Roma People

The Gypsy tarot is one of most peculiar tarots that exist. First, it is of the few decks that allow you to pull the Tarot cards to oneself and secondly, it is possible to perform Gypsy tarot Chuck every day. The Gypsy tarot is a Centennial art that we have received different variants. The Russian Gypsy deck the Russian Gypsy deck is a deck unlike the other decks of tarot. Each of the letters is divided into four parts that contain a fourth figure, i.e., the Charter itself does not form any figure, but that these are constructed as the Tarot cards are pulling.

The use and knowledge of this deck are collected in the book of Svetlana Alexandrovna Touchkoff. Gypsy Gypsy cards of the tarot cards have their origin in Egypt. It is said that the great Egyptian priests, fearing being caught up by their rivals, relied their secrets about the methods of divination through the tarot the wandering people who always managed to escape his enemies: the Gypsies. Although at first glance it may seem that the Gypsy cards of the tarot are different the classic Tarot, the reality is that they follow the same structure, although the arcana they associated with specific characters in the universe of the Roms. The Zingaro Gypsy tarot deck tarot was conceived by Unger Tchalai, and is totally different to the other Gypsy Barajas and the traditional letters. Tarot zingaro introduces elements of nature in their iconography.

The forms are very basic and very intense colors. The interpretation of drawings is very simple, so this tarot does not lead to erroneous interpretations, is very easy to apply and very precise. Related to the world of tarot and Gypsies, we can also find magic spells with letters of the tarot and, in this same line, Gypsy magic. The art of prediction and Tarot cards Tarot Gitano arcane elders: the magician ‘ 78 letters article Tarot Gitano and psychological meanings Medicine the Gypsy tarot: history and use Free clairvoyance Laftrache Tarot