Vivre Trade Fair

3. joy of life exhibition in Munich: healthy and happy in the summer the Joie de vivre start measuring are for 23 years in Hamburg, 14 held for years in Lubeck, for 6 years in Kiel and for 3 years in Munich. Our concern is to present ways to reduce stress and for a full, healthy and happy life. Connected to the exhibition will held extensive lecture and seminar program, as well as concerts. As well as the physical and mental level, the spiritual is one of us.

We will show you a range of millennia proven methods and the latest developments for your health, ecology and wellness. Fresh zest for life energy, you can do that on the 3rd Joie de vivre trade fair for health, ecology and spirituality in the MTC in Munich. Over 100 interesting and creative Exhibitor offers tips and suggestions for a healthy and relaxing summer. A highlight at this year’s Joie de vivre trade fair in Munich is the silent disco”(silent disco) or Headphones party. It includes a simple but spectacular effect. The guests receive wireless headphones, two DJs separately and already it goes. Everything dances vermeidlich messed up, sung with is what you hear on his channel. Dealing with the mysteries of the Kabbalah in the lecture of actress Sylvia Leifheit.

In addition to her career as an actress, she is their spiritual path and has founded a community in which people find healing their mental puzzles and physical symptoms. You reported the old knowledge for the future, the interaction between of mathematical laws and their secrets behind being. Over 120 exciting lectures & events, the movie (R) evolution 2010 by Dieter Broers and 100 exhibitors with a variety of products and services; they all have in common: you be the well-being, the lifestyle and the Joie de vivre of the visitors from 11-13 June 2010 in the MTC Munich textile Center increase. The Forum unique in Germany guaranteed up-to-date information on trends, products and Services on the path to holistic health, vitality and inner peace. Other highlights include the new sound lounge, as well as the Yoga lounge, which invite to participate and try and awaken inner joy of life. Joie de vivre trade fair for health, ecology and spirituality in Munich: 11 to 13 of June 2010, Munich textile Centrum MTC. Petra Rinow