Individual Medicine

Homeopathy has the advantage that it does not produce side effects so it can be applied to women pregnant women, elderly and children even lactating. My experience with this therapy tells me that it is very useful for banal diseases where allopathic medicine fails miserably. Another of the peculiarities that have this treatment is that we use at infinitesimal doses (hence its lack of side effects) through a process of dilution and dynamization of the product. This achieves the final result will be a non-toxic medication but that contains information necessary for the organism to react to the drug. I.e. with homeopathic medicine, what we get is that the individual cure himself by stimulating their reaction before the adverse product that produces the symptoms suffered his illness at that time. Thus we enter the concept for me more important of this medicine.

It is individuality. The technological advances that we are constantly getting in medicine contemporary, leads us to fragment the sick, in such a way that we forget to study it as a whole and we focus on the organ or organs affected. This is a mistake, because the individual is a whole both physical and psychic and in fact there is an interaction between this duality of the patient, in such a way that many physical pathological processes lead us to some abnormal psychical behaviors or vice versa. This concept is what more I like homeopathic medicine, because it maintains the treatment of the sick person as a human being instead of seeing it as a body exclusively. When an individual is sick, his whole body responds to this disease, because it establishes an imbalance throughout your body, because all he is interaccionado. The liver works because blood flows by, the heart moves because determines it the brain similar to the endocrine system is involved in this and the rest of the bodies.