Blepharoplasty – The Beauty Of Our Eyes

Blepharoplasty – surgery aimed at correcting the upper or lower eyelids. With it you can remove excess skin on the eyelids and underneath them, so get rid of the hernia, and fat bags under the eyes and your face will be much younger and more attractive. Eyelid surgery can help get rid of the drooping eyebrows, and most importantly, emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes. This procedure is most popular among women over 35, because with age, the skin on the face becomes less elastic, but if such a stretched skin, or swelling of the eyelids occurred to you much earlier, in the absence of health problems, there are no contraindications for such an operation. But those who suffer from problems with the pressure, cardiovascular system and thyroid gland – Blepharoplasty is contraindicated. Yes, and dryness of the eyes is a good reason, in order to refrain from this procedure. In planning the operation, you will need to visit an ophthalmologist and pass all required tests. Each person is different, so you need to undergo a full examination, that your plastic surgeon was able to take into account the peculiarities of your organism.

Typically, both the upper and lower eyelids on the operation lasts for an hour under general anesthesia. Incisions through which the surgeon removes fatty deposits, later to be almost inconspicuous. At the lower blepharoplasty incision is made under the lash line, and at the top – on the century. By the end of surgery, the patient applied a special bandage that will change periodically, and will be removed within a few days. After eyelid surgery, you will be able to be discharged from the clinic of plastic surgery the next day.

In the first few hours, you have to regularly apply a cold for ages – it will significantly reduce the swelling and save you from subcutaneous hemorrhages. A couple of days you will need to regularly train the eye with special exercises, and dripping eye drops that you write out a doctor. Edema finally get off for 3 weeks, and at this time try to avoid any stress. Well, finally, to assess the outcome of the operation, you'll only 1.5 months, while enjoying its beauty and appeal.


Aqualift – improves electric surrounding tissues, normalizes microcirculation in the injection zone, having a positive charge attracts negatively charged soluble molecules of the extracellular matrix, collagen, elastin, fibroektin, glikozaminglikany. Aqualift – inert, does not enter into reaction with the early introduction of fillers, allows for multiple doses in one anatomical region with insufficient or phase correction. Aqualift – exhibits a weakly acidic properties, which is extremely hostile environment for settlement and development of pathogenic microbial flora. Aqualift – no irritation, does not cause any allergies or incompatibilities due to the lack of it initiators of immune responses. Aqualift – while in the tissues does not cause inflammatory reactions and is not moved from the area of administration. Aqualift – the introduction of large volumes in one anatomical region (150 – 200 ml.) Changes in form of fragmentation and the formation of coarse fibrous capsule is noted. Ingredients: 0.9% physiological solution of sodium chloride – 96-98% A synthetic polymer – 2-4% The use of small amounts of an implant is used in cosmetology. The gradual, slow biodegradation of the implant reduces the weight of the gel until it is complete resorption.

For these purposes, cosmetic line is available in syringes for product 1-2-3-4 ml. a) Wrinkles Wrinkles forehead creases between the eyebrows anger Wrinkles around the eyes (crow's feet) Wrinkles of the eyelids Nasolabial folds Wrinkles around the lips Cheek wrinkles Folds bitterness in the corners of his lips on my lips wrinkles Wrinkles Wrinkles on the neck in neckline b) Volumetric filling of the following zones under the eyes Cavity sunken cheeks To increase the cheekbones to give the bulk lips Align the oval face folds on the chin Very bony hand Knees One of the latest achievements of the beauty industry is a technology Aquafilling, which is based on the use of implant material (filler) of a new generation Aqalift. Aqalift – physiological, biocompatible hydrogel, which in its properties and structure optimally corresponds to the internal environment of the human body, which virtually eliminates post-operative complications and adverse spillover effects. However, Aqalift shows unmatched and truly long-term (up to 5 years), the aesthetic result. Procedure Aquafilling low-traumatic, virtually painless. On the day of surgery or the next day, the patient returns to normal life. New opening in the plastic surgery can abandon the old approaches and make a new qualitative leap in medicine of the future!