotxicos, for being a material cancergenos, provoke vary degenerative illnesses, being that the main symptoms are: the arterial hipertenso, cardiovascular illnesses, fatigue and loss of heart.

Recycling In China

This style of life feeds the consumerism, stimulates the production of dismissable goods and spreads out the use of 2.1.1 artificial materials the GARBAGE IN OTHER COUNTRIES In the Europe, the situation of the residues is characterized by one strong concern in relation to the recovery and the energy reaproveitamento. The difficulty of generation of energy, which had to the scarce available resources and allied to one high energy consumption, favors the strategy of recycling of the materials and its thermal exploitation. Leripio, on-line, (2004) ' ' it mentions that in the industry of aluminum, for example, 99% of the residues of the production is reused, while the plastic industry arrives 88% of reaproveitamento of its leftovers. Of the total of European municipal residues, about 24% they are destined to incineration, having been 16% with reaproveitamento energtico.' ' In China, country of considerable territorial extension and with great concentrated population contingent in the cities, the people considers the organic residues as a responsibility of the citizen, or better, of the generator. This type of cultural value facilitates the introduction of more rational methods of control of the solid residues, with active participation of the population. It has an individual envolvement of the Chinese citizen with sights to the reintegration of the residues to the natural chain of the life of the planet. The mass of the urban solid residues is composed predominantly of organic material that is used in agriculture.

Thus, the residue is not seen as a problem, but yes as a solution for the fertilizao of ground, what it stimulates the formation of an extensive net of compostagem and biodigesto of residues. This difference of treatment is based on cultural values total differentiated of the occidental people, who had originated another paradigm for treatment of the question. Residues are resulted of processes of diverse activities of the origin community: industrial, domestic, hospital, commercial, agricultural, of services and still of the public varrio.